Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs Invoice Hero PDF

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?
  3. How Does Invoice Hero PDF Work?
  4. How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?
  5. How much does Invoice Hero PDF cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. Invoice Hero PDF
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With e-commerce sales expecting to soar beyond 4.9 trillion dollars in the coming years, meticulous invoicing and receipts have never been more critical for business transparency and customer trust. Effective invoice and receipt management apps are pivotal in streamlining transactions, cementing brand reliability, and fostering positive customer experiences. Thus, optimizing this operational element is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Within this context, F+2: Order Printer Templates and Invoice Hero PDF have emerged as notable Shopify applications, aimed at offering robust solutions in the creation and management of invoices and receipts. Both apps pride themselves on seamless integration with Shopify, providing users a multitude of customizations and automation options that enhance the overall transactional process.

How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?

F+2: Order Printer Templates distinguishes itself by delivering an array of customizable invoicing and receipt options, tailored to suit various business requirements. This app streamlines the creation of invoices, packing slips, and return forms by utilizing an easy interface that does not necessitate any coding skills. Its one-click translation and automatic localization features facilitate businesses in reaching a global audience, ensuring important documents are easily understood, irrespective of the customer's location. Small businesses to large enterprises benefit from being able to reflect their unique branding across all transactional documents, thereby reinforcing brand identity and coherence. In a potential scenario, a boutique could employ these templates to infuse its branding into receipts, enhancing customer retention through a personalized unboxing experience.

How Does Invoice Hero PDF Work?

Invoice Hero PDF also serves as a resilient solution for automatic invoicing and receipt generation. Its forte lies in the generation of tax-compliant invoices, which is crucial for any business aiming to maintain financial integrity. Besides automatic sending, users can customize their invoices with the app’s robust design options to align with their specific brand aesthetics. A growing business with international clients could apply the multi-currency and multi-language support of Invoice Hero PDF to offer seamless transactions across different regions. This not only shows professionalism but also demonstrates attention to detail that customers appreciate.

How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?

F+2: Order Printer Templates start with a no-cost entry point, a 'Free to install' plan, inviting businesses to customize and test before committing financially. Each template comes with a one-off cost of $29 and offers a 50% discount for additional templates. This flexible, pay-per-template pricing model is fitting for small businesses and startups that may not require frequent invoicing, and yet, seek professional-looking documents.

How much does Invoice Hero PDF cost?

Conversely, Invoice Hero PDF presents a tiered pricing strategy, boasting its BASIC free plan, and subsequent paid GOLD, PLATINUM, and DIAMOND plans ranging from $3 to $8/month, offering additional features like bulk downloading and sending of invoices. Such a structure benefits a spectrum of business sizes, allowing them to scale their invoicing capabilities alongside their business growth.

Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. Invoice Hero PDF

Comparatively, F+2's cost model may appeal to those who seek specific customization for a one-time cost, while Invoice Hero PDF caters to businesses desiring continuous services with a monthly subscription. Promotional deals such as the '40% off' on the GOLD plan of Invoice Hero PDF and the 50% off for additional templates in F+2 can sway the decision-making for cost-conscious businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is F+2: Order Printer Templates good?

With an average rating of 4.9 stars from 1197 reviews, F+2: Order Printer Templates is highly regarded, likely due to its versatility and user-friendly interface. Users may find favor in the one-time setup and forever use feature, while critiques could stem from specific niche demands not adequately addressed. The app's 24/7 support is integral, potentially contributing to its high ratings.

Is Invoice Hero PDF good?

Matching the 4.9-star rating but from 324 reviews, Invoice Hero PDF also enjoys a positive reception, hinting at its proficient auto-invoicing system and ability to customize invoices reflecting brand identity. The fewer reviews may suggest a narrower user base or a younger stage of market presence relative to its counterpart.

User Preference: F+2: Order Printer Templates or Invoice Hero PDF?

While both apps hold the same high rating, F+2: Order Printer Templates may be preferred by the user base, evidenced by a broader review pool. This could be due to its broad array of customization options, one-time payment appeal, and extensive customer support.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

F+2: Order Printer Templates Integrations:

F+2 offers flawless integration with Shopify’s Order Printer app and Order Printer Pro, alongside various other apps like Bold Product Options. Such integrations mean users benefit from a streamlined process that connects seamlessly with existing workflows.

Invoice Hero PDF Integrations:

Invoice Hero PDF, while it doesn't list specific integrations, is designed to synergize with Shopify POS, indicating a potentially straightforward integration process for retailers also managing physical stores.


Revisiting the conversation, F+2: Order Printer Templates stands out due to its blend of customization and a one-time pricing model, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking for upfront payment. Conversely, Invoice Hero PDF is geared towards entities that prefer a steady, ongoing service at a predictable cost. The user reviews for both apps reinforce a narrative of satisfaction and a high standard of customer support. However, F+2's myriad of integrations suggests a slight edge in adaptability. Strengths & Weaknesses: F+2 excels with its customization and integration, yet may be limited by the lack of a continuous service model. Invoice Hero PDF offers ease of use and continuity, but might not reach the same level of personalization that F+2 achieves. Recommendations: For those requiring detailed customization and willing to invest upfront, F+2: Order Printer Templates could be the definitive solution. Conversely, businesses preferring a constant, subscription-based model with ample professionalism may find Invoice Hero PDF to be the ideal match. Both apps offer compelling features and value, ensuring that whatever the choice, Shopify businesses are well-equipped to manage their invoicing and receipts effectively.

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