Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. lexoffice Integration

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?
  3. How Does lexoffice Integration Work?
  4. How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?
  5. How much does lexoffice Integration cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. lexoffice Integration
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that around 64% of consumers consider the quality of a product's sales receipt when evaluating the professionalism of a business? In the world of e-commerce, this perception can influence repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Given that invoices and receipts are integral to the customer experience and vital for accurate record-keeping, apps that enhance their creation and management are invaluable. Enter F+2: Order Printer Templates and lexoffice Integration—two instrumental apps that streamline invoices and receipts while integrating seamlessly with Shopify. These solutions don't just provide convenience; they also pave the way for branding consistency and operational efficiency.

How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?

With its impeccable 4.9-star rating from nearly 1200 users, F+2: Order Printer Templates has solidified its role as a trustworthy app for crafting custom order printables. It advocates for a brand-aligned and detail-rich approach to documents such as invoices, packing slips, and return forms, all without any need for coding. Its one-click translation and automatic localization signify its global business compatibility. Startups can capitalize on the free-installation model to test and customize templates, while SMBs and enterprises may choose to invest in multiple templates with a generous 50% discount for added options. Highlighted for its effortless integration with apps like Order Printer Pro, it promises a one-time setup leading to everlasting use—marking it perfect for scalability.

How Does lexoffice Integration Work?

lexoffice Integration, also accruing a 4.9-star rating from 255 users, focuses predominantly on synchronization and automation regarding invoice creation and booking. Its key features include automatic invoice updates, multi-user management, and an astounding compatibility with several payment methods, which bring a high level of financial coherence and compliance to your operations. Designed to be GoBD-compliant and POS/OSS-ready, lexoffice Integration caters to German and English-speaking markets, simplifying tax-related processes.

How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?

A staple in financial management, the adoption of cost-effective solutions cannot be understated. F+2: Order Printer Templates invites businesses to install the app for free, explore its functionalities, and purchase templates for $29 each. While there's no mention of additional costs, it's tailored to businesses valuing one-off investments over recurring expenses, making it suitable for all sizes, with the more templates you use, the less you pay per template.

How much does lexoffice Integration cost?

lexoffice Integration takes a straightforward approach with a basic plan of $10 per month, integrating a plethora of features that justify its price tag. From invoice creation to OSS-compliant tax booking, it provides a rich suite of services for one monthly sum. This structure favors businesses preferring predictable, regular investments enabling growing businesses to maintain control over their financial administration costs.

Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. lexoffice Integration

Price-wise, the one-time investment for F+2 templates can be more economical long-term, in contrast, lexoffice offers a steady subscription that might be advantageous for continuous usage without upfront costs. Taking advantage of F+2's multi-template discount can be appealing for big enterprises, while lexoffice's monthly plan keeps finances simple and predictable for businesses that prefer to plan their expenses monthly.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is F+2: Order Printer Templates good?

With an impressive average of 4.9 stars from a vast swath of users, F+2: Order Printer Templates is not only good but exceptional. Customers likely value the app's user-friendly design capabilities and the quality of support received. The rarity of coding requirements mixed with the possibility of custom, professional templates also garners appreciation.

Is lexoffice Integration good?

Mirroring F+2's admirable rating profile, lexoffice Integration also sports 4.9 stars but from a smaller reviewer base. This signals a strong satisfaction level, potentially rooted in its effective automation and the accounting accuracy it provides. The app's promise of synched payments and hassle-free tax handling could be driving this positive feedback.

User Preference: F+2: Order Printer Templates or lexoffice Integration?

While both apps are rated equally highly, the larger number of reviews for F+2 indicates a broader user base which might imply a slight preference. This can be influenced by its longer presence in the market or its broader language support. Yet, the need for automatic accounting integration could tilt preferences toward lexoffice in relevant sectors.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

F+2: Order Printer Templates Integrations:

F+2 boasts crucial integrations with Shopify-associated apps like Bold Product Options and infinite Options, facilitating seamless operation and extended functionality. Users commend the app for how effortlessly it dovetails with existing systems to elevate their documentation processes.

lexoffice Integration Integrations:

Incredibly, lexoffice speaks the language of myriad payment gateways and tax systems, including PayPal, OSS, and Steuerberater. This mesh of compatibility ensures efficient data transfer and accounting coherence, a feature that appeals to users needing robust, compliant financial workflows.


Both F+2: Order Printer Templates and lexoffice Integration offer strong feature sets aligned with the diverse needs within Invoices and receipts management. Users have signaled their approval through high ratings, and the integration options for both apps resonate well with operational demands. Strengths & Weaknesses: F+2's strength lies in its design customization and once-off payment framework, with a potential weakness being the fewer languages supported. Conversely, lexoffice shines with robust automation and tax compliance capabilities, with its limitation tied to ongoing cost implications. Recommendations: Businesses seeking design flexibility and fewer recurring costs might lean toward F+2: Order Printer Templates. Alternatively, companies valuing automatic, tax-compliant invoicing and financial consistency would probably find lexoffice Integration to be the superior choice. Each app promises to streamline your financial documents—your choice depends on the nature and needs of your business.

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