Shopify Invoices and Receipts Apps: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?
  3. How Does Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer Work?
  4. How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?
  5. How much does Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that an estimated 65% of consumers read an invoice when they receive an order? This small piece of paper is not just a token of transaction but a powerful brand touchpoint, cementing trust and reliability in the customer's mind. Invoices and receipt apps are quintessential for enhancing customer post-purchase experience and streamlining business operations. Today, we are analyzing two commendable Shopify apps that have transformed the invoicing process – F+2: Order Printer Templates and Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer. Both applications offer wide-ranging options in invoices and receipts, promise seamless integration, and enhance the crucial final stages of the customer experience.

How Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Work?

F+2: Order Printer Templates empowers Shopify store owners to create bespoke and professional-looking invoices, packing slips, and other necessary documents that carry the brand's standard, offering extensive options for customization. This app prioritizes your unique brand identity, enabling the addition of logos, fonts, and brand colors to various templates. Businesses of any size stand to benefit, with startups enjoying the simplicity of setup, while larger enterprises leverage the app's capability to customize and reflect detailed tax information. Unique functionalities include one-click translation, automatic localization of documents, and integration with popular Shopify apps. For example, a small business expanding globally can use this app to automatically generate localized invoices, strengthening their international customer engagement.

How Does Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer Work?

Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer, on the other hand, offers an attractive gallery of templates and customizes them according to brand specifications. It is specifically beneficial for B2B and wholesale merchants due to its focus on tax compliance, a crucial aspect in various regions like the EU and Canada. The app supports unlimited invoices with its paid plans and provides Shopify Plus support and automated email functionality. It's noteworthy for startups for its easy setup and free plan, and as businesses grow, they can explore automated features that enhance efficiency. Say a rapidly expanding e-commerce platform needs to batch print orders – Fordeer facilitates this seamlessly, representing scalability within invoicing solutions.

How Much Does F+2: Order Printer Templates Cost?

F+2: Order Printer Templates offers a 'free to install' option, which allows users to customize and test templates before a one-time purchase of $29 per template. There are discounts available for additional templates, which encourages scalability. The target audience here seems to be startups and small businesses looking for a cost-effective solution to get started, with the option to invest more in branding as they grow.

How much does Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer cost?

Fordeer provides a Free plan for up to 300 orders or draft orders per month, then scales up to $12.95/month for the Professional tier, and $59.95/month for the Premium level. The premium plan highlights high customization with expert assistance and highest priority support. These tiers include features such as fully customizable templates and batch processing, designed to accommodate growing businesses and established enterprises with a larger volume of transactions.

Cost Analysis: F+2: Order Printer Templates vs. Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer

When comparing costs, F+2's one-time purchase per template might be appealing for businesses with a smaller volume of unique invoices, while Fordeer's subscription model offers continuous support and advanced features for a recurring fee. There are no clear promotional offerings mentioned, so decisions may hinge on the scale and ongoing needs of the business.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is F+2: Order Printer Templates good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 1197 reviews, F+2's customer satisfaction appears to be high. Users seem pleased with its customization abilities and easy interface. The mention of 'Incredible support standing by 24/7' suggests customer support is a contributing factor to the high rating and could be a determining factor for new users.

Is Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer good?

Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer boasts a perfect 5-star score from 232 reviews, although it has fewer reviews compared to F+2. The high rating signals user satisfaction with tax compliance, batch processing, and comprehensive features. Continuous live chat support is a major plus, indicating their commitment to an exceptional customer service experience.

User Preference: F+2: Order Printer Templates or Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer?

F+2 leads in volume of feedback, but Fordeer's perfect rating is notable. The user base for each reflects differing needs, with F+2 potentially attracting those valuing customization and Fordeer appealing to those with a need for comprehensive, tax-compliant invoicing solutions.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

F+2: Order Printer Templates Integrations:

F+2 flaunts integrations with Shopify's Order Printer, Order Printer Pro, and other apps that extend its functionality. Its ease of integration is favorable, enhancing the user experience by minimizing steps to professionalism in document creation.

Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer Integrations:

Fordeer integrates with Shopify POS and other invoicing-related software, expanding its usability and facilitating a cohesive system. Its embrace of automation and ability to integrate with mobile devices and POS underscore its suitability for retailers who operate in multi-channel retail environments.


Both F+2: Order Printer Templates and Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer have positively impacted invoicing on Shopify. User reviews suggest high satisfaction attributed to ease of use, feature sets, and integrations. In terms of strengths, F+2’s customization options are exemplary, while Fordeer shines with its automated features and tax compliance capabilities. Weaknesses are hard to pinpoint without specific user feedback but could lie in the complexity of choices and pricing structures for new users. As for recommendations, startups or small businesses looking for simple, impactful customization might find F+2 aligns with their needs. In contrast, Fordeer seems ideal for businesses, particularly B2B and wholesale, requiring detailed tax compliance and high-volume invoicing. Both applications exemplify the value of investing in customer experience even after the purchase.

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