Shopify Feedback and Surveys Apps: qikify Contact Form Builder vs Zigpoll Customer Surveys

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Zigpoll Customer Surveys Work?
  4. How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How much does Zigpoll Customer Surveys cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. Zigpoll Customer Surveys
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that approximately 83% of consumers indicate that they would be more loyal to brands that respond to and incorporate their feedback? In the bustling ecommerce landscape, feedback and survey tools are essential for cultivating customer loyalty and streamlining the online shopping experience. These powerful apps aid businesses in capturing customer insights, tailor offerings, and refine user experiences. Amidst the plethora of options, two noteworthy tools stand out: qikify Contact Form Builder and Zigpoll Customer Surveys. These platforms excel in offering a breadth of feedback and survey capabilities, integrated seamlessly with essential ecommerce utilities, and demonstrably enhance customer communication and insight procurement.

How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?

The qikify Contact Form Builder streamlines the creation of diverse contact forms for businesses, offering tailor-made solutions without requiring coding expertise. Its form creation capacity is comprehensive, catering to myriad needs, from customer inquiries to wholesale applications. Features like conditional logic, scheduling, and image banners make the forms not just interactive but highly functional as well. For small startups, the ease of deployment and customization options create a professional look without needing a developer. Medium-sized businesses benefit from the efficient in-app submission management and direct mail syncs which smoothens communication, while large enterprises can exploit the ability to handle multiple forms and large file uploads, ensuring scale isn't an impediment to customer engagement. Imagine streamlining all your customer interactions into funnelled opportunities with zero hassle – qikify makes it possible.

How Does Zigpoll Customer Surveys Work?

Zigpoll Customer Surveys offers an equally impressive suite of features, with a strong emphasis on extracting actionable customer insights. Its tools facilitate post-purchase, abandoned checkout, and on-site surveys, all optimized with AI analytics. The ability to customize and localize surveys for different languages is a boon for businesses targeting a global market. Startups can leverage Zigpoll to decode customer behaviors with limited resources owing to AI insights, while growing businesses will appreciate the ability to export data and integrate responses with Shopify statistics, optimizing marketing strategies. For larger companies, Zigpoll's unlimited response plans and branding options make it a robust tool for comprehensive feedback collection and analysis. Envision uncovering detailed customer profiles that spur informed decisions, powered by Zigpoll's precision.

How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?

Businesses often seek cost-effective solutions that don't compromise on functionality. qikify Contact Form Builder offers a free tier, suitable for new or small businesses needing basic feedback tools. The Basic Plan, at $5.99/month, includes three forms and is ideal for businesses seeking moderate customization. Larger businesses are likely to opt for the Premium Plan at $7.99/month, which boasts advanced features like integrations and auto-response mails. Additional costs are minimal, ensuring businesses do not encounter unexpected expenses.

How much does Zigpoll Customer Surveys cost?

Zigpoll Customer Surveys begins with a Lite plan, free of charge, suitable for small businesses or those just starting on customer feedback acquisition. The Basic plan is priced at $10/month for a higher response limit, paving the way for businesses in a growth phase. Standard and Pro plans, at $25 and $100/month respectively, address the needs of larger businesses with a robust appetite for extensive survey engagements and branding capabilities.

Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. Zigpoll Customer Surveys

Upon comparing the pricing models, qikify Contact Form Builder emerges as a slightly more affordable option, especially for businesses that require basic form functionalities. Zigpoll, however, appears to provide more depth in analytical insights—an essential feature for data-driven decision-making. Each app offers tiered pricing that scales with business needs, although potential promotional offers or trial periods could tip the scales if available.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is qikify Contact Form Builder good?

The favorable 4.8-star rating from 514 reviews suggests high user satisfaction with qikify Contact Form Builder. Users laud its ease of use and versatility, reflecting a robust product that caters to various business sizes. Strong customer support is a crucial component that often influences such positive ratings, suggesting qikify's effectiveness in this domain.

Is Zigpoll Customer Surveys good?

Zigpoll Customer Surveys maintains a sterling 5-star rating based on its 219 reviews. The focus on leveraging AI for insights and its multilingual support seems to resonate well with users. This feedback corroborates the notion that Zigpoll's dedication to an in-depth understanding of customer behavior is a key strength attributed by its customer base.

User Preference: qikify Contact Form Builder or Zigpoll Customer Surveys?

While both apps are well-reviewed, qikify Contact Form Builder has a larger user base, evidenced by the higher number of reviews – a potential indicator of wider acceptance. Nonetheless, Zigpoll's perfect rating indicates exceptionally high user satisfaction, suggesting its focused offering might be meeting or exceeding customer expectations in powerful, specific ways.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

qikify Contact Form Builder Integrations:

qikify offers critical integrations with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend, among others, enhancing its forms with powerful email marketing capabilities. These integrations hint at a seamless experience for users looking to amalgamate form submissions with their communication platforms.

Zigpoll Customer Surveys Integrations:

Zigpoll extends its connectivity to Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and a suite of marketing and support tools. These integrations likely contribute to the app's powerful analytical edge, offering comprehensive insights that integrate effortlessly into various stages of the sales and support funnel.


qikify Contact Form Builder and Zigpoll Customer Surveys are two compelling feedback and survey solutions for Shopify platforms, each with its own strong suit: qikify in form creation flexibility and Zigpoll in advanced analytics. User reviews shed light on the high satisfaction rates for both apps, complimented by their multi-tool integrations. Strengths & Weaknesses: - qikify excels in customizable forms and seamless communication, with limited room for improvement in analytical features. - Zigpoll offers advanced survey analytics and insights, but its cost may be a deterring factor for smaller businesses. Recommendations: - qikify Contact Form Builder is recommended for businesses focusing on customer service and engagement through diverse forms without the need for complex analytics. - Zigpoll Customer Surveys stands out for businesses seeking to delve into customer psychology and optimize strategies with rich, AI-driven data. Each app contributes uniquely to the feedback and survey sphere on Shopify, providing users with options to match their distinct business needs and scale.

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