Shopify In-store pickups Apps: SC Store Locator Map fka Bold vs Bird Pickup Delivery Date

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Work?
  3. How Does Bird Pickup Delivery Date Work?
  4. How Much Does SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Cost?
  5. How much does Bird Pickup Delivery Date cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SC Store Locator Map fka Bold vs. Bird Pickup Delivery Date
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine a world where convenience is king and time is the currency. Up to 67% of U.S. consumers have used "Buy Online Pick Up In-Store" (BOPIS), and that number is climbing. In-store pickup apps enhance the customer experience by bridging the gap between online shopping and physical storefronts. By implementing such solutions, businesses can expedite service, boost sales, and reduce shipping costs. Two remarkable players in this space are SC Store Locator Map fka Bold and Bird Pickup Delivery Date. These apps have revolutionized the in-store pickup process, making it easier for customers to pinpoint store locations and schedule pickups or deliveries seamlessly. Integrated with Shopify's robust platform, they streamline the customer journey from the click of a button to the physical exchange, refining the traditional retail model.

How Does SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Work?

SC Store Locator Map fka Bold is a beacon for customers navigating the virtual sea to physical store locations. It serves as an interactive guide, offering maps, geolocation, and real-time directions, thus simplifying the in-store pickup process. The app caters to an array of business sizes, empowering them with features like bulk imports for multiple store locations and heat-mapping to analyze customer lookup patterns. For a small enterprise dreaming big, the app's scalability is its charm. It begins with a free version suitable for individual stores and grows to accommodate up to 2000 stores at its highest tier, brimming with premium features. Each feature is an investment toward customer engagement and streamlined operations, ultimately enhancing the in-store pickup experience.

How Does Bird Pickup Delivery Date Work?

Bird Pickup Delivery Date offers meticulous control over the scheduling and management of pickups and deliveries. With its date and time picker, order tagging, and even zip code validation, this app personalizes the customer experience. Businesses can set preparation times, max orders per day, and more, making it invaluable for bakeries, restaurants, and any store that balances foot traffic with meticulous order preparation. Subscription plans for Bird Pickup Delivery Date are shaped to nurture businesses at every stage. Thus, a fledgling enterprise can soar with the free version while more established operations with multiple locations might opt for the premium plan, harnessing features like Google Calendar integration for synchronized operations.

How Much Does SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Cost?

In an era where value equates to more than dollars and cents, cost-effective solutions are essential. SC Store Locator Map fka Bold offers a free plan, perfect for startups, and scales up to a $39.99/month plan designed for up to 2000 stores. The paid plans build on the free tier, adding advanced features like heat-mapping and white-labeling. There are no hidden fees to worry about, ensuring transparency.

How much does Bird Pickup Delivery Date cost?

The stepping stones of Bird Pickup Delivery Date's pricing ladder start with a free option and ascend to a $24.99/month premium package. Each incremental cost unveils more sophisticated capabilities, from increased location support to intricate checkout customizations. Extra fees are not a concern, providing a clear path to scaling operational needs with financial capabilities.

Cost Analysis: SC Store Locator Map fka Bold vs. Bird Pickup Delivery Date

The tale of the tape in pricing shows that both apps offer robust free plans. As tiers advance, Bird Pickup Delivery Date maintains a slight edge in affordability for its most feature-rich package, whereas SC Store Locator Map fka Bold peaks at a higher price point but caters to a broader scale of store numbers. Seasonal offers could tilt the scales, so retailers should stay alert for any deals.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SC Store Locator Map fka Bold good?

Judging by the 423 reviews averaging 4.5 stars, SC Store Locator Map fka Bold has struck a chord with its users. Customers likely appreciate the robust functionality which can handle fluctuating traffic and the utility it provides across various business sizes. Furthermore, with 24/7 live chat support, it's a beacon of reliability in the complex world of in-store pickups.

Is Bird Pickup Delivery Date good?

With an impeccable 5-star average over 168 reviews, Bird Pickup Delivery Date has won the hearts of users. Its ease of use, customization, and the ability to manage orders effectively could be key reasons behind its perfect rating. The app's suitability for a range of businesses, from cafes to flower shops, underscores its versatility and its high-quality customer support underscores its trustworthiness.

User Preference: SC Store Locator Map fka Bold or Bird Pickup Delivery Date?

