Shopify Local delivery Apps: Postcode Shipping vs Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Postcode Shipping Work?
  3. How Does Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy Work?
  4. How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?
  5. How much does Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Postcode Shipping vs. Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With e-commerce sales expected to reach new heights each year, the intricacies of local delivery have never been more crucial for online businesses. It's not just about getting a product to a customer; it's about making the delivery process a seamless and cost-effective part of the shopping experience. Local delivery apps on Shopify have become a linchpin for this, offering businesses customizable options, precise control over delivery zones, and an improved customer experience. In this context, two noteworthy contenders are Postcode Shipping by MicroAngel and Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy from Mageworx. These apps provide a spectrum of features aimed at refining local delivery, addressing both customer expectations and logistical efficiency.

How Does Postcode Shipping Work?

Postcode Shipping emerges as a robust tool for merchants who need granular control over their shipping rates and zones. It offers the ability for businesses to charge shipping rates based on postal codes, which is instrumental in setting up locally nuanced shipping strategies. The utility of this feature spans across businesses of all sizes. For instance, startups can capitalize on local markets by pinpointing delivery rates, while larger enterprises can manage extensive shipping zones effectively. For businesses keen on precision, Postcode Shipping's ability to calculate rates based on location, weight, and price is invaluable. A local boutique might leverage it to implement cost-effective, weight-based rates for neighborhood deliveries, whereas a multinational might use percentage-based pricing for global shipping. Let's picture a hypothetical: A burgeoning online store could apply different rates for suburbs versus city-center deliveries, potentially boosting their profitability and market competitiveness.

How Does Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy Work?

Putting control into the hands of retailers, Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy enables detailed customization of delivery schedules and areas. With no limit on the locations you can add, the app is particularly advantageous for businesses operating multiple outlets or warehouses. Its intuitive interface allows businesses to define delivery rates by area, which can be a game-changer for shops offering specialized local products. Visual tools such as drawing delivery zones directly on a map add a layer of simplicity to what would otherwise be a complex task, all while providing the flexibility needed to serve a diverse customer base. Envision a scenario where a customer is delighted to find they can schedule the exact date and time for their order's arrival, enhancing their engagement with a flower shop that prides itself on delivery service as meticulous as its bouquets.

How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?

Cost-effective solutions are the backbone of any successful e-commerce operation. Postcode Shipping offers a "Rates Sandbox" plan, which is free and lets businesses set up and test their shipping strategy before going live. It's ideal for early-stage businesses testing the waters. On the other hand, the "Active Rates" plan, at $20/month, unveils the full potential of the app. With it come advanced options like real-time live shipping rates and constant Tier 1 support, which is well-suited for established businesses ready to implement a comprehensive shipping strategy.

How much does Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy cost?

Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy presents a "Basic" tier, which is free of charge and provides unlimited locations and schedules—perfect for startups and small businesses. The "Advanced" plan, at $9.99/month, includes everything in Basic plus multiple delivery area setups and variable rates by location—a great fit for expanding businesses that need more sophisticated delivery options.

Cost Analysis: Postcode Shipping vs. Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy

Directly comparing the pricing plans of Postcode Shipping and Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy shows that both apps offer accessible entry points for businesses of all sizes. While Postcode Shipping has a higher premium tier, the advanced real-time rate calculation might justify its price for certain larger operations. Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy's middle-of-the-road $9.99 price point leans towards cost efficiency, especially for businesses that value advanced features at a lower cost.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Postcode Shipping good?

With an impressive 4.7-star rating from 149 reviews, Postcode Shipping secures confidence from its users, most likely due to its detailed shipping rule configurations and robust customer support. Although specifics of the support feedback aren't detailed in the app's overview, the mention of "dependable support" suggests that users can expect a high level of assistance, contributing to its strong rating.

Is Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy good?

Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy stands close with a 4.6-star rating from 102 reviews, indicating a positive reception in the community. It's fair to assume that its customizable delivery options and user-friendly interface contribute heavily to user satisfaction. While there's less detail on customer support, the substantial number of positive reviews implies that users find value in its features.

User Preference: Postcode Shipping or Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy?

Comparing the apps, Postcode Shipping takes a slight lead in user ratings, potentially due to its longer presence in the market and robust feature set tailored to shipping rates. However, the preference can be subjective, and depends on each merchant's specific needs concerning the sheer lean towards customization or ease of use.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Postcode Shipping Integrations:

Postcode Shipping boasts integration with Carrier Calculated Shipping, streamlining rate calculations and automating shipping workflows. This tight-knit integration likely offers users a seamless transition from shipping configuration to execution, underscoring the app's comprehensive delivery solutions.

Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy Integrations:

Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy, while not listing specific integrations, leans on its standalone features to attract businesses. Its absence of listed integrations might imply a focus on self-sufficiency, where the app provides all the necessary tools within its ecosystem.


The landscape of local delivery is complex, but Postcode Shipping and Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy both offer powerful ways to navigate it. Their features cater to diverse business models and delivery philosophies. The positivity in user reviews indicates that they’re meeting, if not exceeding, user expectations. Strengths such as Postcode Shipping's detailed rule-setting stand in contrast with Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy's flexible scheduling. Improvement areas are subtle, given the high user ratings, but might include expanded integrations for NearBuy or even more tier options for Postcode Shipping. As a final thought, startups might lean towards Local Delivery Date ‑ NearBuy for its free robust features, while businesses aiming for extensive control and support might find Postcode Shipping's premium option more compelling. In the burgeoning arena of e-commerce, choosing the right local delivery app is pivotal — both of these options provide a strong foundation for excellent customer service and operational efficiency.

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