Shopify Gift with Purchase Apps: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Work?
  3. How Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?
  4. How Much Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Cost?
  5. How Much Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs. GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the dynamic world of online retail, the small details can significantly impact customer satisfaction and sales growth. One such detail is the strategic use of gifts with purchase, a tactic known to enhance the shopping experience and boost average order values. Gift with purchase apps have become indispensable for Shopify store owners, offering them an innovative way to incentivize purchases and reward customers. Among the myriad of options available, Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO stand out for their array of features designed to enrich the shopper's journey. With their integration capabilities and influence on user experience, let's explore how these apps add value to the Shopify ecosystem.

How Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Work?

Overview: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts by Monster Apps is a comprehensive solution for Shopify merchants who wish to leverage cart-based upselling techniques. The app promises to boost average order value without disrupting the customer's journey with intrusive popups, instead offering seamless upsell options directly in the cart. Businesses can tailor their cart with branded design elements, while progress bars and evergreen offers incentivize customers to add more to their carts. For small businesses or startups, the free gifts and discount features can be a game-changer in increasing revenue. Larger enterprises might appreciate the data-driven frequently bought together recommendations, ensuring that customers are presented with products that complement their purchases. The app's benefits include a sped-up checkout process due to the absence of popups, a likely contributor to higher conversion rates. Consider a scenario where a seasonal campaign is run: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts could automate enticing offers, significantly improving sales during peak shopping periods.

How Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?

GoodApps' GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO focuses on the power of freebies to elevate the customer shopping experience. This app allows store owners to create customized offers that reward shoppers with additional free products based on their purchases. Simplifying the gift-receiving process, it encourages customers to reach certain spending thresholds without interrupting their shopping flow. Perfect for stores of all sizes, the app can augment the perceived value of each purchase, likely leading to a higher average order value (AOV). Plus, business owners can track revenue and analyze the performance of their offers, fine-tuning their strategy for maximum impact. Imagine a customer buying a dress and instantly receiving a complementary accessory as a gift, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.

How Much Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Cost?

In the realm of e-commerce, finding a payment plan that aligns with your business's needs and growth is crucial. Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts' pricing caters to various business sizes with two plans. The first, aimed at Shopify partners or development stores, is free and grants full feature access. The second plan costs $12.99 per month for stores with up to 50 orders, including options like 'Add to Unlock,' one-tick upselling, and tiered discounts, ideal for growing businesses looking to maximize their revenue without significant investment.

How Much Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Cost?

As for the pricing of GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO, there are currently no specific available tiers. The app’s streamlined approach suggests that it may operate with a straightforward pricing model or bespoke agreements, ensuring that businesses only pay for the features they use. This could be an advantage for emerging stores watching their budget closely.

Cost Analysis: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs. GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

When comparing the costs of both apps, Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts offers a clear, tier-based pricing structure that scales with the business, making it easier for owners to predict their expenses. However, the lack of stated pricing tiers for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO could imply a more flexible approach, potentially appealing to those who prefer custom pricing models based on their specific needs. Buyers should consider their own operational scale and financial strategy when choosing between these apps.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Good?

With an impressive 4.8-star rating garnered from 521 reviews, Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts undoubtedly resonates positively with its user base. Customer testimonials likely highlight the app's ability to enhance their cart functionality without compromising user experience. While specific mentions of customer support quality are not provided, the high rating could suggest that users are satisfied with the service received.

Is GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Good?

Matching the 4.8-star rating, though with fewer reviews at 126, GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO also enjoys favorable feedback from its users. The app's focus on straightforward gifting mechanisms and purchase incentives has likely contributed to its positive reception. Strong customer support can be inferred from such a high rating; however, specific insights are not detailed in the available data.

User Preference: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts or GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO?

Drawing from the user ratings and volume of reviews, Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts appears to have a broader user base, suggesting it may be the more popular choice among Shopify merchants. This could be due to its rich suite of features or perhaps its longer presence in the market since its launch in 2020. As for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO, its equivalent high rating but lower review count may indicate a growing, satisfied user community.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Integrations:

Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts boasts robust integration with tools like Pagefly, Wide Bundles, and various checkout upsell apps, ensuring compatibility and enhanced functionality. These integrations suggest that Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts is positioned to work seamlessly within an established Shopify tech stack, providing added versatility for store owners.

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Integrations:

Although specific integrations for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO are not listed, the lack of mentioned integrations does not necessarily limit the app's functionality. Instead, its focus remains on offering a specialized service that complements the native capabilities of Shopify stores.


In conclusion, both Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO bring distinct strengths to the Shopify experience. Users have expressed high levels of satisfaction with both apps, whose features are designed to increase sales and improve customer experience through strategic gifting. While Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts shines with its broad array of features, integration breadth, and scaling price tiers, GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO maintains a strong focus on simple, effective gifting incentives that could be ideal for shops prioritizing straightforward promotion setup and management. Store owners should weigh these insights against their unique needs and customer profiles to determine which app will be most conducive to their online retail vision, whether it be the extensive customization options and integrated ecosystem of Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts or the targeted, simplistic approach of GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO.

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