Shopify Packing Slips Apps: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?
  3. How Does OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack Work?
  4. How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?
  5. How much does OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the realm of e-commerce, efficiency and brand consistency are not just beneficial; they're indispensable. Packing slips stand, quite literally, as paper testimonies of a business's devotion to these principles. Shopify's packing slip apps, specifically, empower online storefronts with the capacity to enhance customer experiences, streamline their operations, and fortify their branding. In this spotlight, we delve into F+2: Order Printer Templates and OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack—two cutting-edge solutions designed to transform how businesses of all sizes manage their packing slips, integrating smoothly with pertinent platforms and significantly impacting overall operational finesse.

How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?

F+2: Order Printer Templates serve as a gateway to a heightened caliber of documentation, from invoices to return forms, all with an eye for high-level customization. This app stands out for its ability to churn out polished documents that bear a company's brand mark, inclusive of logos and unique fonts. Notably, it facilitates one-click translation and automatic localization, thus widening its utility for businesses across the globe. This characteristic enables even startups to project an air of established credibility while affording larger enterprises with the flexibility needed for global commerce. The superb 24/7 support system and one-time setup per template epitomize a "set it and forget it" philosophy, which suits a spectrum of business models within the packing slips arena.

How Does OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack Work?

OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack takes the helm of order management with a robust dashboard tailored for high-volume stores or those scaling towards higher volume processing. The app's prowess lies in its ability to impart control, enabling users to tag, filter, and organize up to 500 orders at a time — a veritable boon for businesses of all statures aiming to economize time and diminish errors. Its knack for customization ensures that invoices and return forms resonate with a business's visual narrative. Furthermore, the seamless order tracking and automatic shipping notifications engrain a sense of trust and transparency with the customer base, a quality highly prized in any enterprise's growth journey.

How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?

A prudent outlay on operational tools is vital for the financial health of any business. F+2: Order Printer Templates blends cost-efficiency with practicality, offering a free installation with a pay-as-you-go model—$29 per template with a 50% discount for subsequent templates. This pricing approach places particular attraction on startups and SMEs looking to enhance their packing slips without committing to ongoing expenses. There are no hidden charges, making it a straightforward choice for those keeping a tight rein on overheads.

How much does OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack cost?

OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack presents a tiered pricing model that caters to varying business sizes and needs. The Standard plan at $29/month supports up to 1,000 orders, the Premium at $49/month extends this to 3,000 orders, and the Platinum plan at $99/month accommodates up to 10,000 orders. Each tier provides comprehensive features like bulk printing and full or partial fulfilment synchronization, with each subsequent tier building on the order capacity. This makes it straightforward for businesses to scale their plan in alignment with their growth trajectory.

Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack

When it comes to appraising cost against functionality, F+2: Order Printer Templates is particularly appealing for those businesses that prioritize a pay-per-use model with no monthly commitments. OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack, conversely, offers a more conventional subscription-based model which might be more cost-effective for businesses with a consistent high volume of orders. Such companies could benefit from foreseeable budgeting and tailored order capacities aligning with operational demand.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is F+2: Order Printer Templates good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 1197 reviews, F+2: Order Printer Templates likely resonates with users due to its customization capabilities and user-friendly interface. The absence of coding requirements, coupled with the ease of template setup, suggests a product that improves the user experience, which could account for its high rating. The mention of 24/7 support also hints at an attentive customer service, likely contributing to user satisfaction.

Is OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack good?

Mirroring the high accolades of its sibling, OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack boasts a 4.9-star rating, though from a smaller pool of 130 reviews. The high rating appears to be attributed to its adeptness at handling high volumes of orders efficiently and its customization options. Continuous support plays a significant role too, signalling the importance of a dependable help system in user contentment.

User Preference: F+2: Order Printer Templates or OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack?

The comparison of ratings and reviews suggests a favoring towards F+2: Order Printer Templates for its versatility in document customization and user flexibility. However, OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack's robust bulk processing capabilities should not be underestimated, especially for high-volume businesses that require streamlined order management.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

F+2: Order Printer Templates Integrations:

F+2: Order Printer Templates displays seamless integration with Shopify's Order Printer and Order Printer Pro, among other tools, simplifying the implementation process. These integrations are pivotal in extending the app's functionality, allowing businesses to leverage existing workflows while introducing impactful branding elements to their packing slips.

OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack Integrations:

OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack integrates with complementary tools such as SC Order Tagger and Orderly Emails, which suggests a well-rounded approach to order management and customer communication. The breadth of these integrations indicates a strategic emphasis on cohesion and operational synergy.


F+2: Order Printer Templates and OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack both champion the cause of packing slips within Shopify's ecosystem, albeit through diverse approaches and strengths. Users hold both apps in high esteem, reflective of their aptitude in enhancing the packing slip process. Integrations for each app accentuate their adaptive nature and commitment to comprehensive e-commerce solutions. Strengths & Weaknesses: F+2: Order Printer Templates are notable for their singular focus on document elegance and simplicity, making it especially appealing for businesses emphasizing brand presentation. On the other hand, OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack excels in handling large volume order processing, offering a robust solution for growth-oriented businesses. Recommendations: For entities seeking extensive customization options coupled with a user-friendly and supportive environment, F+2: Order Printer Templates emerges as the likely preference. Conversely, businesses that prioritize operational efficiency and scalability may find greater merit in OrderlyPrint ‑ Pick & Pack's offerings. Each app caters to distinctive operational demands, thus emphasizing the necessity for businesses to align tool selection with strategic objectives.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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Pricing Structure:

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Merchant Feedback:

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