Shopify Product Display - Other Apps: Out‑of‑Stock Police vs Category & Collection Sort |KX

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Out‑of‑Stock Police Work?
  3. How Does Category & Collection Sort |KX Work?
  4. How Much Does Out‑of‑Stock Police Cost?
  5. How Much Does Category & Collection Sort |KX Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Out‑of‑Stock Police vs. Category & Collection Sort |KX
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the world of e-commerce, where 21% of the global population shops online, the presentation and organization of products on a website are vital components of a successful store. Product display apps serve as pivotal tools for e-commerce professionals, optimizing the online shopping experience, enhancing customer engagement, and boosting sales. Crucial to any Shopify store, apps like Out‑of‑Stock Police and Category & Collection Sort |KX streamline these aspects by providing comprehensive solutions. These apps ensure that customers have a positive browsing experience by managing stock visibility and organizing products smartly.

How Does Out‑of‑Stock Police Work?

Out-of-Stock Police addresses the common issue of out-of-stock items cluttering online store collections. This app automatically pushes unavailable products to the bottom of product lists or conceals them, ensuring that customers see available items first, thus improving the shopping experience. This feature is pivotal for shops of all sizes, allowing them to maintain a clean and efficient storefront. Startups particularly benefit from an organized display without the need for manual adjustments, while larger enterprises can utilize the app to manage extensive inventories. Unique functionalities include stock alerts and the ability to manage visibility across multiple sales channels. By automating these processes, Out‑of‑Stock Police assists in reducing lost sales opportunities and improves SEO by keeping in-stock items prominent.

How Does Category & Collection Sort |KX Work?

Conversely, Category & Collection Sort |KX leverages AI to personalize the shopper's experience by dynamically sorting products within collections based on customer behavior. For small businesses, the AI recommendations engine can help elevate cross-selling opportunities, and for larger enterprises, the capacity to manage multiple collections and perform A/B testing is invaluable. This app's standout feature is its ability to create a tailored browsing experience that can lead to increased conversion rates through personalized merchandising strategies.

How Much Does Out‑of‑Stock Police Cost?

The Out‑of‑Stock Police app comes with four pricing tiers. The Bronze plan starts as a free installation and is tailored for small businesses or startups looking to test the waters with basic out-of-stock management. Moving up, the Silver plan at $4.99/month adds more features suitable for growing businesses. The Gold and Platinum plans, priced at $9.99 and $14.99 monthly, include real-time add-ons and are designed for larger operations that need more robust tools. There are no additional fees announced; all plans provide 24/7 support, marking the app’s commitment to customer service.

How Much Does Category & Collection Sort |KX Cost?

In contrast, Category & Collection Sort |KX offers plans starting at $19/month, aimed at businesses requiring advanced sorting and analytical tools. The plans scale up to $459/month for the Superior plan, which provides extensive collection management and the luxury of white labeling. With each increment in price, you receive additional managed collections, AI-enhanced features, and more frequent updates, pacing the app as a premium solution for medium to large-sized businesses prepared to invest in advanced merchandising capabilities.

Cost Analysis: Out‑of‑Stock Police vs. Category & Collection Sort |KX

Comparing the two apps, Out‑of‑Stock Police offers more affordable options, catering to a broader range of businesses. On the other hand, Category & Collection Sort |KX positions itself as a high-end solution with pricing reflecting its AI-driven, advanced merchandising functionalities. Out‑of‑Stock Police might be a more cost-effective choice for businesses focusing solely on stock management, while Category & Collection Sort |KX could offer better value for those seeking a comprehensive merchandising system. No specific promotional offers or trials are indicated, so considerations of cost versus functionality are essential.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Out‑of‑Stock Police good?

Out‑of‑Stock Police enjoys a high rating of 4.8 stars, with 156 reviews serving as a testament to user satisfaction. Its features have likely contributed to a positive reception, offering variations that cater to businesses of different sizes. In terms of customer support, the app's round-the-clock availability bolsters user confidence and could contribute to its laudable rating.

Is Category & Collection Sort |KX good?

Category & Collection Sort |KX has achieved a perfect score with 5 stars from 125 reviews. Its premium pricing and advanced features indicate a targeted user base who finds significant value in the app's robust functionalities, including AI-driven recommendations and intricate sorting mechanisms. The integration with review platforms further enhances its utility, which may also reflect in its impeccable user satisfaction ratings.

User Preference: Out‑of‑Stock Police or Category & Collection Sort |KX?

While both apps hold high average ratings, Category & Collection Sort |KX's perfect score might suggest a slight preference among a sector of users looking for advanced sorting capabilities. However, Out‑of‑Stock Police has a higher number of reviews, indicating a broader user base, which might be due to its more accessible pricing and the essential functionality it provides.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Out‑of‑Stock Police Integrations:

While Out‑of‑Stock Police's listing does not specify any direct integrations with other platforms or tools, its focus is on straightforward functionality, which should allow seamless operation within the Shopify environment. This could be beneficial for users who require a no-fuss solution that complements their existing systems without further complexities.

Category & Collection Sort |KX Integrations:

Category & Collection Sort |KX distinguishes itself with its capacity to integrate with various review apps like Loox, Yotpo,, and Stamped, which can significantly enrich the personalization of product recommendations and merchandising. This enhanced functionality makes it a powerful tool for those who emphasize a tailored customer journey based on both browsing and purchasing behaviors.


Both Out‑of‑Stock Police and Category & Collection Sort |KX present solid capabilities in the realm of product display management, albeit serving varied focal points within that spectrum. Out‑of‑Stock Police offers user-friendly, cost-effective solutions for inventory and display management, while Category & Collection Sort |KX provides a comprehensive, AI-powered merchandising suite. User reviews suggest a high level of satisfaction for both apps, although the perfect score of Category & Collection Sort |KX hints at a particular appreciation for its advanced features. However, Out‑of‑Stock Police boasts broader user adoption, reflective of its accessibility and core functionalities. For businesses seeking a straightforward and affordable means to manage their product displays, Out‑of‑Stock Police is an excellent choice. On the other hand, for those ready to leverage advanced AI for product sorting, personalization, and testing within a larger budget, Category & Collection Sort |KX emerges as a fitting option. Ultimately, the choice depends on the unique needs and goals of each e-commerce store, with each app offering distinctive strengths to enhance the product display landscape.

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