Shopify In-store Pickup Apps: Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy vs Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy Work?
  3. How Does Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Work?
  4. How Much Does Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy Cost?
  5. How Much Does Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy vs. Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A seamless shopping experience is now at the heart of e-commerce success, with a study revealing that nearly 50% of consumers leverage in-store pickups for online orders. This hybrid approach not only bridges the gap between digital convenience and physical retail but also equips merchants with tools to enhance customer satisfaction. In-store pickup apps play a crucial role in streamlining this process, enabling businesses to offer versatile collection options that complement their customers' fast-paced lifestyles. Enter Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy and Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup — two pivotal players transforming how merchants orchestrate in-store pickups. These Shopify apps excel in integrating robust functionalities and flexible solutions, tailored to bolster the shopper's journey from cart to collection. Both aim to shape bespoke experiences, catering seamlessly to varied logistical landscapes, and in doing so, they positively influence customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

How Does Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy Work?

Pickeasy positions itself as an all-encompassing suite, amending the conventional pickup model into a bespoke, user-centric process. Catering specifically to businesses that prioritize accurate scheduling and resource management, Pickeasy facilitates the creation of precise pickup times and delivery slots. The app's feature set includes order deadline configurations, blackout date management, limitation on order quantities per time slot, and a multi-location setup that encapsulates location-based intricacies. Beyond the nuts and bolts of date selection, Pickeasy shines in its ability to customize delivery rates and product availability, presenting a tailored approach depending on whether an item is for pickup or delivery. Notably, the app's multi-location feature supports a zip code-based setup, essential for enterprises with a broader geographic footprint ensuring that each order aligns seamlessly with logistical considerations. Businesses, regardless of size, will discover utility in Pickeasy's offerings. Startups may find the balance between cost and functionality appealing, while larger entities will likely benefit from the app's scalability and customization tools, especially when dealing with intricate delivery and pickup schedules.

How Does Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Work?

Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup touts a user-friendly interface coupled with potent delivery management solutions. This app simplifies the addition of a date picker on product pages, showing dates and times for in-store pickups responsibly scheduled around local delivery logistics. It stands out particularly for its ability to display an estimated delivery date, adding a layer of transparency for customers who value timeliness. For stores operating in multiple locations, Stellar brings convenience to the table by adeptly handling various sites with few complexities. The app also offers a distinct edge by enabling shipping rate management tied to delivery days and cart values, a boon for entities aiming to ensure cost-effectiveness. From single-outlet startups to multi-location operations, Stellar pledges to cater to all, offering tools that manage the dynamic equilibrium of demand and supply. Additionally, with its POS compatibility, it seamlessly blends the online-to-offline experience, ideal for businesses like food services and floristry.

How Much Does Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy Cost?

Navigating the cost landscape of in-store pickup solutions is critical for businesses seeking value without sacrificing service quality. With four tiered plans, Pickeasy caters to varying business needs: - **Free Plan**: $0/month. A suitable trial run for development stores or those with fewer than 20 orders a month. - **Starter Plan**: $9.99/month. Building upon the Free Plan, it introduces a zip/postcode validator, crucial for expanding businesses targeting specific regions. - **Smart Plan**: $16.99/month. Enhanced by Google calendar integration and customization of delivery rates, it aims at businesses managing up to four locations. - **Premium Plan**: $24.99/month. Designed for established businesses with more than 20 locations, offering advanced bespoke customizations. Each pricing tier is designed to match the growing trajectory of a business, ensuring that as the necessity for more sophisticated solutions arises, Pickeasy rises to meet the challenge with no hidden costs.

How Much Does Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Cost?

Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup also furnishes a tiered pricing: - **Partners Stores Plan**: Free for all development and partner stores. Unlimited orders and features make this a robust starting point for businesses under development. - **Single Location Plan**: $14.99/month. Tailored for businesses with a single retail location, it includes an order delivery date picker and CSV export, amongst other features for comprehensive delivery management. - **Store Pickup Plan**: $19.99/month. Ideal for up to three locations, with all the features of the Single Location Plan, plus shipping rate management. - **Product Delivery Plan**: $14.99/month. Best suited for unlimited products with individual settings, aimed to streamline product-specific delivery processes. With an across-the-board coverage of functionalities, Stellar offers clear-cut solutions for businesses to manage in-store pickups and local deliveries, reinforcing their operational workflows without imposing additional fees.

Cost Analysis: Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy vs. Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

Comparing both apps uncovers a competitive landscape. While Pickeasy offers a broader range of paid plans accommodating different scales, Stellar's pricing remains consistent for up to three locations. Discount strategies aren't explicit in the provided data, but free plans give a generous taste of the service quality for both apps. Considering cost vs. features, Pickeasy could be more appealing to businesses forecasting rapid expansion, whereas Stellar could better suit those looking for straightforward pickups and local deliveries across fewer store locations.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy Good?

Flaunting a perfect 5-star average rating from 844 reviews, Pickeasy demonstrates its ability to meet and possibly exceed user expectations. Customers likely appreciate its detailed configuration options and the flexibility it brings to managing pickups and deliveries. Customer support is integral here, pivotal in the process of refining the app to meet diverse business requirements while also retaining customer satisfaction – a likely contributor to its stellar ratings.

Is Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Good?

Stellar's 4.9-star rating across 700 reviews indicates a high level of customer satisfaction. Users seem to resonate with its ease of use and efficient order rescheduling features. Stellar's robustness in meticulous delivery date prediction, perhaps combined with responsive customer support, could explain its nearly impeccable rating, shedding light on its commitment to user-centricity and dependable service.

User Preference: Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy or Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup?

Both apps garner high praise, although Pickeasy's perfect score suggests slight user preference. This could stem from its expansive functionality, specifically tailored for a variety of business sizes. Meanwhile, the Stellar app's slightly lower rating but commendable review count reflects its strong foothold in the market, particularly appealing to those valuing simplified and effective in-store pickup processes.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy Integrations:

Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy offers seamless integration with Shopify POS, Checkout, and other tools like Shipping rates- Shipeasy and Hulk Apps. These integrations suggest that Pickeasy is built for an ecosystem approach, ensuring comprehensive compatibility and streamlined workflows for business operations.

Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup Integrations:

Similarly, Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup integrates effectively with Shopify's POS, Checkout, and an array of supportive tools, including Google Calendar and Hulk Product Options. These integrations position Stellar as a versatile solution, ready to complement a spectrum of business models.


In the arena of in-store pickup apps, both Pickup Delivery Date — Pickeasy and Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup deliver formidable features and integrations tailored to enhance the retail experience. User reviews lean slightly in favor of Pickeasy, with its full suite of features and integrations likely offering a more significant impact on varied business models. Conversely, Stellar's streamlined approach without skimping on essential functionalities endears it to businesses seeking robust yet straightforward solutions. Both apps wield their strengths deftly – Pickeasy's expansive capabilities against Stellar's precision in essential services. While each has its own merits, businesses requiring extensive customization and scalability might gravitate towards Pickeasy. On the other hand, Stellar holds sway for those who prefer simplicity, efficiency, and a proven track record of user satisfaction. Balancing cost, features, and customer feedback, the decision between the two will ultimately rest on the specific needs and growth trajectory of any discerning Shopify merchant.

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