Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?
  3. How Does Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Work?
  4. How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?
  5. How Much Does Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


As e-commerce grows, the importance of local delivery options cannot be overstated—a majority of consumers now rate delivery flexibility as a key factor in their buying decisions. Local delivery apps not only enhance customer satisfaction but also provide businesses with tools to efficiently manage logistics. In this arena, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip stand out as versatile solutions for Shopify merchants. Both apps offer a range of options for local delivery and pickup that integrate seamlessly with Shopify stores, potentially transforming customer experience and operational efficiency.

How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?

At the heart of local fulfillment, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) by CreativeR delivers a seamless avenue for customers to choose their preferred pickup or delivery times. With features like setting the order preparation time, limiting the number of orders per slot, and tagging orders for identification, the app caters to both customer preferences and business needs. Whether it’s a startup looking to offer localized services or a large enterprise managing several locations, this app adapts to the scale and complexity of any operation. Unique functionalities such as the ability to set products as mandatory for pickup or specifying delivery blocks demonstrate its capacity for tailored service delivery.

How Does Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Work?

Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip by CirkleStudio operates on a similar wavelength but with a distinct focus on shipping rules. Robust features include shipping rates by Zipcode, product-specific shipping conditions, and rate modifiers. It’s an invaluable tool for distinguishing customer segments and refining logistical precision. The inclusion of live chat support, integrations with major shipping carriers, and the prowess to manage local deliveries for locations like bakeries and flower shops highlight its role in enhancing service quality for a diverse spectrum of businesses.

How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?

A cost-effective strategy empowers businesses without compromising efficiency. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) offers various plans, from the Lite - Pickup at $6.90/month suitable for a startup with one location, to the Pickup + Delivery plan at $17.90/month for enterprises needing comprehensive control over their delivery schedules and locations. Each plan provides a clear breakdown of features with a focus on scalability and without hidden charges.

How Much Does Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Cost?

In contrast, Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip presents a starting plan at $9.99/month, branching into more feature-rich tiers, which accommodate complex shipping rules and local delivery options. The top tier, priced at $19.99/month, offers a fully-featured suite for businesses that earnestly focus on customizing their shipping and delivery processes. The free setup plan also draws attention to their customer service commitment, indicating a thorough understanding of diverse business needs.

Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip

A comparative glance reveals that both apps address different aspects of local delivery with competitive pricing. While Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) leans towards pickup and delivery scheduling, Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip offers nuanced control over shipping conditions and rates. Their value propositions cater to different business models and operational scales, with each showing potential for cost-efficient solutions depending on the merchant's focus area.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Good?

With an impressive average rating of 5 stars from 502 reviews, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is well-received among its users. One might infer that the app’s diverse functionality and easy setup process contribute significantly to user satisfaction. Customer support plays a catalytic role, and if the app follows the trend of highly-rated Shopify apps, it likely offers a proactive and responsive support system.

Is Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Good?

Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip also boasts a 5-star rating, albeit from 289 reviews. This suggests a robust user base that values the app's expansive shipping rules and seamless integration with leading postal services. The app's ability to fine-tune shipping conditions seems to resonate well with users, possibly reflecting a strong correlation between its features and user expectations on delivery customization.

User Preference: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) or Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip?

The higher number of reviews for Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) might indicate a stronger or more established user preference, but this doesn't overshadow the significant acclaim received by Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip. Users may be drawn to each app for different reasons—Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) for its simple yet powerful pickup and delivery scheduling, and Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip for its detailed shipping control.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Integrations:

While specific integrations for Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) aren't listed, its successful operation since 2017 implies that it has found efficient ways to fit into a variety of retail operations. Its ease of use and direct impact on service flexibility are likely indicative of smooth integration into merchants' existing systems.

Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Integrations:

Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip lists notable integrations with Shopify POS and major shipping carriers like Canada Post and FedEx, suggesting an innate compatibility with established logistics infrastructures. Such integrations likely enhance the app's utility, making it a robust tool for merchants prioritizing a detailed shipping strategy.


Both Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip serve pivotal roles in optimizing local delivery services for Shopify merchants. Positive user reviews reflect satisfaction with the functionality, efficacy, and customer support of both apps. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR)'s strengths lie in its versatile scheduling options and ease of use, while Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip excels with its detailed shipping rules and integrations. Whether your business requires elaborate pickup and delivery customization or intricate control over shipping parameters, choosing between these top-tier apps depends on specific needs and operational intricacies within the broad and evolving landscape of local delivery.

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