Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: WebPlanex: GST Invoice India vs sevDesk 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Work?
  3. How Does sevDesk 2024 Work?
  4. How Much Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Cost?
  5. How much does sevDesk 2024 cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: WebPlanex: GST Invoice India vs. sevDesk 2024
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A reliable invoice and receipt management system is essential for businesses, especially when 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems, often exacerbated by poor invoice practices. In the e-commerce space, where transactions happen around the clock, the need for efficient and accurate invoicing tools is even more pronounced. Invoice and receipt apps not only streamline sales and accounting processes but also reinforce a company's professional image. Enter WebPlanex: GST Invoice India and sevDesk 2024, two leading Shopify apps designed to automate and manage invoices and receipts seamlessly within the platform. Both apps stand out for their comprehensive feature sets, ease of use, and seamless integration with Shopify, contributing significantly to an enhanced user experience while managing the financial facets of e-commerce.

How Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Work?

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India simplifies tax compliance for Indian e-commerce setups with a user-friendly approach. It automatically generates GST-ready invoices by fetching order data directly from Shopify, removing the need for manual data transfer to other software. This app benefits businesses of all sizes by offering branded invoice generation, multi-location fulfillment support, and customizable templates ensuring that financial documentation aligns with a business’s brand image. Moreover, it aptly addresses the needs of multi-location retailers by calculating GST based on the fulfilled inventory location. For startups, the option to calculate GST based on fulfillment location and automated customer emails for invoice downloads provide a stepping stone towards professional financial management. Medium-sized businesses will appreciate the ease of GST calculations and sales reporting, which supports compliance with Indian tax regulations. Large enterprises can leverage the high order capacity and multi-location support to streamline their extensive operations. In essence, WebPlanex: GST Invoice India could significantly enhance the invoicing process, making tax compliance effortless.

How Does sevDesk 2024 Work?

sevDesk 2024 acts as an automated bookkeeping solution designed to save time and reduce manual effort. It features real-time synchronization of order data, automates invoicing, and manages refunds with a high degree of customization. The unique selling point of sevDesk lies in its automation capabilities, such as the OSS tax rule allocation, making the app an integral part of the financial management workflow. For small businesses, the ability to automate invoice and refund creation and integrate with other financial tools like DATEV provides a solid support system for accounting tasks. Mid-sized and larger operations will benefit from the multi-account management and customization options that allow a higher level of control over financial documentation. sevDesk’s features can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to simplify and automate their financial processes while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

How Much Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Cost?

The value for money in invoicing apps comes down to balancing costs with functional richness. WebPlanex: GST Invoice India offers four pricing tiers: 'STARTUP' at $4.99/month for up to 100 orders, 'BASIC' at $9.90/month for up to 300 orders, 'MEDIUM' at $19.90/month for up to 1200 orders, and 'ADVANCED' at $49.90/month for up to 5000 orders. Each tier includes all features, with the price reflecting the order capacity to accommodate growing businesses. There are no hidden fees, making it a straightforward choice for startups to large enterprises.

How much does sevDesk 2024 cost?

sevDesk 2024 uses a tiered pricing structure that ranges from $1/month for the 'Development' plan – a basic plan that includes unlimited transfers and is intended for testing – to $19/month for the 'Advanced' plan which offers full-scale functionalities like individual invoice layouts and multi-account management. The 'Basic' and 'Professional' plans are priced at $9 and $14 respectively, offering a balance of features and transfers. Such pricing caters to a range of business sizes and needs, with no additional hidden costs implied.

Cost Analysis: WebPlanex: GST Invoice India vs. sevDesk 2024

While WebPlanex: GST Invoice India employs a fixed-rate approach per order volume, sevDesk 2024's model is based on Shopify plans and features, not directly linked with transaction volume. Small to medium-sized businesses may find WebPlanex’s structured tiers easier to align with their order processing volume, while businesses with diverse operational complexities might appreciate sevDesk’s focus on features over volume. Both offer competitive value, but the deciding factor often depends on the specific needs of the e-commerce operation in question.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is WebPlanex: GST Invoice India good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 293 reviews, WebPlanex: GST Invoice India is a well-received solution among users. Its high rating suggests a strong satisfaction with its simplicity, comprehensive GST compliance, and seamless Shopify integration. Efficient customer support likely contributes to this positive perception, though it’s crucial to note that an app’s effectiveness goes hand in hand with the quality of post-sale service.

Is sevDesk 2024 good?

Similarly, sevDesk 2024 enjoys a 4.9-star rating, though from 106 reviews, indicating a robust approval for its automatic bookkeeping features and user-friendly design. This level of satisfaction might come from its automation capabilities, which save time and effort, a crucial aspect for any business. The integration of customer support within the app’s overall design could also play a role in maintaining its high rating.

User Preference: WebPlanex: GST Invoice India or sevDesk 2024?

Although both apps share the same average rating, WebPlanex: GST Invoice India has a larger number of reviews, suggesting a broader user base and possibly a higher level of validation within the Shopify community. This preference may be attributed to WebPlanex's specialized focus on the Indian market and GST compliance, whereas sevDesk's appeal might span different markets due to its generic bookkeeping functionalities.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Integrations:

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India integrates with Shopify POS and provides e-invoice generation apart from its core invoicing capabilities, offering a smooth workflow for Indian retailers using multiple GST numbers. It underscores a competent integration landscape, especially for businesses seeking specific GST invoicing functionalities.

sevDesk 2024 Integrations:

sevDesk 2024 seamlessly integrates with tools like oss, DATEV, and enables tax and bookkeeping operations, presenting a comprehensive suite for enterprise-level users who require sophisticated financial tracking and bookkeeping.


WebPlanex: GST Invoice India and sevDesk 2024 each have distinct features that cater to different segments within Shopify's e-commerce ecosystem. Their high user ratings reflect a strong market presence and user satisfaction in the realm of invoicing and receipts. In comparing their strengths, WebPlanex offers branded, GST-compliant invoices and multi-location support for businesses in India. It caters to those needing a robust, location-specific tax solution. However, users seeking broader bookkeeping capabilities or not requiring GST-specific support may find some of WebPlanex’s features less relevant. sevDesk, on the other hand, boasts broad automation, historical order importation, and a set of features conducive to businesses that engage in complex bookkeeping and require extensive documentation customization. When choosing between the two, Indian businesses that benefit from a GST-friendly system may lean towards WebPlanex. At the same time, international or non-GST-bound companies looking for bookkeeping automation and customization may find sevDesk 2024 to be a better fit. Ultimately, the choice between these apps should be informed by the specific financial management needs of the business and its operational scope within or beyond invoice and receipt management.

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Pricing Structure

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Merchant Feedback

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