Shopify Store Data Importers Apps: Reputon Amazon Importer vs EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Reputon Amazon Importer Work?
  3. How Does EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Work?
  4. How Much Does Reputon Amazon Importer Cost?
  5. How Much Does EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Reputon Amazon Importer vs. EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


As the lifeblood of any ecommerce operation, product data and order management play a critical role in ensuring a seamless operation. Store data importers are not just tools; they're the digital scaffolding that supports ecommerce businesses, allowing them to import, manage, and optimize their vast inventory and order databases efficiently. In the realm of Shopify, two significant players - Reputon Amazon Importer and EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer - have carved out a niche for themselves, providing solutions that integrate simplicity with broad platform support, ultimately enhancing the user experience of managing an online store.

How Does Reputon Amazon Importer Work?

Reputon Amazon Importer is a Shopify app designed to streamline the process of importing products from Amazon, a feature particularly beneficial for dropshippers who rely on quick and extensive access to a wide product range. The app facilitates one-click imports of Amazon products, including all relevant product variants such as sizes and colors. Businesses, regardless of their size, can leverage this tool to significantly increase their product offerings without suffering from the complications of manual entry. The intuitive interface and straightforward functionality enables even the smallest startups to quickly populate their stores with Amazon products, while larger businesses can appreciate the ability to maintain a more diverse inventory. However, note that this app functions in a manual mode, requiring retailers to manage shipping and order fulfillment themselves.

How Does EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Work?

EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer, on the other hand, simplifies the order importing process. Through this app, you can bulk import orders into Shopify using CSV files. With its robust column mapping system, EZ Importer ensures that even complex files from various platforms can be configured to fit Shopify's data structure seamlessly. This app's adaptability makes it a strong contender for businesses migrating from other ecommerce systems or needing to consolidate order information from multiple channels. Whether you're a small business importing Kickstarter orders or a large enterprise dealing with multiple store migrations, EZ Importer's flexibility and user-friendly interface facilitate an expedited transition.

How Much Does Reputon Amazon Importer Cost?

While the specifics surrounding Reputon Amazon Importer's pricing are not provided, it’s important for businesses to gauge the value such an application will bring in relation to potential costs. With features like manual mode operation, product variant imports, and an upcoming inventory tracking system, businesses should consider the operational efficiencies gained versus the expense of manual data entry or other import methodology that could incur additional costs.

How Much Does EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Cost?

EZ Importer is tagged with a 'Free to install' label, but further usage incurs costs starting at $25 for 100 orders, which also includes 50 free credits that never expire. This cost-effective structure allows businesses to pay as they scale, making it appealing for various business sizes and reducing the hurdle of large, upfront fees that are often a barrier for startups.

Cost Analysis: Reputon Amazon Importer vs. EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer

When we compare both apps, the 'pay-as-you-go' model of EZ Importer makes it particularly accessible for small to medium-sized businesses that are conscious of managing operational costs. Although Reputon Amazon Importer lacks explicit pricing information, it stands out for its specific focus on Amazon product imports, which may present a better value proposition for stores heavily reliant on Amazon's ecosystem.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Reputon Amazon Importer Good?

With a sterling 4.9-star rating gathered from 214 reviews, Reputon Amazon Importer appears to resonate well with its user base. The high rating suggests users find the app reliable and might particularly value the ease with which they can expand their product offerings. While customer support specifics aren’t detailed, the high rating indirectly indicates a positive user experience which often includes receiving adequate support.

Is EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Good?

EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer boasts a perfect 5-star rating across 102 reviews. This suggests users are very satisfied with its capability to simplify the import process. Given its brief history, the consistently high rating also hints at a strong and dependable support system backing the app.

User Preference: Reputon Amazon Importer or EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer?

Both apps enjoy high user ratings, but EZ Importer’s perfect score, despite fewer reviews, could imply an exceptionally user-friendly experience. Yet, the selection between the two may also hinge on the specific need: Reputon for niche Amazon-focused stores and EZ Importer for businesses seeking robust order import functionality.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Reputon Amazon Importer Integrations:

Reputon Amazon Importer primarily integrates with Amazon, enabling seamless product imports. The sole focus on Amazon may suggest a tailored and highly optimized experience for Amazon product integration, likely translating to added reliability and functionality within this specific area.

EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Integrations:

EZ Importer has a wider array of integrations, including platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Magento. These integrations enhance the app’s appeal as a universal tool for consolidating orders across different ecommerce platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to centralize their orders within Shopify.


Reputon Amazon Importer and EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer both address different segments within the store data importers category. Reputon is a specialized tool adept at integrating Amazon's vast product list into Shopify, while EZ Importer provides a broad order import solution for a range of platforms. User reviews suggest both apps perform excellently within their niches. However, Reputon could improve by providing an auto fulfillment feature, and EZ Importer could expand its horizons by supporting even more ecommerce platforms. Businesses looking for a streamlined way to incorporate Amazon products may find Reputon Amazon Importer invaluable, whereas those in need of a versatile order import system might lean towards EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer. Ultimately, the choice rests on business needs and operational preferences, with both apps standing out in their respective strengths: Reputon in product variety and EZ Importer in operational flexibility.

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