Shopify Local Delivery Apps: EasyRoutes Local Delivery vs Local Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?
  3. How Does Local Delivery Work?
  4. How Much Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Cost?
  5. How Much Does Local Delivery Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: EasyRoutes Local Delivery vs Local Delivery
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Recent trends reveal that nearly 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. This clearly indicates the growing significance of efficient local delivery services in today's fast-paced e-commerce landscape. Local delivery apps are not just adding convenience; they are changing the way businesses approach customer satisfaction, operations, and logistics. In this arena, apps like EasyRoutes Local Delivery and Local Delivery have emerged as pivotal tools for Shopify store owners. These apps offer streamlined delivery management, ensuring that consumers receive their purchases promptly and merchants can enhance their operations. Let's delve into how each of these apps cater to the dynamics of local delivery and their impacts on the customer experience and business efficiency.

How Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Work?

EasyRoutes Local Delivery stands out as an all-in-one solution designed to optimize and streamline the local delivery process for Shopify merchants. With features that include robust route optimization, real-time driver tracking, and seamless integration with Shopify's ecosystem, it addresses numerous operational demands. The app simplifies assigning and dispatching drivers, generating optimized routes within seconds, and provides customers with live GPS tracking pages. For businesses of all sizes, these features translate to enormous time-savings and operational efficiency. Moreover, the added amenities like proof of delivery offer merchants peace of mind and contribute substantially to post-purchase customer satisfaction. Imagine a scenario where a small business shifts from manual delivery planning to EasyRoutes; the time and resources saved with such an efficient system can be transformative, translating into higher order volumes and an enhanced reputation for reliability.

How Does Local Delivery Work?

Local Delivery by Locate2u is another competent tool for managing deliveries right within the Shopify ecosystem. It’s notably useful for setting up various delivery options like same-day delivery, click and collect, and establishing delivery areas and pickup locations. Merchants can enforce zip code restrictions, customize delivery schedules, and benefit from unlimited delivery areas without extra costs. This app is particularly effective for retailers looking to offer flexible delivery and pickup options to their customers. The addition of live tracking features and proof of delivery through the Locate2u app adds a layer of transparency and accountability that customers value. The ability to offer specific delivery windows can significantly enhance the customer's shopping experience, particularly for those in geographic areas with specific delivery constraints.

How Much Does EasyRoutes Local Delivery Cost?

Cost is a determining factor for businesses considering a delivery management app. EasyRoutes Local Delivery offers a tiered pricing strategy to cater to various business needs. The Free tier, is a great entry point for startups, giving them access to the app’s basic route optimizer and driver app for up to 50 orders/month. The Standard tier, costing $30/month, unlocks unlimited orders, advanced delivery zones, and map tools—ideal for growing businesses. For $45/month, the Premium plan expands on Standard's offerings with real-time driver tracking and custom communications, suiting larger operations that prioritize customer interactions and enhanced delivery experiences. While this tiered model ensures scalability, businesses should account for total operational costs when considering the higher tiers.

How Much Does Local Delivery Cost?

In contrast, Local Delivery opts for a singular price model, priced at $19.99/month after a 14-day free trial. This simplicity is valuable for businesses seeking straightforward budgeting without the concern of scaling fees. The plan includes unlimited delivery areas, pickup locations, and schedules, positioning it as a highly accessible option for new and growing businesses. Nonetheless, it’s important for merchants to scrutinize whether the singular plan encompasses all the features they may require as they expand.

Cost Analysis: EasyRoutes Local Delivery vs Local Delivery

When comparing pricing, EasyRoutes Local Delivery offers more flexibility with its tiered plans, accommodating businesses as they grow. In contrast, Local Delivery's one-size-fits-all plan keeps budgeting straightforward but may not cater to every merchant's unique needs. Neither application currently promotes additional discount structures or extended trial periods, making their monthly fees the primary cost consideration. For startups and smaller operations, EasyRoutes' Free plan may offer the best entry point, while businesses with higher volumes of delivery may find Local Delivery’s unlimited offering more cost-efficient.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is EasyRoutes Local Delivery good?

With a strong average rating of 4.8 stars from 113 reviews, EasyRoutes Local Delivery is seemingly well-regarded by its user base. This impressive rating suggests that users are benefiting from its comprehensive range of features and integration within the Shopify platform. While specific user comments are absent in our data, we can infer that the app's ability to streamline route planning and delivery dispatching resonates with its users. Customer support's role in maintaining such a high rating cannot be understated—prompt, helpful support is often a critical factor in overall user satisfaction.

Is Local Delivery good?

Local Delivery holds its own with a commendable 4.7-star average from 105 reviews. This suggests a positive reception from its customers, likely due to its ease of setup for a variety of delivery options and the freedom provided by its unlimited nature. As with EasyRoutes, the detailed user reviews are not provided, but we can hypothesize that Local Delivery's effectiveness and simplicity in managing local deliveries contribute to its high rating. The importance of quality customer support is also pertinent here, as it is a significant component in sustaining high user satisfaction levels.

User Preference: EasyRoutes Local Delivery or Local Delivery?

While both apps enjoy high ratings, EasyRoutes Local Delivery edges out slightly with a higher average rating and more reviews. This edge might suggest a greater level of satisfaction among its users, possibly due to its added features and free entry plan. However, the ratings are close enough that individual preferences for features and pricing models could swing a decision between these two strong contenders.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

EasyRoutes Local Delivery Integrations:

EasyRoutes boasts impressive integration with Shopify apps like Recharge and Zapiet, enhancing its functionality for subscription-based services and store pickup/delivery respectively. The ease of integration with Shopify's ecosystem streamlines operations and enriches the delivery management experience for merchants, leading to potential boosts in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Local Delivery Integrations:

Local Delivery, while not listing specific integrations, pairs with Locate2u for additional features such as route optimization and live tracking. This pairing seems to offer substantive benefits, albeit possibly with a separate installation or additional learning curve. Nevertheless, the core functionality aligns well with the needs of Shopify merchants who require efficient local delivery management.


In summarizing, EasyRoutes Local Delivery stands out with its scalable plans and comprehensive integration within Shopify, providing extensive features for businesses of all sizes. Local Delivery counters with a simple, unlimited plan that is attractive to businesses seeking a cost-effective, no-nonsense solution. User reviews tilt favorably towards EasyRoutes, although with such close ratings, the preference may come down to specific business priorities. Strengths & Weaknesses: EasyRoutes excels with its tiered plans, extensive Shopify integration, and rich feature set, while its weakest link could be pricing for the higher tiers. Local Delivery shines with its straightforward and inclusive pricing model, but could perhaps offer more features to match those found in tiered applications. Recommendations: For Shopify merchants just starting or with a modest number of deliveries, EasyRoutes Local Delivery offers a strong start with its Free plan. For those prioritizing unrestricted delivery potential without additional complexities, Local Delivery proves to be the hassle-free option. Ultimately, both apps bring distinct advantages to the table, and the choice may hinge on the specific scale and scope of a business’s local delivery service.

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