Shopify Store Data Importers Apps: Matrixify vs eBay Importer by Infoshore

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Matrixify Work?
  3. How Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Work?
  4. How Much Does Matrixify Cost?
  5. How Much Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Matrixify vs eBay Importer by Infoshore
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, keeping online store data synchronized and up-to-date has become crucial for businesses wanting to ensure a seamless online experience. Store data importers play a pivotal role in this digital ecosystem, allowing for the efficient migration, backup, and management of vast volumes of store data. Let's delve into two noteworthy apps that excel in this field: Matrixify, with its exceptional bulk data handling capabilities, and eBay Importer by Infoshore, a tool specialized in importing products from eBay with real-time synchronization.

How Does Matrixify Work?

Matrixify has etched its name as a robust data management tool tailored for Shopify store owners. This formidable application simplifies complex tasks such as bulk importation, exportation, and migration of store data. It accommodates the distinct needs of businesses of varying scales, offering flexibility in handling data through Excel, CSV files, or direct integrations like Google Sheets. Its capacity to manage huge datasets—extending up to 10 GB—caters to large enterprises without compromising on speed, particularly in the Enterprise plan offering 10x speed batch imports. The utility of Matrixify is evident not only in massive data actions but also in automating recurring tasks, making it a time-saver for small and mid-sized stores. Its role in store migrations and backups contributes to a strategic approach in maintaining data integrity. A startup could, for instance, use Matrixify's Demo plan to effortlessly manage foundational store data, while a thriving business might leverage the Basic or Big plans to streamline their growing data management needs.

How Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Work?

eBay Importer by Infoshore, as the name suggests, specializes in integrating eBay listings into the Shopify environment. It’s a purpose-built solution that paves the way for effortless transition of products from the eBay marketplace to Shopify. The app features automated syncing of inventory and prices in near real-time, which is invaluable for store owners who maintain a presence on both platforms. E-commerce beginners can benefit from the free plan, importing up to 5 items to test the waters, while larger businesses may find the Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans more fitting with their extended capability of managing up to 5000 eBay items. The real jewel in this app's crown is its real-time synchronization, ensuring stock levels and prices are consistent between platforms, thereby minimizing overselling or pricing discrepancies.

How Much Does Matrixify Cost?

Cost considerations weigh heavily on selecting an appropriate data management app. Matrixify's pricing begins with a free Demo plan, suitable for small-scale explorations of its capabilities. The Basic plan, at $20/month, and the Big plan, at $50/month, are structured for businesses seeking expanded data handling without substantial investment. For enterprises where data is sprawling and complex, the $200/month Enterprise plan affords unlimited data management at an accelerated pace. Although no extra fees are stated, users would be wise to confirm any additional costs that might arise with extensive use or advanced support requirements.

How Much Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Cost?

In the lane of affordability, eBay Importer by Infoshore presents its FREE plan that allows for a modest import of 5 eBay listings—a great starting point for novices. Scaling up, we see the Bronze ($20/month), Silver ($30/month), and Gold ($60/month) tiers, each incrementally offering more eBay item management capabilities and dedicated support structures for growing businesses. When examining added costs, Infoshore remains straightforward in their offering, with the majority of functionality bundled in the monthly fee.

Cost Analysis: Matrixify vs eBay Importer by Infoshore

Comparatively, both Matrixify and eBay Importer by Infoshore provide free entry points, with structured pricing tiers to accommodate growth. At the basic paid tier, there's a parity in price ($20/month), but the offerings diverge with Matrixify focusing on broad data management capabilities, while eBay Importer hones in on synchronization between eBay and Shopify. Depending on the retailer's platform preference, one might offer a more tailored value proposition over the other.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Matrixify Good?

Matrixify’s sterling 4.9-star rating from 419 reviews is telling of its utility and customer satisfaction. Users might applaud the app for its diverse data management capacities and adaptability to various business sizes, with support experiences likely bolstering this positive sentiment.

Is eBay Importer by Infoshore Good?

With a 4.5-star rating from 375 reviews, eBay Importer by Infoshore also enjoys a favorable reputation, with the real-time synchronization capability likely earning praise. Customer support, particularly the inclusion of a dedicated account manager, might contribute significantly to this positive outlook.

User Preference: Matrixify or eBay Importer by Infoshore?

The higher rating and review count for Matrixify suggests a slight user preference, potentially owing to its wider application across various data management tasks. In contrast, the narrower scope of eBay Importer may be precisely what some retailers need, explaining its own substantial following.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Matrixify Integrations:

Matrixify offers robust integrations including Google Shopping, Google Sheets, and various file transfer protocols. It's designed to fluid, adding layers of functionality and expanding the app’s value.

eBay Importer by Infoshore Integrations:

The integration profile for eBay Importer by Infoshore is undefined in the provided data, but it inherently works closely with eBay’s systems, suggesting a solidified relationship and functionality within the eBay ecosystem.


In the realm of Shopify store data importers, both Matrixify and eBay Importer by Infoshore present substantial benefits. Matrixify shines with its vast data handling and integrations, while eBay Importer is niche but efficient with its eBay synchronization. Reflecting on user feedback and integration capabilities, it appears Matrixify offers a more versatile and scalable solution for Shopify store owners with diverse data management needs, while eBay Importer by Infoshore could be invaluable for those seeking to bridge their eBay and Shopify operations seamlessly. When outcomes necessitate bespoke data solutions or specific marketplace to store synchronization, the chosen app will depend on the distinctive business needs.

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