Shopify Product Display - Other Apps: Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder vs Because: Create Dynamic Stores

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Work?
  3. How Does Because: Create Dynamic Stores Work?
  4. How Much Does Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Because: Create Dynamic Stores Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder vs. Because: Create Dynamic Stores
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Over 800,000 merchants trust Shopify to help sell their products online, which underscores the significance of having a meticulously designed online store. Product display - Other apps play an influential role in boosting user engagement and sales conversions by enhancing product discovery and purchasing processes. In this discussion, we shed light on two Shopify apps—Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper and Because: Create Dynamic Stores by Because Intelligence. Both apps aim to enrich the shopping experience but take distinct approaches in doing so, offering a wide range of options and seamless integrations to drive impactful outcomes.

How Does Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Work?

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder simplifies order placement for both B2B and retail customers with a single-page order form that easily integrates with Shopify store themes. This app is a boon for businesses aiming to excel in bulk order processing, as it allows customers to add multiple items to their carts swiftly and is mobile-friendly, bolstering customer experience by minimizing page refreshes. Fully customizable, the form can be tailored with preferred text, colors, inventory, SKUs, and can even be set to control which customers view the products. The reordering feature is particularly beneficial for returning customers, enabling repeat purchases with just a few taps. Large enterprises down to startups can leverage these features to diversify their product displays and streamline their ordering process.

How Does Because: Create Dynamic Stores Work?

In the quest for personalization and dynamic content display, Because: Create Dynamic Stores offers a solution that injects banners, text blocks, and badges across product, collection, and cart pages without the need for coding skills. Retailers can set up A/B tests to optimize campaigns and draw insights to drive revenue, using a straightforward No-Code Editor for rapid content changes. This app is especially useful for stores that frequently update marketing campaigns or communicate time-sensitive offers like shipping discounts, which push visitors towards making a purchase decision.

How Much Does Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is a driving factor for businesses of all sizes, and Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder provides a tiered pricing structure: The Basic plan at $12.99/month is suited for small businesses, while larger ventures can benefit from the Professional ($19.99/month) or Enterprise plans ($24.99/month), which offer additional features like reordering, bulk import-export, and the setting of product quantity increments. There are no extra fees disclosed, assuring transparency in pricing.

How Much Does Because: Create Dynamic Stores Cost?

Because: Create Dynamic Stores stands out with a 'Free to install' plan, making it an attractive option for startups and small businesses aiming to test the app's capabilities. While additional charges may apply for advanced features, this entry point allows businesses to explore app functionalities without an immediate investment, making dynamic personalization accessible.

Cost Analysis: Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder vs. Because: Create Dynamic Stores

In comparing both apps, Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder offers straightforward pricing tiers geared towards businesses that scale, each with a clear set of features and use cases. Because: Create Dynamic Stores, with its free installation, presents a low barrier to entry, which may be appealing for businesses with budget constraints or those in experimentation phases. Further analysis would require insights into the specific additional charges associated with Because's more advanced capabilities.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Good?

The resoundingly positive rating of 4.9 stars across 131 reviews indicates a loyal satisfaction with Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder. Users appear to highly value its efficiency in handling bulk orders, and the ease it brings to recurring purchases. The lack of mention of customer support in the app's description does not deter from its high rating, suggesting a user-friendly experience that may not often require additional support.

Is Because: Create Dynamic Stores Good?

With a strong average rating of 4.7 stars from 121 reviews, Because: Create Dynamic Stores also stands in a favorable light. Customers might appreciate its user-centric approach to creating personalized experiences without needing to delve into coding. It's an inference that the ease of dynamic content creation aligns well with user expectations, despite there being room for improvement in reaching the near-perfect satisfaction levels of its counterpart.

User Preference: Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder or Because: Create Dynamic Stores?

The higher user rating and review count for Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder could imply user preference for its streamlined bulk ordering process. In contrast, Because: Create Dynamic Stores may attract those who prioritize dynamic, personalized content over transactional functionalities.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder Integrations:

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder offers compatibility with other Wholesale Helper apps such as Wholesale Lock Manager and Pre-Order Helper, suggesting a cohesive ecosystem for wholesale operations. This allows users to have a suite of tools to scale their B2B functionalities seamlessly.

Because: Create Dynamic Stores Integrations:

Although relatively lean in integrations, Because focuses mainly on its synergy with Klaviyo for added marketing prowess. This signifies a tailored experience, enhancing the app's capabilities for personalized, data-driven campaigns.


Both Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder and Because: Create Dynamic Stores serve distinct needs within Product display - Other. Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder excels in providing an all-in-one solution for order-taking and reordering, while Because: Create Dynamic Stores shines in real-time content personalization. User reviews lean in favor of Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder's efficiency and effectiveness, but Because: Create Dynamic Stores holds its ground with its dynamic content capabilities. Based on this analysis, larger businesses seeking to optimize their order-taking processes may align with Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder, whereas startups to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their store's personalization might find Because: Create Dynamic Stores a more fitting choice. Both apps show potential for aiding Shopify merchants in upgrading their product displays, each with a strong set of features tailored to their unique market segments.

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Pricing Structure

  • Basic Plan: $14.99/month – includes unlimited options, custom fields, free install, live chat support, and more.
  • Premium Plan: $39.99/month – includes all Basic features plus charging for extras, conditional logic, and advanced visual options.
  • Developer Plan: Free – specifically for dev stores, with full access to the app's features during trial periods for paying merchants.

Merchant Feedback

Merchants praise SC Product Options for its extensive customization options and note the positive impact it has on sales. Its reputation as a game-changer for product management comes not only from its flexibility but also from the exceptional customer support.

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