Shopify get one (BOGO) Apps: Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator vs Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Work?
  3. How Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Work?
  4. How Much Does Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Cost?
  5. How Much Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator vs. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals are not just promotions - they are strategic tools that drive sales, improve inventory management, and enhance customer loyalty. With the right BOGO apps, online stores can craft compelling offers that entice shoppers to increase their cart value. In this arena, two Shopify applications stand out: Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator and Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts, both expertly designed to enrich customer transactions with rewarding experiences without the need to exit the comfort of their digital store interface.

How Does Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Work?

Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator by Digismoothie takes a novel approach to BOGO offers. Focused on the psychology of gifting, it enables stores to set rules that trigger free gifts in customers' carts. The app stands out due to its gift choice feature allowing customers to select their preferred gift from several options, an effective way to personalize the shopping experience. Such features offer utility to businesses across the spectrum, from small startups introducing their brand to the market, to established enterprises looking to maintain engagement and loyalty at scale. Imagine a customer, enticed by a thoughtful free gift, deciding to add just one more item to their cart – this scenario reflects the app's direct impact on increasing average order values.

How Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Work?

Next up, Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts by Expert Village Media Technologies offers a broad suite of tools for creating BOGO deals, flash sales, and product bundles. With its emphasis on cart upsell and cross-sell, the versatility of Upsellio shines through. Notably, its analytics section allows businesses to keep tabs on their ROI and sales directly tied to the app’s offers. The immediate and customizable offer display on various pages, from cart to product details, facilitates a frictionless upsell process that can suit any business size. Imagine a flash sale that captures the attention of a browsing customer, ultimately leading them to purchase more than they intended – once again, Upsellio plays a pivotal role in increasing conversion rates and driving sales.

How Much Does Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Cost?

Cost-effectiveness in BOGO strategy matters. Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator offers four distinct plans: 1. For Shopify Basic stores, the "SHOPIFY BASIC" plan is an affordable $19.99 for the first three months, before doubling, including unlimited gifts with no hidden fees – an ideal choice for startups. 2. "STANDARD SHOPIFY” comes at $24.99 for the first three months, then up to $49.99, catering to growing businesses. 3. Large enterprises can go for the "SHOPIFY PLUS" plan at $199.99, with the option to pause subscriptions when needed. 4. The "TRIAL & DEV" plan is free, covering trial and development stores, enabling new businesses to test the waters with no financial commitment. There are no mentioned hidden fees, making budgeting more straightforward for businesses.

How Much Does Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Cost?

Upsellio’s pricing details are not provided. However, absence of pricing information doesn’t imply the absence of value. Upsellio could have a customized pricing structure or offer a free tier, appealing to businesses seeking a tailored or cost-conscious solution. Given there is no stated cost, businesses interested in Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts are encouraged to reach out directly to its developers for the latest pricing models tailored to their unique requirements.

Cost Analysis: Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator vs. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts

In comparing both apps, Gift Box plays an open hand with clear, tiered pricing and a free option for development stores. Upsellio’s cost, on the other hand, remains elusive, leaving a gap for potential buyers. Yet, the critical consideration for businesses will be which platform gives the best value for their specific needs. Both apps offer trial periods, allowing merchants to evaluate each app's efficiency in enhancing their BOGO campaigns directly.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Good?

Sporting a sterling 4.9-star rating from 157 reviews on the Shopify app store, Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator garners high marks for its user-friendly interface and impactful gift-motivated sales strategy, which aligns closely with the app’s enticing features, such as allowing gift choices in customers’ carts. What’s more, the rave reviews suggest that Digismoothie’s offered customer support remains a vital asset to the app’s success, reinforcing the importance of responsive customer service in maintaining a high rating.

Is Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Good?

Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts boasts a respectable 4.5-star rating from 124 reviews, indicating a well-received user experience overall. Shop owners may appreciate the app's versatile upselling abilities and analytical insights – both enhancing the ease of sales tracking and promotional effectiveness. While not as highly rated as Gift Box, the feedback implies a solid performance in facilitating diverse BOGO deals, with room for further growth and improvement.

