Shopify Gift with Purchase Apps: Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts vs. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts Work?
  3. How Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Work?
  4. How Much Does Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts Cost?
  5. How much does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts vs. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Gift with purchase (GWP) promotions have revolutionized retail marketing by offering consumers an additional incentive to buy. Implementing such strategies in e-commerce can boost average order values and create a compelling shopping experience. As online stores seek to engage and delight customers, GWP apps have emerged as vital tools in this endeavor. In the spotlight today are two notable Shopify apps: "Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts" by Singleton Software and "Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts" by Expert Village Media Technologies. These apps serve to not only enhance customers' shopping experiences but also to optimize a store's sales and promotional tactics seamlessly.

How Does Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts Work?

Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts stands out as an upsell tool designed to motivate customers by offering them free gifts. This adds value to their shopping experience, encouraging increased spending, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Here are the app's main features: - Multifaceted gift offers based on selected products or cart value - Customizable gift options tailor-made for store themes - Automatic gift box functionality for a simplified user experience - Cumulative gifts option to further entice shoppers These features are scalable, supporting a wide range of businesses from startups to large enterprises by allowing store owners to create custom GWP offers that suit their clientele. Consider a startup aiming to increase its market penetration; by using an easy-to-set-up app like Sales Motivator, they can quickly establish a GWP campaign without needing advanced tech resources. Similarly, a large enterprise could leverage the app’s comprehensive gift cumulation feature to create sophisticated, high-value promotions tailored to their substantial customer base.

How Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Work?

Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts provides a dynamic way to create various offers, including Buy One Get One (BOGO), discounted upsells, flash sales, and product bundles. Key features include: - Easy creation of multi-tiered offers, from BOGO to Buy 2 Get 1 - Display options through popups or embeds across different parts of the store - Built-in analytics to track sales and measure ROI effectively - Flexibility to customize upsell and cross-sell offers seamlessly These features allow businesses to run diversified promotional campaigns with ease. For instance, small businesses can take advantage of the popup display mode to capture customers' attention without needing a dedicated marketing team, while larger businesses can utilize the detailed analytics feature to fine-tune their promotional strategies across various product lines.

How Much Does Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts Cost?

The affordability of a gift with purchase app is as crucial as its feature set. Sales Motivator offers two pricing tiers: - Basic plan: For $14.99/month, it includes unlimited free gift offers for selected products or based on cart value, along with a gift box display in the front store. Ideal for startups. - PRO Version Plan: Priced at $29.99/month, it encompasses all Basic plan features, with the addition of features like an own gifts creator and price adaptation, which are better suited for growing businesses or enterprises seeking more sophisticated options. There are no hidden fees mentioned for these plans, ensuring transparency and allowing businesses to budget effectively.

How much does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts cost?

Unfortunately, Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts has not listed specific pricing for its services in the provided data. Businesses interested in this app may need to contact the developer directly for detailed information on costs and to ensure the plan aligns with their budget and promotional strategies.

Cost Analysis: Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts vs. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts

When comparing both apps, Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts offers a clear pricing strategy that businesses of various sizes can consider based on their needs. In the absence of pricing data for Upsellio, it becomes challenging to perform a direct cost comparison. However, as both apps provide GWP capabilities, their value may be discerned through their feature sets, ease of use, and the potential return on investment they can offer businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts good?

With an impressive 4.7-star rating from 167 reviews, Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts seems to be well-received among its users. Customers possibly appreciate the app's diverse GWP offerings and the intuitive design that caters to their storefront's aesthetic utility. The high rating suggests that the app delivers on its promises and is user-friendly, making it a reliable choice for store owners.

Is Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts good?

Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts holds a healthy 4.5-star average from 124 reviews, indicating a favorable opinion among its user base. The app's diverse promotional offer capabilities, along with its analytics feature to track ROI, likely resonate with users. It appears to adeptly satisfy the needs of businesses looking to create varied upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

User Preference: Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts or Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts?

Though both apps possess high ratings, Sales Motivator has a slightly higher rating and a notably higher number of reviews, which may suggest greater satisfaction or a wider user base. However, preferences can be subjective and may depend on specific business requirements or personal choice toward features like analytics or the simplicity of setting up particular GWP offers.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts Integrations:

Without specific integration information provided, we can infer that Sales Motivator is designed to work cohesively within the Shopify ecosystem, potentially offering straightforward integration with the platform and its discount code system.

Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Integrations:

Similarly, Upsellio's integrative functionalities with Shopify remain unspecified. Like Sales Motivator, it is likely designed to mesh with Shopify's system to enable users to enrich their store capabilities without complex setup processes.


Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts and Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts offer robust tools for Shopify store owners seeking to drive sales through GWP promotions. Based on user reviews, Sales Motivator has a slight edge in customer satisfaction. Both apps, while distinct in their offerings, enable a wide array of promotional strategies suitable for diverse business models and sizes. Strengths & Weaknesses: Sales Motivator excels with its clear pricing and broad range of GWP features, while Upsellio shines with its flexibility to create diverse promotional structures and its tracking analytics. Recommendations: Stores prioritizing easy setup with structured pricing may find Sales Motivator to be the ideal choice. Meanwhile, businesses focusing on creating tailored BOGO and bundle offers with detailed analytics might lean towards exploring what Upsellio has to offer. Both apps cater to different aspects of GWP promotions, offering compelling options to boost online retail experiences.

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