Shopify Feedback and Surveys Apps: qikify Contact Form Builder vs Reputon Testimonials Slider

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Reputon Testimonials Slider Work?
  4. How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Reputon Testimonials Slider Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs Reputon Testimonials Slider
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Effective communication can influence customer retention rates by as much as 400%. When it comes to e-commerce, tools that facilitate seamless feedback and survey processes are not just valuable—they're vital. Feedback and surveys apps power interactions that can propel businesses forward, offering insights, driving sales, and enhancing user experience. In this light, we explore two commendable Shopify apps designed for customer engagement: qikify Contact Form Builder and Reputon Testimonials Slider. Both are tailored to harness customer feedback but take distinct approaches to gathering and displaying information effectively.

How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?

qikify Contact Form Builder empowers merchants to create diverse forms without needing to code, paving the way for direct customer interactions. The app supports various field types, including checkboxes and dropdown menus, and features like condition logic and form scheduling to meet tailored business needs. Startups may find its image banner and popup forms instrumental for impactful user engagement, while larger enterprises can leverage multiple mail integrations for comprehensive communication strategies. Imagine being able to collect wholesale inquiries or customer surveys with ease, and the potential impact on business operations and customer satisfaction—qikify makes this scenario a reality.

How Does Reputon Testimonials Slider Work?

On the other side of the spectrum lies the Reputon Testimonials Slider, which focuses on showcasing social proof through testimonials. The app allows businesses to build trust by displaying customer experiences via widgets that include photo and video content. Even a modest startup can benefit from featuring positive feedback, while larger businesses can use the advanced customization options to fine-tune how testimonials align with their branding. Visual endorsements from various platforms can significantly elevate a brand’s reputation and credibility within the market.

How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is key in Feedback and survey solutions, which is why qikify offers a tiered pricing structure. The Free Forever plan is perfect for new ventures, introducing basic form-building at no cost. As businesses grow, they may opt for the Basic Plan at $5.99/month, offering enhanced features like file uploads and advanced submission management. The Premium Plan, at $7.99/month, is tailored for extensive form needs and integration capabilities, making it suitable for expanding enterprises without imposing significant financial burden.

How Much Does Reputon Testimonials Slider Cost?

In comparison, Reputon Testimonials Slider keeps it straightforward with only two plans. The Free variant supports a single widget with up to four testimonials—ideal for startups. Scaling companies might prefer the Premium plan at $5.99/month, removing branding restrictions and allowing unlimited widgets and testimonials, as well as a custom style to align with the business aesthetic.

Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs Reputon Testimonials Slider

When comparing the two apps, qikify's tiered pricing can cater to businesses scaling in size and feedback complexity. In contrast, Reputon’s strength lies in its ability to provide extensive testimonials management at a single price point. Both offer premium features at identical costs, tipping the scales based on specific business needs in customer engagement and credibility management.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is qikify Contact Form Builder Good?

With a score of 4.8 stars from 514 reviews, qikify Contact Form Builder is held in high regard. Users likely appreciate its ease of use and versatile form solutions. Though specifics on customer support are not detailed in the provided data, the high rating suggests a satisfactory support experience that aligns with the app's user-friendly nature.

Is Reputon Testimonials Slider Good?

Matching the 4.8-star rating, albeit from 218 reviews, Reputon Testimonials Slider also enjoys positive reception. This suggests a user experience that values the ability to amplify customer sentiment across the digital shopfront. The broad linguistic support also implies a robust customer service facet, capable of catering to diverse user bases.

User Preference: qikify Contact Form Builder or Reputon Testimonials Slider?

qikify leads in the number of reviews, which could signal wider adoption or longer market presence. However, both apps' identical ratings indicate that users value them equally in their respective functions. The preference might depend on whether a Shopify store is more feedback-form-driven or testimonial-centric in its engagement strategy.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

qikify Contact Form Builder Integrations:

qikify offers integrations with popular services like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend, as well as reCaptcha for security. These integrations reflect a smooth process of incorporating customer interaction data directly into marketing campaigns and ensuring form legitimacy, enhancing operational efficiency.

Reputon Testimonials Slider Integrations:

Similarly, Reputon Testimonials Slider’s strength lies in its ability to integrate with platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, and various e-commerce review systems. These integrations not only extend the reach of customer reviews but also enrich the site experience with engaging multimedia content.


In closing, qikify Contact Form Builder excels with its customizable form solutions, enriching direct customer engagement. Reputon Testimonials Slider bridges the trust gap by visibly showcasing customer advocacy. Both apps have carved reputable standings based on user feedback. Strengths & Weaknesses: qikify's strength is in its form customization and variety, while areas for improvement may relate to more advanced analytics features. Reputon stands out with its testimonial presentation and easy integration with social platforms, yet may benefit from more diverse language support. Recommendations: For those seeking a robust form-builder with tiered pricing, qikify Contact Form Builder is a compelling choice. Conversely, Reputon Testimonials Slider is ideal for businesses looking to leverage social proof through a testimonial-centric user interface. Both are competent tools, and the right choice depends on the specific needs of a Shopify store in the realm of Feedback and surveys.

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