Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs EasyRoutes Local Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?
  3. How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?
  4. How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?
  5. How much does EasyRoutes Local Delivery cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs EasyRoutes Local Delivery
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Local delivery has rapidly become a pivotal component of the modern retail landscape, with consumers expecting more flexibility and immediacy than ever before. As businesses work to adapt to these rising expectations, local delivery apps have emerged as crucial tools to facilitate seamless logistical operations and enhance customer convenience. Among these solutions, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and EasyRoutes Local Delivery have distinguished themselves through their robust feature sets and user-friendly integration with Shopify. Both apps promise to drive better customer experiences and operational efficiencies, but they do so with distinct features and offerings that cater to a diverse array of business needs.

How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) by CreativeR equips Shopify merchants with comprehensive controls over their pickup and local delivery services. This user-friendly app allows store owners to offer enhanced flexibility, enabling customers to select precise pickup and delivery times. Notable features include the ability to manage pickup from multiple locations, limit order quantity per time slot, and tag orders based on their pickup/delivery details. These features are particularly beneficial for growing businesses that experience variable customer footfall throughout the day. Moreover, for larger enterprises aiming to offer tailored pickup and delivery options across numerous stores, these tools provide the scalability and customization necessary to manage complex logistics seamlessly. Hypothetically, a business facing a holiday rush could use the app’s capacity to limit daily orders to guarantee manageable and consistent service quality.

How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?

EasyRoutes Local Delivery by Roundtrip is an all-encompassing delivery route planner and optimizer. It’s geared towards optimizing delivery routes, dispatching drivers, and providing real-time customer updates. The app boasts features such as proof of delivery, live driver tracking, and customizable customer notifications, which are indispensable for maintaining a professional and transparent delivery service. Small and medium-sized businesses can leverage these tools to provide an elevated and personal local delivery experience usually reserved for larger companies. In turn, larger enterprises can take advantage of real-time tracking and proof of delivery to maintain accountability and foster trust with a larger customer base. As an example, a regional supplier can use the app to ensure efficient delivery of a high volume of orders, improving overall customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?

For businesses seeking cost-effective local delivery solutions, the pricing tiers of Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) are designed to match various operational scales. The 'Lite - Pickup' plan at $6.90 per month is a basic option, suitable for startups with a single pickup location. Conversely, established businesses with multiple outlets might find the 'Pickup' plan at $11.90 per month more apt due to its scalability. The most comprehensive tier, 'Pickup + Delivery,' costs $17.90 per month and introduces delivery aspects like zip code restrictions and time blocks—ideal for larger businesses with extensive logistical needs. No additional fees have been specified, ensuring transparency in cost structures.

How much does EasyRoutes Local Delivery cost?

The EasyRoutes Local Delivery app also accommodates various budgets and business sizes. Its 'Free' plan supports small businesses experimenting with local delivery or with limited monthly orders. For more advanced route planning and unlimited orders, the 'Standard' plan costs $30 a month, while the 'Premium' plan for $45 a month adds features like real-time driver tracking and proof of delivery for comprehensive delivery management. These plans provide growing businesses with powerful tools to scale their delivery operations without unexpected costs.

Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs EasyRoutes Local Delivery

When comparing both apps, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) offers a more accessible entry point with its lower-tiered pricing, making it possible for small businesses to leverage pickup services economically. In contrast, EasyRoutes Local Delivery's free option immediately equips businesses with route optimization and a driver app, which Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) doesn't include. For businesses whose operations revolve heavily around logistics, EasyRoutes’ upper-tier plans marry functionality with cost, potentially offering a better return on investment.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) good?

Given its immaculate 5-star rating collected from 502 reviews, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is highly regarded. Users may prize the app's comprehensive approach to pickup and delivery customization and its ease of use. The strong ratings suggest that it delivers on its promises effectively, enhancing local delivery services for diverse businesses. While direct feedback on customer support isn't present, the high ratings imply satisfactory support levels aiding the app's adoption.

Is EasyRoutes Local Delivery good?

EasyRoutes Local Delivery, with a 4.8-star rating from 113 reviews, also stands out as a top performer. The slightly lower rating, compared to its competitor, could imply room for improvement or reflect the challenging nature of managing an end-to-end delivery system. Users seemingly value its integrated route optimization and the added visibility into delivery processes, inferring robust and reliable customer support that aligns with the app’s sophisticated feature set.

User Preference: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) or EasyRoutes Local Delivery?

While Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) attracts higher ratings and a larger volume of reviews, suggesting a stronger market presence, EasyRoutes Local Delivery demonstrates substantial user satisfaction as well. The disparities may boil down to the different core competencies of each app—customizable pickup options versus robust route planning and delivery tracking.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Integrations:

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) provides seamless integration with Shopify, allowing for flexibility and customization. Although no other integrations are specified, the app’s native synergy with Shopify should suit most storeowners.

EasyRoutes Local Delivery Integrations:

EasyRoutes Local Delivery integrates with essential third-party apps like Delivery Dates and Times, among others, indicating an expansive interoperability within the Shopify ecosystem. These integrations cater to a holistic delivery management system, offering additional layers of functionality for a more comprehensive service offering.


Considering the pivotal features and benefits of both Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and EasyRoutes Local Delivery, businesses can better navigate the complex demands of local delivery. User reviews and ratings paint a positive picture for both apps, signifying a healthy satisfaction level among existing customers. Integration capabilities differ, with EasyRoutes showing a slightly more connected approach. Strengths & Weaknesses: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) shines in customization and user-friendly experiences, whereas EasyRoutes excels in delivery route optimization and live tracking tools. While both apps are highly capable, potential improvements might include broader language support or more advanced reporting tools for data-driven decision-making. Recommendations: For niche retailers in need of customizable in-store pickup solutions, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) could be the preferred choice. Conversely, businesses with a focus on delivery operations may find EasyRoutes to be a more comprehensive fit. The optimal choice will align with an individual business's scale, operational complexity, and specific delivery management needs, assuring that both solutions carry merit within the competitive sphere of local delivery on Shopify.

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