User Preference: Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator or Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts?

While both apps have their strengths, users seem to slightly favor Gift Box, based on its higher rating and review count. This preference could be attributed to the app’s robust support options and user-friendly customization, as well as the clarity in its pricing structure.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator Integrations:

Gift Box advertises seamless compatibility with Currency Converter and Candy Rack, hinting at a wider ecosystem that values fluid integration. Given these partnerships, merchants can expect a relatively simple process to incorporate Gift Box into their storefronts, ushering in operational efficiencies that amplify the app's already powerful offer management.

Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts Integrations:

Upsellio does not list specific integrations, which might reflect a standalone approach or an all-inclusive functionality that needs no external support. Despite this, Upsellio's flexible nature in creating diverse promotional offers could suggest an underlying compatibility with a variety of store templates and designs.


When shopping for the perfect Shopify BOGO app, merchants have much to consider. Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator stands out with its array of pricing options, complementary integrations, strong customer support, and exceptional ratings. Upsellio ‑ BOGO & Free Gifts, while less transparent in its pricing, offers unmatched versatility in BOGO deal creation, with a robust analytics feature that can be a game-changer for data-driven stores. In terms of strengths, Gift Box shines with its intuitive design and comprehensive support, whereas Upsellio offers a customizable and analytics-forward user experience. Both could improve in areas such as international language support and broader integrations to enhance global accessibility. Selecting the right app ultimately hinges on the specific needs of a business—whether it’s rich functionality and precision with Gift Box or Upsellio’s analytical depth and versatility. And while both apps demonstrate potency in leveraging BOGO deals to drive sales, Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator's overall user satisfaction slightly edges out its competition, hinting that it may offer the better rounded package for businesses aiming to elevate their promotional strategies.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to enhancing your Shopify store's offering with Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, it's vital to have the tools that allow for seamless product customization and options. While BOGO apps focus on promotions, the SC Product Options app by Shop Circle goes a step further, providing in-depth product customization that can be an excellent complement to any promotion you run.

Key Features

SC Product Options (formerly known as Bold) offers an arsenal of tools to enrich your product pages:

  • Limitless customization: Introduce infinite variants and options.
  • Advanced conditional logic: Exhibit smart and related product choices.
  • Color swatches and variant images: Make it visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Text boxes and file uploads: Cater to personalized customer requests.
  • Reduce returns: Offer exact customization to minimize unnecessary returns.

Why We Recommend SC Product Options

Selecting the right app to complement your BOGO deals and overall business strategy is crucial. Here’s why we stand behind SC Product Options:

  1. Enhance Product Value: By offering tailored options, you add intrinsic value to your products, which can work hand-in-hand with BOGO deals to provide customers more reasons to purchase.
  2. Upsell Opportunity: This tool can be the engine behind increased Average Order Values (AOV) by promoting complementary customized products alongside BOGO offers.
  3. High Compatibility: The app's compatibility with other Shopify services ensures a smooth operational flow within your store.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Customization can lead to higher satisfaction as customers receive products tailored to their specific needs.

Pricing Structure

Whatever your store's size, there's a plan that fits:

  • Basic: For $14.99/month, unlock unlimited options and round-the-clock support.
  • Premium: At $39.99/month, you get everything from Basic plus upsell features and more advanced customization capabilities.
  • Developer: Experiment with the app for free on your dev store, and only start paying once you go live.

Merchant Feedback

A strong average rating of 4.7 stars garners trust, and feedback from merchants highlights the value SC Product Options adds — both to the store management process and the bottom line.


A BOGO deal attracts, but the ability to thoroughly personalize a product is what endears customers to your brand. Hence, integrating SC Product Options into your Shopify store could be the differentiator you need.

Ready to elevate your customers' shopping experience? Explore SC Product Options today and see how a simple integration can lead to meaningful outcomes for your store.