Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Postcode Shipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?
  3. How Does Postcode Shipping Work?
  4. How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?
  5. How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Postcode Shipping
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the realm of ecommerce, local delivery has become a cornerstone for providing first-rate customer service. With 61% of small businesses offering same-day delivery, it is clear that rapid fulfillment is not just a luxury—it's expected. Local delivery apps are integral in optimizing this service, offering streamlined logistics and enhancing customer satisfaction. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Postcode Shipping rise to the challenge, each app offering robust features to tailor local delivery services to customer needs, whether it's scheduling a convenient pickup time or ensuring precise shipping rates.

How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) by CreativeR offers a seamless approach to synchronizing pickup and delivery options with customer convenience in mind. The app boasts a comprehensive suite of features like setting mandatory pickup for select products, limiting orders to manage workload, and disabling delivery on specific days to align with store schedules. For businesses of all sizes, such granular control facilitates a tailored experience—startups can scale delivery options with demand, while larger enterprises can enforce consistency across multiple locations. Features like zip code delivery limits and order tags improve logistical efficiency, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversion rates. Imagine a customer selects a delivery time slot that perfectly fits their schedule; this level of personalization can transform a one-time buyer into a loyal patron.

How Does Postcode Shipping Work?

Postcode Shipping, presented by MicroAngel, is designed to fine-tune your shipping rates by area, providing an impressive degree of flexibility for both local and international deliveries. Users can set diverse rates based on regions, neighborhoods, and even individual zip codes, which helps businesses manage shipping costs effectively. Postcode Shipping proves invaluable for startups focused on local delivery—they can start small and expand shipping zones as they grow. For global players, it can be a tool for refining cross-border rate calculations. The sandbox feature, wherein users test shipping rates, exemplifies the app’s commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction. Imagine an international customer enjoys a fair shipping rate tailored to their location, enhancing their purchase experience and your brand's global reputation.

How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?

Cost efficiency in local delivery catalyzes profitability. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) offers a tiered pricing structure starting at $6.90/month for the Lite - Pickup plan which includes basic features like a date/time picker and order preparation time. As you ascend to higher tiers, such as the Pickup and Pickup + Delivery plans, the cost increases to $11.90 and $17.90 per month, respectively, while providing enhanced functionality like unlimited locations and delivery time blocks. Each tier scales up to meet the needs of a growing customer base, from startups to extensive enterprises. No hidden fees muddle the transparent pricing, making financial planning straightforward for businesses.

How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?

Postcode Shipping offers two distinct plans: a free Rates Sandbox for testing and configuration, and the Active Rates plan at $20/month for live shipping rates based on detailed zone and rule parameters. The latter plan, with its Tier 1 support, positions itself as a steadfast ally for emerging businesses needing reliable rate calculations and established companies demanding extensive support—assuring no unexpected costs arise post-integration.

Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Postcode Shipping

Price-wise, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR)'s offerings are tiered to match a variety of business requirements, allowing scalability without initial overinvestment. Postcode Shipping's quick jump to a $20 monthly commitment may deter the smallest of businesses but proves its value with comprehensive support and tools. When considering promotional offers, Postcode Shipping's free sandbox might appeal to those on the fence, while the structured progression of Store Pickup + Delivery (CR)'s plans offers gradual enhancements according to business growth.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) good?

With a stellar rating of 5 stars across 502 reviews, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) stands out as a highly regarded app. Users likely applaud the capacity for refined control over delivery and pickup schedules, as well as the ability to manage customer expectations effectively. Customer support often plays a pivotal role in such high ratings; assuming CreativeR provides exemplary service, this would influence perceptions positively, contributing to overall satisfaction.

Is Postcode Shipping good?

Garnering 4.7 stars from 149 reviews, Postcode Shipping also enjoys favorable responses. Users probably resonate with the app’s ability to customize and accurately calculate shipping rates, offering transparency in international transactions. MicroAngel’s mention of Dependable Tier 1 support suggests an emphasis on customer service, an element likely reflected in the positive reviews.

User Preference: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) or Postcode Shipping?

With both apps receiving high praises, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) inches ahead with a larger number of reviews implying broader acceptance. The slightly higher rating may reflect a more extensive array of features catering to local delivery needs. Nonetheless, Postcode Shipping’s solid performance demonstrates its own user base's strong engagement and satisfaction.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Integrations:

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) centers specifically on the enhancement of Shopify's local delivery and pickup experience without external integrations, a focused strategy ensuring a smooth operational flow with the platform it serves. This simplicity in integration translates to fewer complexities, giving users a streamlined, dedicated service devoid of integration-related issues.

Postcode Shipping Integrations:

On the flip side, Postcode Shipping's need for Carrier Calculated Shipping suggests a tie-in with existing Shopify features to function optimally, enabling it to use precise logistics data. This integration may offer an expanded range of capabilities at the cost of being slightly more complex to set up, but with the promise of a more tailored shipping experience.


Comparing Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Postcode Shipping reveals two apps designed to refine the local delivery process, each excelling in particular aspects. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) astounds with its focused feature set and scalable plans, receiving exceptional acclaim from users. Postcode Shipping, while slightly behind in terms of personal feedback, holds its own with specialized capabilities in shipping rate customization. Strengths & Weaknesses: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) triumphs with extreme customization in pickup and delivery scheduling—an irresistible strength for businesses prioritizing customer convenience. However, its singular focus on Shopify could be perceived as limited for those seeking extensive integrations. Postcode Shipping stands strong with its detailed, global shipping rate configuration capabilities, yet its higher starting price may be daunting for smaller operations. Recommendations: Deciding between the two will pivot on specific business needs and delivery priorities. If precise control over pickup times and locations is paramount, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) may suit you best. For businesses seeking rigorous shipping rate management across diverse regions, Postcode Shipping offers the precision required. Ultimately, both apps champion the evolution of local delivery within Shopify, and selecting one over the other should be guided by the particular demands of your delivery logistics and business model.

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