Shopify Store data importers Apps: eBay Importer by Infoshore vs PRO Importer For Amazon

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Work?
  3. How Does PRO Importer For Amazon Work?
  4. How Much Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Cost?
  5. How much does PRO Importer For Amazon cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: eBay Importer by Infoshore vs. PRO Importer For Amazon
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In an era where online retail is not just a convenience but a necessity, the ability to quickly and efficiently transfer store data is pivotal. Store data importers play a crucial role in streamlining business operations, saving time and reducing errors that are often associated with manual data entry. They enhance the merchant’s capability to manage inventory, adjust pricing, and keep product information concise and consistent across multiple platforms. Among the various data importer apps available for Shopify, eBay Importer by Infoshore and PRO Importer For Amazon stand out. These apps not only promise seamless integration with their respective marketplaces but also provide a wide array of functionalities designed to simplify the lives of Shopify store owners.

How Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Work?

eBay Importer by Infoshore tackles the challenge of migrating product listings from eBay to Shopify. With this app, businesses can import up to 5 eBay items for free, offering a taste of the app's capabilities. It's particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that operate with smaller inventories. The tool boasts features like real-time inventory and price synchronization, bulk import options, and the addition of auto-import for new eBay listings. This functionality is a boon for medium-sized businesses keen on maintaining a fresh and up-to-date store without manual oversight. Large enterprises stand to gain from the Gold plan with advanced customer support and the capacity to manage up to 5,000 eBay items, ensuring their larger catalogs are integrated effortlessly. Unique among its offerings is the dedicated account manager provided at higher plan levels, offering personalized assistance with eBay template customization—beneficial for any business wishing for a tailored storefront.

How Does PRO Importer For Amazon Work?

PRO Importer For Amazon mirrors many features of its eBay counterpart. It allows for the importation of 25 SKUs at no cost, nudging businesses to try its system. Small to medium enterprises can choose the Bronze or Silver plans to bring in and manage hundreds to thousands of SKUs, with price and inventory sync included. For large-scale operations, the Gold plan facilitates the management of up to 5,000 SKUs. Its automatic sync feature ensures that product details remain consistent across platforms, which is critical to maintaining brand trust and customer satisfaction. The inclusion of high-resolution images and multiple variants ensures that product listings are comprehensive and appealing.

How Much Does eBay Importer by Infoshore Cost?

Investing in cost-effective solutions can significantly impact a business's bottom line. eBay Importer offers a Free plan, which could benefit those testing the waters with a small selection of products. The Bronze plan at $20 per month provides a solid base for growing businesses, and it's here that the scalability becomes evident. Mid-tier businesses can opt for the Silver plan for $30 per month to efficiently manage up to 2000 items. For vast operations, the Gold plan at $60 a month allows for extensive inventory management without compromises on support quality.

How much does PRO Importer For Amazon cost?

PRO Importer For Amazon’s pricing structure follows a similar path. The free tier is slightly more generous, allowing for the import of up to 25 SKUs, possibly giving them an edge over eBay Importer's free offering. The Bronze through Gold plans are identically priced to eBay Importer, offering comparable features.

Cost Analysis: eBay Importer by Infoshore vs. PRO Importer For Amazon

Both apps present a competitive stance in the marketplace. Given that the price points are identical for both apps' paid plans, the decision on cost-efficiency boils down to the specific platform your business predominantly sells on.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is eBay Importer by Infoshore good?

With an average rating of 4.5 stars from 375 reviews, eBay Importer by Infoshore appears well-regarded. Users likely value the app for its ease of use and effective import options. Priority customer support is a feature that could contribute positively to user satisfaction, as immediate and efficient support is crucial in e-commerce operations.

Is PRO Importer For Amazon good?

A slightly higher average rating of 4.6 stars, albeit from just 138 reviews, implies PRO Importer For Amazon is meeting user expectations effectively. Customer support, again, likely plays a significant role, particularly with priority support offered in the upper-tier plans.

User Preference: eBay Importer by Infoshore or PRO Importer For Amazon?

The higher number of reviews for eBay Importer might suggest a larger user base or longer presence in the marketplace. However, PRO Importer's marginally better rating suggests higher user satisfaction on average. The final choice may rest on the specific needs of the business when it comes to eBay vs. Amazon marketplace management.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

eBay Importer by Infoshore Integrations:

The eBay Importer app, while listing no specific external integrations, is designed to smoothly slot into the Shopify environment, focusing on enhancing the experience of eBay store owners needing to transition or sync their products.

PRO Importer For Amazon Integrations:

PRO Importer For Amazon explicitly mentions integration with the Amazon marketplace—its primary selling point. It is specifically designed to bring Amazon Seller Central and Shopify stores into sync efficiently.


The primary features of eBay Importer by Infoshore and PRO Importer For Amazon serve the same end-goal—simplifying the import and synchronization of store data with Shopify. Users appreciate the ease of use, efficient customer support, and the time-saving benefits provided by both apps. Strengths & Weaknesses: eBay Importer has a broader user base and proven satisfaction, while PRO Importer boasts a higher average rating and more generous free plan. However, the ultimate decision depends on user preference for marketplace specific tools and the scale of operation. Recommendations: For businesses with a strong presence on eBay and Amazon, each respective app offers tailored solutions that could streamline operations significantly. The decision between the two may ultimately hinge on where a business’s online presence is more concentrated. As the apps cater to varied business sizes and needs, it's recommended to assess which platform aligns best with your business strategy before committing to a plan.

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