Shopify Store Data Importers Apps: Matrixify vs. Reputon Amazon Importer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Matrixify Work?
  3. How Does Reputon Amazon Importer Work?
  4. How Much Does Matrixify Cost?
  5. How Much Does Reputon Amazon Importer Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Matrixify vs. Reputon Amazon Importer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In an era where e-commerce businesses vie for optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the role of data management cannot be overstated. Store data importers are pivotal tools enabling e-commerce platforms, particularly on Shopify, to seamlessly onboard products, maintain inventory, and ensure their store databases are up to date with minimal manual intervention. In this light, apps like Matrixify and Reputon Amazon Importer play a fundamental role by offering diverse and integrated solutions that enhance the speed and accuracy of data handling. Let's delve into their capabilities, the flexibility they offer in integration, and the kind of impact they have made on the overall user experience.

How Does Matrixify Work?

Matrixify, developed by ITissible, eases the burden of data management by offering bulk import, export, update, and migration capabilities for Shopify store owners. The app can handle massive file sizes up to 10 GB, catering to both burgeoning businesses and expansive enterprises. Users can effortlessly manage a wide range of store data, from products and collections to customers and orders. Moreover, the app boasts integration with various formats and services—like Google Sheets, FTP servers, and Excel—streamlining the data workflow. The utility of these features spans different business sizes. For instance, a startup can benefit from the 'Demo' plan to handle small-scale imports, while a large enterprise might leverage the 'Enterprise' plan for unlimited batch processing. Consider a scenario where a store needs to migrate from Magento to Shopify: Matrixify's capability to import Transporter files becomes not just useful, but essential.

How Does Reputon Amazon Importer Work?

Reputon Amazon Importer targets Shopify store owners looking to venture into dropshipping with Amazon products. What sets this app apart is the intuitive one-click process that enables store owners to import and synchronize Amazon products with their Shopify interface. While it currently operates in manual mode, requiring owners to handle shipping and order management independently, it promises upcoming features like bulk import and price sync to streamline operations further. This app appears to be a boon particularly for those new to e-commerce, offering an entry point into the market without the need for extensive technical prowess.

How Much Does Matrixify Cost?

A cost-effective solution is the cornerstone of any business decision, and Matrixify understands this. Its 'Demo' plan is free, offering new users an opportunity to experience the interface with limited transactions. Following this, 'Basic,' 'Big,' and 'Enterprise' tiers offer increasing levels of data handling capabilities at $20, $50, and $200 per month respectively. As you move up the pricing tiers, not only do the number of items you can import/export per file increase, but additional features like 10x speed and batch import options become available. These plans cater accordingly to growing businesses and large enterprises seeking more robust data management solutions. There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with these tiers, ensuring transparency in pricing.

How Much Does Reputon Amazon Importer Cost?

Currently, Reputon Amazon Importer does not list any pricing tiers, indicating that it could be a free app or perhaps that the pricing details are not disclosed. This makes direct cost comparison challenging at the moment. However, given its features, the app may provide a value-laden proposition for emerging stores that want to establish their presence with dropshipping models without an immediate investment in app infrastructure.

Cost Analysis: Matrixify vs. Reputon Amazon Importer

Comparing the two apps—Matrixify's structure provides clear pricing plans that cater to stores of varying sizes and data needs, while Reputon Amazon Importer currently leaves cost considerations to speculation. Given the transparency and scalability of Matrixify's pricing, businesses can better anticipate their monthly expenses and choose a plan that aligns with their growth trajectory. This might prove more prudent for meticulous budgeting over Reputon Amazon Importer, where pricing information is currently unavailable.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Matrixify Good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars out of 419 reviews, Matrixify is widely acclaimed in the Shopify ecosystem. Customers likely value the powerful, scalable solutions it offers, allowing store owners to efficiently manage diverse store data. With a strong commitment to customer support, as reflected in the app's consistent updates and feature enhancements, it's plausible that users find its service dependable, further bolstering the app's reputation.

Is Reputon Amazon Importer Good?

Reputon Amazon Importer also holds a 4.9-star average rating, albeit from 214 reviews. While this shows a very positive reception, the smaller number of reviews suggests it is newer or less widely used than Matrixify. Still, its specialized focus on Amazon dropshipping integration likely resonates well with its target niche, suggesting that users value its streamlined process for importing products onto their Shopify stores.

User Preference: Matrixify or Reputon Amazon Importer?

Both apps enjoy high user satisfaction, as indicated by their near-identical ratings. However, Matrixify's larger number of reviews could imply a wider user base or longer standing in the market. This might translate to a preference among users who require a more comprehensive range of data import/export capabilities. Conversely, Reputon Amazon Importer's specialization in Amazon dropshipping might attract a different segment focused on that specific business model.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Matrixify Integrations:

Matrixify's robust integrations with Google Shopping, Google Sheets, various custom format integrations, and cloud storage services enhance its compatibility with a range of workflows. This interoperability allows for smooth transitions between different platforms, potentially reducing learning curves for new users and streamlining existing processes for established businesses.

Reputon Amazon Importer Integrations:

Focusing solely on Amazon integration, Reputon Amazon Importer provides a targeted solution that seamlessly connects Shopify stores with Amazon's vast product portfolio. While it may offer fewer integrations than Matrixify, its specialized approach aligns perfectly with store owners seeking to capitalize on Amazon's marketplace.


In the world of Shopify Store Data Importers, Matrixify and Reputon Amazon Importer offer unique strengths. Matrixify prides itself on its wide range of features, scalability, and detailed pricing structure, attracting businesses of all sizes. Reputon Amazon Importer stands out for its one-click import feature from Amazon, tailored specifically for those diving into dropshipping. Customer feedback consistently heralds the efficiency and ease of use for both apps. When considering integration capabilities, Matrixify's versatility appears to cater to a broader spectrum of e-commerce platforms and pre-existing workflows. In contrast, Reputon focuses on a niche, which is advantageous for businesses primarily sourcing from Amazon. In summary, Matrixify might hold the edge for businesses looking for extensive customization options and scaling capabilities, while Reputon Amazon Importer could be the go-to choice for newcomers in dropshipping seeking simplicity and a focused product import tool. Keeping an objective lens, each app serves distinct segments within the Shopify ecosystem, providing valuable tools to optimize store operations. Selecting the right one would depend on the specific needs and strategic objectives of the Shopify store owner.

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