Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Amai Local Pickup & Delivery vs Postcode Shipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Work?
  3. How Does Postcode Shipping Work?
  4. How Much Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Cost?
  5. How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Amai Local Pickup & Delivery vs. Postcode Shipping
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The surge of e-commerce has revolutionized the way we think about shopping and delivery. With over 60% of consumers reporting a preference for online shopping over traditional brick-and-mortar experiences, the efficiency of local delivery systems has never been more crucial. Within this dynamic landscape, Shopify local delivery apps like Amai Local Pickup & Delivery and Postcode Shipping have become essential tools. These solutions not only enhance the customer experience by offering diverse delivery options but also improve operational logistics for businesses of all sizes. Both apps have garnered attention for their versatility and seamless integration with Shopify, transforming local delivery into a competitive advantage for e-commerce platforms.

How Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Work?

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery is designed to expand the fulfillment choices for Shopify merchants. The app allows customers to select from store pickup and local delivery, featuring intuitive date/time pickers for scheduling. Businesses can limit orders within time slots or by the day, optimizing their workflow. For startups, the 'One Location' plan ensures a cost-effective start, while the 'Ultimate Plan' fits expansive enterprises with unlimited store support. This scalability demonstrates Amai's commitment to catering for a range of business sizes. For instance, a boutique with a single storefront could effectively manage local pickups during peak hours. Meanwhile, a larger retailer could use the same app to synchronize several outlets, guiding customers to the nearest collection point and organizing delivery zones with precision.

How Does Postcode Shipping Work?

Postcode Shipping empowers Shopify merchants with detailed control over their shipping rates and zones. This app is all about granularity, enabling rates to be tailored to specific postcodes, regions, and even countries. The flexibility to set up tiered rates based on parameters like weight and quantity empowers businesses to create customized shipping solutions that align with their strategies. Small businesses benefit from the 'Rates Sandbox' free plan, allowing them to configure and test their settings thoroughly. As they grow, shifting to the 'Active Rates' plan provides live shipping rates to support their scaling operations. Imagine a scenario where a small artisanal shop experiments with local rates in a particular neighborhood. As it expands its reach, Postcode Shipping would facilitate the transition to broader regions without interrupting the customer experience.

How Much Does Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is a cornerstone of smart business operations, particularly in local delivery. Amai Local Pickup & Delivery offers a tiered pricing model: - The 'One Location' plan, at $8.99/month, is ideal for singular storefronts. - For businesses focusing strictly on pickup, the 'Store Pickup Plan' at $19.99/month, removes location limits. - Similarly priced, the 'Delivery Plan' centers on local delivery services. - The 'Ultimate Plan' at $29.99/month combines all features, serving businesses with complex logistics demands. Each tier includes core functionalities, with the advanced tiers providing expanded capabilities without hidden fees.

How Much Does Postcode Shipping Cost?

Postcode Shipping presents a straightforward approach: - The 'Rates Sandbox' plan, impressively free, allows for initial setup affordably. - The 'Active Rates' plan at $20/month kicks in once businesses are ready to apply the configured rates live. Given its focus on detailed rate management, there are no additional tiers or hidden charges, making financial planning for businesses more predictable.

Cost Analysis: Amai Local Pickup & Delivery vs. Postcode Shipping

When comparing both apps, Amai offers a layered approach with different price points catering to specific business needs. Postcode Shipping adopts a more simplified model. Amai’s plans edge towards more comprehensive services, while Postcode's single paid plan centralizes on shipping rates' precision. Promotional periods or discounts were not specified, but these could sway the value proposition of each app. Startups may incline towards the free 'Rates Sandbox' from Postcode Shipping, whereas larger businesses might find the unlimited stores feature of Amai’s 'Ultimate Plan' more beneficial.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Good?

A 4.7-star average from 330 reviews indicates high user satisfaction with Amai Local Pickup & Delivery. The versatility and user-friendly interface likely contribute to this reception. Such a rating often reflects solid reliability and support, such as Amai's 24/7 live chat mentioned in the description.

Is Postcode Shipping Good?

Matching Amai's rating, Postcode Shipping also boasts 4.7 stars but from 149 reviews. The lower number of reviews does not undermine its effectiveness but suggests it may not be as widely used. Users may value the specialized focus on shipping rates and supportive 'Tier 1' assistance.

User Preference: Amai Local Pickup & Delivery or Postcode Shipping?

The similar ratings but differing review volumes suggest a comparable level of user satisfaction, with Amai potentially having a broader user base. This might be because of Amai's broader scope of services or longer market presence.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Amai Local Pickup & Delivery Integrations:

Amai integrates with ProMap, a feature likely enhancing the convenience of store locator functions. This application appears to mesh seamlessly with Shopify, boosting store capabilities without a steep learning curve.

Postcode Shipping Integrations:

Postcode Shipping requires Carrier Calculated Shipping, a premium integration for precise rate calculations. This integration promises a robust enhancement of shipping rule complexity, pivotal for businesses building a competitive edge through customized delivery pricing.


Both Amai Local Pickup & Delivery and Postcode Shipping extend impressive features that enrich Shopify's local delivery capabilities. Review analysis shows strong user satisfaction for both, emphasizing their reliable and efficient service offerings. As integrations form the backbone of a smooth operation, each app's compatibility with existing Shopify tools appears solid, with slight variations aligning with their unique service propositions. When contrasting strengths and weaknesses, Amai's breadth of service plans stands out, while Postcode Shipping impresses with specialized shipping rate management. For businesses in need of comprehensive pickup and delivery options, Amai may edge ahead. Conversely, those requiring nuanced shipping rate configurations might lean towards Postcode Shipping. Ultimately, choosing the right app depends on business size, ambitions, and the specific local delivery demands of your Shopify store. Both contenders wield the power to transform local deliveries into a seamless part of your e-commerce strategy.

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