Shopify Gift with Purchase Apps: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs. Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Work?
  3. How Does Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts Work?
  4. How Much Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Cost?
  5. How much does Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs. Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Gift with purchase promotions have become a cornerstone strategy in e-commerce marketing, often resulting in a substantial uptick in customer engagement and average order values. These tactics not only incentivize purchases but also cultivate brand loyalty and enhance the overall shopping experience. In the realm of Shopify, an array of apps are engineered to streamline and optimize these promotional offerings. Among these, 'BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell' and 'Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts' are noteworthy for their robust capabilities. Both apps empower store owners to design compelling and varied gift with purchase options, integrating seamlessly with Shopify stores and potentially enriching customer interactions.

How Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Work?

BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell by WizzCommerce is a tool tailored to elevate the shopping experience through strategic incentivization. It specializes in various free gift strategies including buy one get one (BOGO) promotions, gift with purchase campaigns, and tiered discounts designed to maximize value from existing customers. Standout features include easy setup of free gift pop-ups, auto-adding gifts based on cart values, and customizable widgets that allow businesses to showcase their offers creatively through countdown timers, banners, and progress bars. For businesses of different scopes, these features provide a pliable foundation to enhance offers—be it a fledgling startup providing introductory deals or a large enterprise seeking refined campaign control. Imagine a scenario where a customer is about to check out but is then presented with a last-minute offer that tips their decision into buying more. That's where BOGO+ shines, offering a seamless, automated experience that boosts average order values.

How Does Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts Work?

Upsellio, developed by Expert Village Media Technologies, likewise focuses on leveraging the power of promotional offers to drive sales. However, Upsellio distinguishes itself with its simple yet effective approach to creating Buy X Get Y deals, free gifts, and product bundles that are presented through pop-ups or embedded into store pages. Engagement opportunities are heightened with the ability to track conversions and ROI directly within the app's analytics. The versatility of Upsellio lies in its all-in-one nature, offering a solution equally beneficial to boutique stores wanting pop-ups on product details pages, or to larger stores looking to leverage upselling on the cart page with bespoke bundle offers.

How Much Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Cost?

An effective gift with purchase strategy should not only be impactful but also align with a budget. BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell presents a tiered pricing structure, catering to Shopify stores at different levels of operation. The Basic plan at $9.85 per month serves foundational needs with unlimited offers and live chat support, ideal for smaller businesses. The Professional plan is pegged at $19.85 per month for more established stores, while the top-tier Advanced plan at $34.85 meets the expansive demands of larger stores with extensive campaign types. Development stores benefit from all features at no cost, establishing a no-risk environment to test and develop campaigns.

How much does Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts cost?

While Upsellio's pricing details are not provided in the briefing, considering industry standards, one could anticipate a range of options based on functionality access and the scale of the business, as seen with similar apps. However, without specific pricing, potential users should directly consult Upsellio's listings or reach out to the developers for the most accurate and current information.

Cost Analysis: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs. Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts

Comparing the two apps in cost is a direct affair for BOGO+. With a clear pricing structure, businesses can quantify their investment against the expected return. Upsellio, however, requires direct inquiry. This may be beneficial for businesses seeking customizable pricing options. Promotions and trials can factor into the decision-making process as well, so app listings and correspondence with developers should be reviewed for the most optimal financial choice.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 161 reviews, BOGO+ is well-received in the Shopify community. This rating suggests that users find the app's array of campaign options and the accompanying customer support to significantly streamline and enhance gift with purchase offers. The availability of a dedicated support team and expert review options for campaign setup likely contribute positively to user satisfaction.

Is Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts good?

Upsellio has garnered a commendable 4.5-star rating across 124 reviews, indicating a generally positive user experience. The conversion tracking functionality and the diverse offer placement are plausibly key factors to its high rating. While less detailed, this feedback still denotes a successful alignment of the app with business goals and user expectations.

User Preference: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell or Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts?

Considering the average ratings and review counts, BOGO+ seems to hold a slight edge in user preference. Though both apps execute the gift with purchase premise effectively, BOGO+'s slightly higher user rating may point to a broader satisfaction with its features, user interface, or customer support.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Integrations:

BOGO+ boasts support for multiple languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, and Italian, but specific external integrations are not listed. For a more comprehensive outlook, users will benefit from exploring the app's capabilities to play well with existing systems and processes.

Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts Integrations:

Upsellio offers support exclusively in English, and like BOGO+, does not list any direct integrations. Without these details, potential users need to evaluate the compatibility with their stores based on their specific needs and perhaps through direct communication with the developers.


Both BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell and Upsellio - BOGO & Free Gifts present strong, albeit slightly different, approaches to implementing gift with purchase strategies in Shopify stores. User reviews for both apps are largely positive, highlighting the effectiveness of their respective feature sets. While BOGO+ stands out for its multi-lingual support and tailored customer service, Upsellio's focus on simplicity and analytics may resonate with businesses prioritizing ease of use and performance tracking. In terms of strengths, BOGO+ is notable for its variety of campaign options and customization potential. Upsellio's lean interface and embedded offer prompting can be seen as its forte. As for weaknesses, the lack of listed integrations for both apps leaves a gap in the analysis that businesses must fill through their own research or direct inquiries. Considering the specific requirements of the Gift with purchase initiatives, both apps have merits depending on the desired outcome. Retailers seeking a more comprehensive solution may lean towards BOGO+, while those who prefer a straightforward, analytics-driven option might find Upsellio more suitable. Ultimately, the choice will hinge on individual business needs, customer engagement strategies, and the holistic cost of implementation.

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