Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs Amai Local Pickup & Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?
  3. How Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Work?
  4. How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?
  5. How Much Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Amai Local Pickup & Delivery
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Markets and consumer behaviors have evolved incredibly fast, with local delivery options now playing a pivotal role in the sustainability and growth of retail businesses. Local delivery apps have transformed the way customers engage with brands, offering convenience and personalizing the shopping experience. In this context, two notable Shopify applications, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Amai Local Pickup & Delivery, stand out. These applications offer robust delivery management, boosting customer satisfaction and sales potential by providing seamless integration with online storefronts.

How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) by CreativeR is an app designed to offer a multitude of local delivery options. Its suite of features includes configurable date and time pickers, preparation time settings, and the ability to limit orders per time slot. Retailers, from startups to large enterprises, can leverage this app to control the volume of orders and plan resource allocation efficiently. It uniquely allows for order tagging and mandatory collections for pickup, enhancing the picking and delivery process. For instance, a business expanding to multiple locations can utilize this app to manage pickups across its branches effectively.

How Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Work?

Similarly, Amai Local Pickup & Delivery offers a comprehensive set of local delivery and pickup tools. This app streamlines in-store pickups and local deliveries with features such as date/time pickers and limitations on order slots. Users can manage multiple store locations with ease and tailor pickup options to suit each location’s needs. One defining characteristic is its ProMap integration, allowing businesses to precisely define delivery areas and enhance operational clarity for customers.

How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?

Cost considerations are paramount when incorporating logistics apps. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) offers a tiered pricing structure starting at $6.90/month for basic pickup options. Each subsequent tier—the $11.90/month Pickup plan and the $17.90/month Pickup + Delivery plan—adds more functionality like unlimited locations and zip code-based deliveries. These plans cater to a broad spectrum of business needs without hidden charges, ensuring companies can pick a model that aligns with their scale and customer delivery demands.

How Much Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Cost?

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery’s first pricing tier is set at $8.99/month for single-location stores, escalating to $19.99/month for unlimited stores, either for store pickup or local delivery. The Ultimate Plan at $29.99/month combines these options. These plans are crafted to suit businesses at various stages of growth, from localized single outlets to expanding operations with multiple storefronts, offering scalable solutions without extra fees, contributing to a transparent business model.

Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Amai Local Pickup & Delivery

When comparing the costs, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) stands out for its more favorable entry-point pricing, while Amai’s offerings cater to a broad user base with its Ultimate Plan. Both apps offer competitive value, but your choice might hinge on the specific features each provides. Promotions or trials can shift the cost-benefit analysis, so reviewing current deals is recommended.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Good?

With a stellar 5-star average from 502 reviews, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) appears to excel in user satisfaction. The high rating suggests a strong alignment of features with user needs, efficient user interface, and a tangible positive impact on sales and customer satisfaction. Customer support often correlates with user reviews; while specific mentions are absent, the universally high rating implies adept customer service.

Is Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Good?

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery holds an impressive 4.7-star rating from 330 reviews, indicating solid performance and user approval. The reviews often highlight the convenience of setup, the effectiveness of delivery zoning, and the advantage of live chat support illustrating a robust support system that contributes to the app's success.

User Preference: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) or Amai Local Pickup & Delivery?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) leads slightly in both user ratings and the number of reviews, which may indicate broader acceptance or higher customer satisfaction within the user community. This could be due to the app's extensive feature set, although Amai's distinct offerings and higher price point appeal to a different segment.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Integrations:

Despite not listing specific third-party integrations, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) boasts an intuitive setup process compatible with Shopify stores, suggesting the app is designed for seamless integration within the Shopify ecosystem.

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Integrations:

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery integrates with ProMap, enhancing its delivery zoning capabilities. This integration suggests Amai is well-suited for businesses demanding precision in delivery logistics and location services.


Both Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Amai Local Pickup & Delivery offer unique strengths and tools to streamline local delivery services. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) shines with its clear, varied pricing options and broad approval from users. Amai Local Pickup & Delivery impresses with its robust mapping integration and tailored plans that grow with businesses. Strengths & Weaknesses: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is commendable for its affordability and ease of use, while Amai offers advanced mapping functionalities, albeit at a higher cost. If integration capabilities could be expanded for Store Pickup + Delivery (CR), it would enhance its offering. Recommendations: Businesses prioritizing cost efficiency or requiring a diverse suite of pickup and delivery options might favor Store Pickup + Delivery (CR). In contrast, Amai Local Pickup & Delivery may be the better choice for companies needing advanced delivery zoning and mapping capabilities. Both apps are at the forefront of their market sector, so the final decision should be individual to each business's needs.

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