Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: lexoffice Integration vs Softify: Easy Invoice+

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does lexoffice Integration Work?
  3. How Does Softify: Easy Invoice+ Work?
  4. How Much Does lexoffice Integration Cost?
  5. How much does Softify: Easy Invoice+ cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: lexoffice Integration vs. Softify: Easy Invoice+
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the business landscape, the capacity to generate accurate invoices and receipts is not just a regulatory compliance matter, it is vital for seamless operations and maintaining customer trust. This importance is amplified in the e-commerce sector where every transaction and the associated documentation hold significant value. In this context, Shopify's lexoffice Integration and Softify: Easy Invoice+ emerge as noteworthy applications designed to streamline financial transactions and enhance the user experience. These platforms not only simplify the invoicing process but seamlessly integrate with the Shopify ecosystem, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing sales data.

How Does lexoffice Integration Work?

lexoffice Integration bridges the gap between e-commerce and accounting. It allows merchants to create and send invoices, manage taxes, provide a multi-user environment, and comply with taxation reforms such as OSS. The app’s key features include automatic invoice creation, email invoicing, payment data synchronization across a range of payment gateways, and automated updates for partial or full refunds. These functionalities shine in their utility for diverse businesses, permitting startups to reliably manage finances and empowering larger enterprises with robust accounting tools. For instance, a business facing the recent 2021 tax reform could benefit immensely from the app's automated document handling for VAT-related dealings. The result is a smoother, error-free accounting operation, tailored to the demands of modern e-commerce.

How Does Softify: Easy Invoice+ Work?

Softify: Easy Invoice+ is a comprehensive invoicing system offering a free entry point and scaling up to an enterprise package. The app excels in the creation and dissemination of invoices, which involves crafting compliant documents for every order. Additional features such as multi-currency support and advanced customer management make it a versatile tool for various-sized businesses. A startup, for instance, can jumpstart its invoicing with the free plan, and as complexity increases with business growth, transition into more advanced tiers. Its drag-&-drop designer is particularly noteworthy, as it empowers sellers to customize their invoices without needing in-depth tech knowledge. This ease-of-use can significantly enhance the customer experience by offering personalized and professional-looking invoices effortlessly.

How Much Does lexoffice Integration Cost?

Cost efficiency in invoicing solutions can be a game-changer for businesses. For lexoffice Integration users, the simplicity comes with a single pricing tier: Basic at $10/month. This offers a suite of features including invoice and tax management tools without any limitation mentioned, thus ideal for businesses needing a straightforward, powerful one-plan-fits-all solution without worrying about tiered features or additional costs. This makes it particularly appealing for SMEs that require a full-featured accounting app without the complexity of multiple tiers.

How much does Softify: Easy Invoice+ cost?

In comparison, Softify: Easy Invoice+ has a tiered pricing structure ranging from a basic free plan to the feature-rich Enterprise plan at $79.95/month. Each level offers progressively more detailed features, like multi-language and cloud upload capabilities in the Advanced tier or tailor-made templates in the Enterprise tier. Given the detailed division of functionalities across these plans, Softify suits a wider range of business sizes and needs. This pricing strategy allows businesses to scale their invoicing capabilities in parallel with their growth.

Cost Analysis: lexoffice Integration vs. Softify: Easy Invoice+

When comparing the two, the primary consideration is whether a business requires a thorough, single-tiered solution or a scalable, multi-tiered invoicing system. lexoffice Integration's one-size approach offers considerable value without hidden costs. Softify: Easy Invoice+, on the other hand, provides flexibility, allowing businesses only to pay for the features they need. Softify’s free-to-install option stands out for startups, while its premium tiers cater to more extensive enterprises, particularly those on Shopify Plus.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is lexoffice Integration good?

With an impressive rating of 4.9 stars from 255 reviews, lexoffice Integration evidently meets user expectations. The high rating suggests that users appreciate the synchronization features and the tax-ready tools, critical in light of evolving global tax regulations. There’s a likelihood that the app’s ability to manage multi-channel payments and automate tax documents significantly contributes to user satisfaction. Customer support feedback isn’t explicitly mentioned, but these ratings imply a positive perception which may include support experiences.

Is Softify: Easy Invoice+ good?

Softify: Easy Invoice+ boasts a flawless 5-star rating across 106 reviews, indicating high user satisfaction. Users likely value the app's versatility, such as its multi-currency and multi-language support, critical in the diverse landscape of global e-commerce. The visual invoice designer feature may also be a major hit, offering businesses a simple yet powerful tool to customize their billing communications. Consistent and heroic customer support, as mentioned in its description, is another commendable aspect that might have contributed to its perfect rating.

User Preference: lexoffice Integration or Softify: Easy Invoice+?

Both apps exhibit strong user preferences through their ratings, but Softify: Easy Invoice+'s expansive language support and free tier could explain its immaculate score despite a lower review count. In comparison, the focus of lexoffice Integration on extensive tax features may appeal to a more niche market, yet it still garners near-perfect ratings.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

lexoffice Integration Integrations:

lexoffice Integration excels in combinability with key financial tools such as DATEV, a variety of payment platforms, and tax-specific tools like OSS. These integrations simplify complex financial workflows, proving especially valuable for businesses navigating the intricacies of European tax laws.

Softify: Easy Invoice+ Integrations:

Softify: Easy Invoice+ integrates with a broad spectrum of apps, including several product customizers and checkout enhancement tools. These integrations seem to be designed to provide a more holistic and enriched e-commerce experience, aligning with the diverse needs of global retailers.


Both lexoffice Integration and Softify: Easy Invoice+ come with distinct feature sets cast for specific entrepreneurship stages within the Shopify ecosystem. User reviews suggest high satisfaction due to the diverse, customizable nature of invoicing options each offers. Integration capabilities of each app also add layers of functionality that can be pivotal for some businesses. Strengths & Weaknesses: lexoffice Integration stands out for its singular comprehensive plan and robust tax management features. However, it may need to expand its language support. On the other hand, Softify: Easy Invoice+ is praised for its flexibility and breadth of design options but could present complexity for those looking for simpler solutions. Recommendations: For businesses with rigorous taxation needs and those preferring an all-encompassing solution, lexoffice Integration offers a reliable choice. Meanwhile, Softify: Easy Invoice+ is recommended for brands transitioning through growth phases, benefiting from its scalable strategy and its allegiance to offering a tailored invoice experience.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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Key Features of SC Product Options

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Why We Recommend SC Product Options

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Pricing Structure

SC Product Options offers a tiered pricing plan tailored to fit different business needs:

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Merchant Feedback

The consensus among merchants indicates that SC Product Options is a well-regarded solution in the Shopify ecosystem, often described as a game-changer for businesses that prioritize product customization. Users frequently highlight the app's efficient customer service as a standout feature, contributing to a seamless integration into their operations.

Conclusion: Your Next Step in Bolder Customization

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