Boost Your Online Sales: Insider Tips from Walmart Canada Marketplace

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Join Walmart Canada Marketplace and Save
  3. Promo Codes for 3P Items
  4. Walmart Connect: Bid and Win
  5. API Sellers: An Important Update
  6. Reminder: Selling Non-New Merchandise
  7. About
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ Section


Have you ever wondered how some sellers manage to skyrocket their sales and visibility on massive e-commerce platforms? The secret often lies in understanding and leveraging the unique opportunities and tools provided by these platforms. Walmart Canada Marketplace, a burgeoning hub for e-commerce activity, offers a wealth of resources and strategies to help sellers enhance their online presence and sales. From significant discounts on referral fees to advanced API integrations and bidding strategies for increased brand visibility, this article unpacks the latest offerings from Walmart Canada Marketplace that are set to change the game for sellers. Prepare to dive deep into how these strategies can elevate your e-commerce game.

Join Walmart Canada Marketplace and Save

An enticing offer currently stands for sellers contemplating joining the Walmart Canada Marketplace. By hopping on board before April 30, 2024, sellers can enjoy a 50% reduction in referral fees for the first 90 days. This substantial cost-saving measure is a golden opportunity for new sellers to increase their margins in the initial phase of their Walmart selling journey. Beyond the financial benefits, being a part of this marketplace opens up a new avenue to reach Walmart's vast customer base.

Promo Codes for 3P Items

In an innovative move, Walmart Canada now allows customers to apply selected promo codes funded by Walmart to third-party (3P) Marketplace items. This feature is designed to boost sales and customer satisfaction by offering more product options at potentially lower prices, all without affecting the seller's payouts. It's a win-win situation where customers get great deals, and sellers enjoy increased sales volume.

Walmart Connect: Bid and Win

Walmart Connect introduces a sophisticated way for sellers to reach new customers and enhance brand discovery through keyword bidding. This feature enables sellers to bid on exact match keywords associated with competitors' brands and products. By doing so, sellers can strategically place their products in front of customers looking for similar items. It’s also a protective measure to maintain brand visibility and prevent competitors from overshadowing your products.

API Sellers: An Important Update

For the tech-savvy sellers utilizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Walmart mandates an important update. Sellers are required to revise their Orders and Returns APIs for handling multi-quantity orders efficiently. This step is crucial for participating in Walmart's Virtual Packs program, which promises sellers increased Average Order Volume (AOV) and Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) by selling multiples of the same item in a single listing.

Additionally, updates to the Partner API Status page in the Developer Portal provide sellers with detailed API health status information across different markets, including Mexico and Canada. This enhanced transparency aids sellers in making informed decisions regarding their API integrations.

Reminder: Selling Non-New Merchandise

Walmart places a significant emphasis on the quality of products offered on their platform. A strict guideline mandates that all items listed on the Walmart Marketplace be in new condition, barring those part of the Walmart Restored or Walmart Pre-Owned programs. Sellers listing items in conditions other than new might face the removal of those listings, underscoring the importance of adhering to Walmart's quality assurance policies.


With a global footprint and an unyielding commitment to saving people money so they can live better, Walmart Inc. stands tall in both physical and digital retail landscapes. Boasting a weekly footfall of approximately 240 million customers and members across its expansive store network and e-commerce websites, Walmart's reach is unparalleled. With a fiscal year 2023 revenue of $611 billion and a global workforce of about 2.1 million associates, Walmart continues to lead the charge in sustainability, corporate philanthropy, and employment opportunities, making it an attractive platform for sellers worldwide.


Walmart Canada Marketplace is ripe with opportunities for sellers aiming to expand their reach and amplify their sales. From enticing offers and advanced selling tools to stringent policies ensuring quality, Walmart is paving the way for a robust and mutually beneficial e-commerce ecosystem. By taking advantage of these offerings, sellers can not only enhance their operational efficiency but also position their brands more prominently in a highly competitive market.

FAQ Section

Q: How can I join Walmart Canada Marketplace?
A: To join, visit the Seller Center on Walmart's website, click on the US flag icon, and select the option to add a market. Ensure to join by April 30, 2024, to avail of the 50% discount on referral fees.

Q: What are Virtual Packs?
A: Virtual Packs allow sellers to list multiple quantities of the same item in a single listing, facilitating bulk sales and potentially increasing the Average Order Volume and Gross Merchandise Volume.

Q: How does bidding on competitors’ branded terms work?
A: By using Walmart Connect, sellers can bid on exact match keywords associated with competitors’ brands and products to increase visibility and drive higher brand discovery.

Q: What are the implications of selling non-new merchandise on Walmart Marketplace?
A: Items not in new condition are subject to removal unless they are part of the Walmart Restored or Walmart Pre-Owned programs, emphasizing Walmart's commitment to quality.

Q: Why is it important to update APIs for managing multi-quantity orders?
A: Updating APIs is essential for handling order fulfillment efficiently, participating in programs like Virtual Packs, and enhancing operational efficiency, which is crucial for scaling your business on the platform.