Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs WebPlanex: GST Invoice India

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?
  3. How Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Work?
  4. How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?
  5. How much does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. WebPlanex: GST Invoice India
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the realm of e-commerce, invoices and receipts are not just a legal requirement; they're a canvas for brand reinforcement and customer reassurance. A well-designed invoice can elevate the unboxing experience, while an accurate receipt ensures a transparent record of transactions. Shopify's app marketplace offers a plethora of tools to streamline this aspect of business, and among them stand out F+2: Order Printer Templates and WebPlanex: GST Invoice India. Both are celebrated for their capabilities to enhance the shopping experience through their seamless integration with Shopify, providing bespoke solutions that cater to diverse business needs.

How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?

F+2: Order Printer Templates asserts itself as a powerhouse in the customization of invoices, packing slips, and receipt-related documents. This app facilitates the creation of branded, polished documents tailored to a store's individual needs, with custom elements that include product information and tax details. A noteworthy feature is its one-click translation and automatic localization, ensuring that documents resonate regardless of geographical barriers. For small businesses, this means the ability to compete on a global scale; for large enterprises, it reinforces brand consistency across borders. With its non-coding, user-friendly interface, F+2 offers an efficient way to enhance invoices and receipts with a one-time setup that promises lasting benefits.

How Does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Work?

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India tackles the specific needs of Indian e-commerce by generating GST-compliant invoices directly within Shopify. This app automates the invoice generation process, including customer email notifications for downloadable invoice links, which greatly streamlines the post-purchase process. Businesses that manage fulfillment from multiple locations can calculate GST based on the inventory's location, a feature vital for operational compliance and accuracy. Startups can immensely benefit from this automated precision, while larger entities will find value in the scalability it offers for handling high volumes of transactions.

How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?

In a digital landscape where cost-effectiveness can make or break businesses, F+2: Order Printer Templates offers a free installation plan that includes customization and testing before purchase. At $29 per template, with a 50% discount on additional templates, this pricing structure is particularly attractive for startups and SMEs seeking budget-friendly yet professional invoicing options without hidden costs.

How much does WebPlanex: GST Invoice India cost?

WebPlanex approaches pricing with a tiered structure, offering plans that range from $4.99/month for up to 100 orders to $49.90/month for up to 5000 orders. With all features included at every level, businesses can scale up with the growth of their operations, making this pricing model flexible and accommodating to evolving requirements.

Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. WebPlanex: GST Invoice India

While F+2 champions a pay-per-template model, WebPlanex offers ongoing subscription plans that cater to higher order volumes. The value proposition from F+2 is best suited for businesses seeking a one-off investment, while WebPlanex is ideal for operations demanding regular, voluminous invoice generation. Both apps lack hidden fees, and while promotional offers were not detailed, checking the apps' Shopify pages for the latest deals is recommended.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is F+2: Order Printer Templates good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 1197 reviews, F+2 garners acclaim likely due to its ease of use and the professional appeal of its templates. User feedback may point to its stellar customer support and the significant enhancement it brings to the overall invoice presentation.

Is WebPlanex: GST Invoice India good?

Matching the 4.9-star rating, albeit from 293 reviews, WebPlanex is also lauded, possibly for its efficient GST compliance and automated processes that ensure accuracy and save time for businesses. Its user-friendliness and integration with essential systems enhance its reputation.

User Preference: F+2: Order Printer Templates or WebPlanex: GST Invoice India?

While both apps enjoy high ratings, F+2's larger review volume suggests a wider user base which may denote a general preference, likely due to its broad global utility compared to the region-specificity of WebPlanex. However, for users in need of GST-compliant invoicing, WebPlanex may hold the edge.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

F+2: Order Printer Templates Integrations:

F+2 integrates with various Shopify apps like Order Printer Pro and Bold Product Options, enhancing its already robust functionalities and allowing for seamless workflow within the Shopify ecosystem.

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Integrations:

WebPlanex, conversely, integrates with Shopify POS and GST Invoice, which underscores its specialized focus on Indian GST regulations and the local market, thus providing invaluable contextual tools for its users.


Both F+2: Order Printer Templates and WebPlanex: GST Invoice India bring unique strengths to the invoicing process. User reviews suggest high satisfaction with both apps, mirrored by their 4.9-star ratings. Integration capabilities are robust for both, with F+2 emphasizing general utility and WebPlanex focusing on GST-centric functionalities. Strengths & Weaknesses: F+2 stands out for its high customization potential and global application. WebPlanex's strength lies in its targeted solution for Indian GST compliance. As for weaknesses, users seeking ongoing subscription models might find F+2's one-time fee less appealing, and WebPlanex might be too specialized for those outside its GST focus. Recommendations: For businesses that prioritize invoice customization and operate on a global scale, F+2: Order Printer Templates is the go-to app. Meanwhile, WebPlanex: GST Invoice India is the ideal choice for Indian businesses in need of a robust GST billing solution. When deciding, consider your specific needs, transaction volume, and operational scope to ensure the best fit for your brand.

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