Shopify Gift with Purchase Apps: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Work?
  3. How Does Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell Work?
  4. How Much Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Cost?
  5. How Much Does Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Gifts with purchase—a strategy that’s as old as retail itself, yet when smartly executed, it can still significantly enhance the shopping experience, and consequently, a store's revenue. In the realm of e-commerce, the strategic leverage of gifts can govern the profitability line, often shaping customer loyalty and boosting average order values. Within Shopify's galaxy of apps, two notable stars shine bright—Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts and Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell. These applications orchestrate the art of upselling and gift giving into an effortless modus, seamlessly blending with store operations and amplifying the consumer experience.

How Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Work?

The Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts by Monster Apps emerges as a comprehensive suite for upselling without disrupting the buyer's journey. Customization is at the heart of its functionality—allowing store owners to match the cart design with their brand ethos seamlessly. This application propels average order values through intelligent incentives like progress bars and free gifts once certain conditions are met. For small startups to large enterprises, Monster Cart allows merchandisers to deploy an array of offers from evergreen to time-limited event campaigns, fostering repeat purchases. The app abstains from using pop-ups for upselling, thereby offering a frictionless checkout experience. Within a hypothetical scenario, a store witnessing lukewarm sales could activate tiered discounts through this app, potentially igniting a cascade of increased purchases and heightened consumer engagement.

How Does Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell Work?

The Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell app brands itself with similar finesse but differentiates through its capability to allow multiple free gifts selection without disrupting inventory counts—a notable boon for meticulous inventory management. This app aids small and large online shops to spin the wheel of upselling through smart, in-cart recommendations and checkbox one-click upsells for added services like gift wrapping. One could imagine a scenario where a customer fills their cart and is pleasantly surprised to choose a gift—no need for zero-dollar products, keeping the business's analytics clean. Moreover, the multi-tier progress bar incentivizes higher spends, enhancing the customer's ultimate value from a single transaction.

How Much Does Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Cost?

Pricing can be a deal-maker or breaker for many businesses, and Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts acknowledges this. With a free partners store plan available, it's welcoming for testing and small-scale operations. The sophisticate tier, priced at $12.99 per month, addresses businesses prepared to scale, offering a full-fledged arsenal of upsell and gift with purchase tools. There's a dedication to transparency with no disclosed hidden costs, which is pivotal for any business’s financial planning.

How Much Does Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell Cost?

Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell meets the market with a free plan for starters, essentially placing an inviting doorstep for new store owners. Further, its tiered pricing—from $15 to $59 per month—caters to evolving business needs, each jump unlocking advanced customizations and automation. It sculpts an accessible path for Shopify merchants, with a 60-day money-back guarantee carving out a trust-laden relationship.

Cost Analysis: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts vs. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell

When paralleled, the two apps exhibit thoughtful pricing models with Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts taking a simplified, two-tiered approach, potentially more suited for smaller operations or those seeking no-frills efficiency. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell positions itself as a scalable solution with its multilayered pricing and reassurance through its money-back guarantee. For varied shop sizes and needs, each offers a nuanced yet vital cost proposition.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts good?

Culminating 521 reviews with an average of 4.8 stars, Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts undoubtedly holds a positive reputation. The blend of customization and non-intrusive upselling likely fortifies its standing. Customer support, a cornerstone of any service-driven tech, is arguably a substantial contributor to this average rating, as responsive assistance can considerably improve user satisfaction.

Is Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell good?

Amassing an even higher average of 4.9 stars from 268 reviews, Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell shines slightly brighter on the satisfaction spectrum. The ability to manage inventory while offering multiple gifts appears to resonate well with users. Customer support, albeit indirectly referenced, seems to follow an encouraging trend in its influence on this app's favorable reputation.

User Preference: Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts or Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell?

A numbers game reveals Monster Cart Upsell to be more reviewed, but Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell to be higher rated—indications of broader use versus superior perceived quality. Preferences may hinge on these metrics, with the former's expansive usage possibly signifying reliability and the latter's stellar rating hinting at excellence in user experience.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Integrations:

This app integrates with a range of tools, including Pagefly and various checkout upsell apps, underlining its versatility. The collaborations are expansive, ensuring users have a robust, flexible upsell ecosystem.

Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell Integrations:

Integration with Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell is more precise, focusing significantly on checkout and analytics aspects through Google Analytics, illustrating a narrower yet potent toolkit for users seeking streamlined solutions.


Both Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts and Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell champion the cause of gifted purchase versatility. User reviews paint a picture of satisfactory to high-end experiences, bolstered by respective customer support impressions.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Monster Cart Upsell thrives in customization and integration diversity, while Corner Free Gift excels at inventory-friendly gift options and in-depth progression incentives.


Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts may satisfy those seeking a broad integration landscape and hands-on customization, while Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell might be the apt choice for keen inventory managers and businesses aiming for a straightforward yet effective upselling experience. In judging the overall value, consider both the aesthetic appeal and the backend logistics. Each app possesses qualities that, if tailored to specific business models, could catalyze the upselling process within the gift with purchase niche, ultimately enriching the customer's shopping journey and the merchant's bottom line.

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