Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy vs EasyRoutes Local Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Work?
  3. How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?
  4. How Much Does Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Cost?
  5. How much does EasyRoutes Local Delivery cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy vs. EasyRoutes Local Delivery
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A staggering 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery, signalling a dramatic shift in customer expectations for local delivery services. Within this competitive landscape, local delivery apps not only enhance customer experience but also serve as a critical link in logistics optimization. Presenting two noteworthy players in this arena, Shipping Rates — Shipeasy and EasyRoutes Local Delivery, these apps exemplify how technology can revolutionize delivery processes. By integrating seamlessly with the Shopify platform, they offer versatile solutions that can significantly bolster the efficiency and customization of local deliveries.

How Does Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Work?

Shipping Rates — Shipeasy stands out with its extensive delivery options, empowering businesses to construct advanced shipping rules. Its calculator uses over 30 parameters like postal code and distance to the formulation of precise rates, preventing financial losses due to shipping. This precision is beneficial to entities across the corporate spectrum, from newly minted startups requiring adaptable shipping solutions to larger corporations in need of comprehensive, multi-tiered shipping structures. With features such as rate blending and customer-specific pricing, Shipeasy offers highly tailored solutions. A startup, for example, might employ zone-based rates to gradually expand their delivery reach, while a multinational could leverage the app to manage complex rate structures across various customer groups.

How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?

In contrast, EasyRoutes Local Delivery ensures a streamlined delivery management system. With features like route optimization and real-time tracking, the app doesn't just simplify the dispatch process—it transforms it into a strategic advantage. For small businesses, the ability to create optimized delivery paths can conserve resources, while larger enterprises can utilize the real-time tracking and automated customer notifications to solidify their brand's reliability. Crucially, features such as proof of delivery provide tangible evidence of successful delivery, enhancing trust between the business and its clients.

How Much Does Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Cost?

In the cost-conscious world of local delivery, Shipping Rates — Shipeasy offers economically viable options. The Free plan, provides basic testing and support, ideal for businesses just starting off. Scaling up, the Starter plan at $9.99 per month introduces detailed rates based on distance and cart totals—suitable for growing businesses. The Smart plan at $14.99 a month adds unlimited product-based rates and rate blending, an advantageous feature for expanding enterprises. Finally, the Advanced plan at $24.99 per month includes more sophisticated rate calculations, fit for large-scale operations with complex delivery needs. Importantly, all paid plans require Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping API, which may present additional costs.

How much does EasyRoutes Local Delivery cost?

EasyRoutes Local Delivery starts with its Free plan, blending route optimization and driver app access, a boon for beginners capped at 50 orders monthly. The Standard plan, priced at $30, unlocks unlimited orders and advanced map tools, positioned for established businesses with robust local delivery requirements. Premium tier, at $45 per month, includes premium features like proof of delivery and real-time driver tracking that can be crucial for premium service firms or larger businesses looking to scale their delivery excellence.

Cost Analysis: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy vs. EasyRoutes Local Delivery

Comparatively, Shipping Rates — Shipeasy’s lower-tier plans are more wallet-friendly than EasyRoutes Local Delivery with its earliest paid plan starting at $30. Yet, EasyRoutes seemingly offers a more robust basic package. Potential customers will need to weigh their specific needs against each app's features—those with complex shipping rules may find Shipeasy’s tiered options more appealing, while those prioritizing route optimization and customer communication might lean towards EasyRoutes.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Shipping Rates — Shipeasy good?

With an impeccable 5-star rating amassed from 659 reviews, Shipping Rates — Shipeasy garners resounding acclaim. Users may laud the app for its multifaceted shipping rule system that can cater to specific business models, like drop shipping. Support avenues like zoom calls for demos and setup assistance underscore the commitment to user satisfaction, possibly contributing to its stellar rating.

Is EasyRoutes Local Delivery good?

EasyRoutes Local Delivery, with a 4.8-star rating from 113 reviews, holds an impressive reputation as well. This feedback likely reflects the app’s utility in streamlined route optimization and customer engagement via real-time updates. The slightly lower rating, in comparison to Shipeasy, could infer room for growth in areas possibly linked to user interface or feature depth.

User Preference: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy or EasyRoutes Local Delivery?

Despite Shipping Rates — Shipeasy fetching a higher user rating, EasyRoutes' substantial review base cannot be overlooked. It points to a robust and loyal user community, with preferences potentially attributed to EasyRoutes’s integrated local delivery focus, as opposed to the more broadly oriented shipping solutions of Shipeasy.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Integrations:

Integrating with carriers such as USPS and FedEx, Shipping Rates — Shipeasy offers diverse compatibility, melding with multiple delivery services. This multifaceted approach likely simplifies the logistics workflow, offering users a breadth of shipping options under one umbrella.

EasyRoutes Local Delivery Integrations:

With connections to everyday tools like iOS/Android apps and route planner software, EasyRoutes Local Delivery stands as a paragon for seamless delivery service integration. The synergy between these tools creates an interconnected ecosystem for planning and dispatching deliveries, enhancing the operational efficiency of businesses.


Navigating the depths of Shopify's local delivery apps unveils two formidable tools: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy and EasyRoutes Local Delivery. Both apps have garnered positive sentiment for their robust feature sets and integrations. Strength wise, Shipeasy shines with its meticulous shipping rate calculations, while EasyRoutes is redoubtable in optimizing delivery routes and engaging customers. On the flip side, businesses may find Shipeasy's higher-end plans pricier, and EasyRoutes could expand further in tracking and customization capabilities. Ultimately, Shipeasy may serve well for those focusing on a comprehensive shipping setup, whereas EasyRoutes might benefit businesses seeking a solid all-in-one delivery management system. The final choice rests with the specific demands and ambitions of each Shopify merchant seeking to master the local delivery domain.

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