While both apps boast impressive ratings, Bird Pickup Delivery Date's perfect score, albeit from fewer reviews, suggests a slight user preference. This disparity could be attributed to Bird Pickup Delivery Date's user-friendly dashboard and expansive customization options, catering to the meticulous requirements of scheduling-dependent businesses.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Integrations:

SC Store Locator Map fka Bold is noteworthy for its integrations with tools like Google Maps, enhancing the user experience with familiar and reliable mapping technology. Its compatibility with Theme Customizer and Google Autocomplete strengthens its appeal by easing use and enriching functionality.

Bird Pickup Delivery Date Integrations:

Bird Pickup Delivery Date plays well with Shopify's ecosystem, including integrations with Shopify POS, checkout systems, and even Google Calendar - an asset for staying organized. These integrations are strategically selected to enhance the operational flow of retail and e-commerce businesses alike.


In the bustling world of in-store pickups, SC Store Locator Map fka Bold stands out for its scalability and robust mapping features, while Bird Pickup Delivery Date excels in customization and user-friendly scheduling. User reviews tilt towards Bird Pickup Delivery Date, with its clean slate of ratings and approachable dashboard. The integration showdown sees both apps perform admirably, interweaving with essential services to streamline operations. SC Store Locator Map fka Bold is powerhouse mapping and logistics, whereas Bird Pickup Delivery Date is a time management maestro. For businesses that thrive on precision and scheduling, Bird Pickup Delivery Date may edge out as the more fitting choice. However, those looking to guide a fleet of locations might find SC Store Locator Map fka Bold the superior navigator. Ultimately, the decision will rest on the distinctive needs of your operation and the preferences of your customer base.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to enhancing your Shopify store's in-store pickups and location-based customer service, the right app can make all the difference. In a sea of options, finding one that suits your specific needs might seem daunting. But what if there's an app that not only fits seamlessly but also propels your business forward? Let's delve into why SC Store Locator Map is the ideal choice for your store.

Key Features of SC Store Locator Map

  • Interactive Store Locator Map: Your customers can effortlessly find your store or product locations with a dynamic and user-friendly map interface.
  • Geolocation & Real-Time Directions: Help customers navigate directly to your door, elevating their shopping experience.
  • Unlimited Location Mapping: Whether you're a small boutique or a retailer with multiple locations, you can pin all your stores without worrying about website traffic spikes.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: With extra fields, filters, and Google Autocomplete, your customers can quickly find your stores using just parts of an address.
  • Easy and Seamless Integration: Admin integration means you can manage everything directly from your Shopify store's backend.
  • Speed Tested: Ensures your online store stays fast and is capable of handling increased customer traffic with ease.

Why We Recommend SC Store Locator Map

This app isn't just about showing your store's location. It's about creating a smooth and efficient path for your customers to get to your products. SC Store Locator Map excels at bridging the gap between online browsing and in-store purchasing, which is paramount for businesses focusing on pickups and physical sales. It's designed to manage traffic effectively, meaning your online presence remains unhindered even during peak periods. Better yet, this tool is compatible with numerous Shopify themes, allowing for a beautiful, brand-aligned look across your digital platforms.

Pricing Structure

SC Store Locator Map understands that every business's budget is different. It offers a variety of pricing plans, including:

  • A free plan with essential features, giving you a chance to test the waters.
  • A 14-day free trial for full access, perfect to explore advanced features without commitment.
  • Additional tiered plans structured to support and scale alongside your growing business.

Each pricing plan is thoughtfully crafted to provide value and essential functionalities that benefit your store's unique requirements.

Merchant Feedback

Merchants who've integrated SC Store Locator Map hail its ease of installation and reliability. The bulk upload feature simplifies the process of adding multiple locations, while the customization options ensure the locator map aligns with the store's aesthetics. The standout point often highlighted is the exceptional customer service, where assistance is promptly provided whenever needed.

Outro: Your Path to Better Customer Connections

With SC Store Locator Map, converging your online presence with your physical locations has never been easier. From pinpointing your stores to guiding customers through the decision-making process – it's all about creating a seamless connection that benefits both the business and the customer.

Ready to elevate your customer's in-store pickup experience? Explore SC Store Locator Map today and bring your store to the forefront with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Let your customers embark on a journey that leads right to your doorstep starting now.