Shopify Local delivery Apps: Intuitive Shipping vs Postcode Shipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Intuitive Shipping Work?
  3. How Does Postcode Shipping Work?
  4. How Much Does Intuitive Shipping Cost?
  5. How much does Postcode Shipping cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Intuitive Shipping vs. Postcode Shipping
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With the rise of e-commerce, local delivery has become an integral component for businesses looking to enhance their logistic capabilities and customer satisfaction. A staggering 25% of shoppers have abandoned a cart due to unsatisfactory delivery options, according to recent surveys. Thus, agility in local delivery has emerged as a pivotal aspect for e-commerce success. Local delivery apps play a crucial role in this landscape. They empower businesses by offering control over shipping preferences, rates, and methods that align with various customer demands. In this blog, we dive deep into two prominent Shopify local delivery apps: Intuitive Shipping and Postcode Shipping. Both apps extend a bouquet of features to streamline shipping processes and enhance customer experience at checkout.

How Does Intuitive Shipping Work?

Intuitive Shipping extends beyond one-size-fits-all solutions by offering a tailored approach to shipping rate calculations. Its abilities enable businesses to configure conditions and rules that define the most advantageous delivery options at checkout. With Intuitive Shipping, users can mix more than 40 conditions to influence the visibility of rates and customize pricing with a precision that can favorably impact profit margins. It also allows for branding at the checkout stage and utilizes SmartBoxing technology to provide dimensionally accurate rates. Businesses, from burgeoning startups to established behemoths, stand to benefit from the level of customization Intuitive Shipping brings. For instance, a small business may leverage conditions to offer local delivery perks, while a larger enterprise may employ granular rules for an international shipping strategy. Imagine a scenario where a customer adds products to their cart and sees a shipping rate that's calculated in real-time, tailored to their specific location, and with the company's unique branding—enhancing trust and aiding conversion at the crucial checkout phase.

How Does Postcode Shipping Work?

Postcode Shipping offers a solution that's focused on meticulously crafted shipping zones and rules. Users can define rates for precise geographical locations, from countries down to individual postcodes. The varied rate calculation methods—be it flat rates, weight or quantity-based rates, or order percentage—ensure flexible and profitable shipping configurations. This app shines for those who require uncomplicated and robust control over their local and global shipping rates. Whether it's a homegrown venture needing to pinpoint accurate delivery charges for neighboring districts or a multinational aiming to set diverse regional rates, Postcode Shipping stands up to the task. Envision a local craft store utilizing Postcode Shipping to create bespoke shipping rates for different neighborhoods, potentially reducing costs for nearby customers and incentivizing purchases through competitive delivery options.

How Much Does Intuitive Shipping Cost?

The cost-effectiveness of local delivery solutions can be game-changing for businesses. Intuitive Shipping's plans range from a free Sandbox mode for setup and testing to the Professional plan at $300/month, catering mainly to larger businesses with up to 5,000 orders per month. Each plan, including Growth at $70/month and Business at $150/month, offers full access to features with varying order caps, underscoring its scalability. While there are no hidden fees, businesses should consider the potential need for carrier-calculated shipping, which might add to their Shopify subscriptions.

How much does Postcode Shipping cost?

Postcode Shipping presents a more streamlined pricing model with two primary plans. The Rates Sandbox allows for plan configuration and testing for free, while the Active Rates plan costs $20/month, offering support and the ability to calculate live shipping rates. Especially suited for small to medium-sized businesses, its simple cost structure promotes ease of access to robust shipping rate management. Similar to Intuitive Shipping, the need for carrier-calculated shipping could necessitate a higher-tier Shopify subscription.

Cost Analysis: Intuitive Shipping vs. Postcode Shipping

When comparing the pricing, Intuitive Shipping offers more tiered options catering to a broader range of business sizes, while Postcode Shipping maintains a strong value proposition for smaller operations with its singular Active Rates plan. Additionally, Intuitive Shipping provides a 15-day free trial in live mode, allowing businesses to test the waters with real orders before committing financially.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Intuitive Shipping good?

Intuitive Shipping boasts a 4.9-star rating from 387 reviews, indicating high user satisfaction. Customers likely appreciate the comprehensive features and the dedicated onboarding support that could be driving positive feedback. The availability of one-on-one sessions and ongoing support garners trust and satisfaction, which is evident in their stellar reviews.

Is Postcode Shipping good?

With a 4.7-star average from 149 reviews, Postcode Shipping also enjoys favorable user perceptions. The app's focus on flexibility and range in setting up shipping rates, alongside supporting a wide array of delivery zones, aligns with specific user requirements, which is reflective in the positive reviews it has amassed.

User Preference: Intuitive Shipping or Postcode Shipping?

Intuitive Shipping edges slightly ahead in user ratings and the volume of reviews. While this could suggest a wider user preference, it’s important to consider that businesses vary in size and needs, which influences their choice. Intuitive Shipping's array of features may attract users looking for intricate customization, while the straightforward zoning and rating system of Postcode Shipping could appeal to those valuing simplicity.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Intuitive Shipping Integrations:

Intuitive Shipping boasts integrations with major carriers like Canada Post and UPS, augmenting its utility with seamless compatibility. Additionally, the integration with ShipStation broadens the spectrum of shipping management tools at the disposal of its users.

Postcode Shipping Integrations:

Postcode Shipping is built to support Carrier Calculated Shipping, which, while not as extensive as Intuitive Shipping’s list, still serves its core function effectively.


Both apps offer distinctive advantages, from Intuitive Shipping's extensive customization options to Postcode Shipping's precise and uncomplicated rate management. User reviews generally indicate satisfying experiences, underpinned by reliable customer support. Strengths & Weaknesses: Intuitive Shipping triumphs in its vast array of features and integrations, presenting a versatile shipping solution. Postcode Shipping, although less feature-rich, shines in its focused approach and affordability. Recommendations: Businesses seeking comprehensive shipping solutions with high customization may find Intuitive Shipping a better fit. In contrast, Postcode Shipping could be the go-to for those that prioritize straightforward delivery rate setups and affordability. Ultimately, the choice between Intuitive Shipping and Postcode Shipping should align with a business’s specific needs, budgetary allowances, and the level of complexity they wish to manage in their local delivery strategy.

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