Shopify Feedback and Surveys Apps: qikify Contact Form Builder vs Grapevine Post Purchase Survey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Work?
  4. How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How much does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. Grapevine Post Purchase Survey
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that feedback plays an instrumental role in business development? It can boost customer retention rates by as much as 5%, which subsequently increases profits from 25% to 95%. Feedback and surveys apps have become pivotal for businesses seeking to extract actionable insights from their customers, thereby driving improvements and fostering loyalty. Today, we'll delve into two proficient apps in this arena: qikify Contact Form Builder and Grapevine Post Purchase Survey. Both offer various options to collect customer feedback across multiple touchpoints and integrate smoothly with other ecommerce tools, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?

qikify Contact Form Builder is a robust tool designed for easy creation and management of forms. It allows businesses to glean a plethora of information from contact to wholesale inquiries without the need for coding. The builder supports various field types—checkboxes, dropdown lists—and the inclusion of condition logic and an image banner ensures forms are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from features like form scheduling and a rich assortment of form display options, like popups and embedded forms. For example, a small startup might utilize a simple contact form to initiate conversation with potential clients, while a larger enterprise might deploy detailed surveys to gain broad market insight.

How Does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Work?

Grapevine Post Purchase Survey is specialized in gathering customer insights through multi-question, post-purchase surveys. Its strength lies in capturing zero-party data straight from the source—customers who have made a purchase. The tool's integration with Shopify POS and other channels adds a layer of commercial intelligence by identifying effective marketing strategies. It's a turnkey solution for businesses intent on refining their operations through customer-driven data. Unlimited surveys and responses mean that you can scale as you grow, while the range of survey channels ensures that you engage customers at multiple points in the buyer's journey.

How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?

Investing in cost-effective solutions is vital for maintaining a competitive edge. qikify Contact Form Builder provides a 'Free Forever' plan that includes essential features suitable for new businesses or solopreneurs. At $5.99 a month, the 'Basic Plan' expands capabilities with unlimited fields and submission tracking, an excellent fit for growing businesses. The 'Premium Plan', at $7.99 monthly, introduces integrations and auto-response emails, which can be particularly advantageous for larger entities where automation and advanced analytics are key.

How much does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey cost?

For Grapevine Post Purchase Survey, clarity in pricing mirrors its ease of use: one flat rate of $25 a month. It affords businesses unlimited access to all of its features, from creating diverse surveys to tapping into insightful reports. This straightforward model can be particularly beneficial for businesses that prioritize comprehensive feedback analysis and intend to engage rigorously with customers post-purchase.

Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. Grapevine Post Purchase Survey

When comparing the cost, qikify Contact Form Builder appears more accessible at the entry-level with its free plan, whereas Grapevine Post Purchase Survey starts at a higher price point yet provides an all-inclusive package. For small businesses with a tight budget, qikify offers a gentle start; for those with a larger scale who need extensive survey data, Grapevine's single-tier pricing could provide a good value.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is qikify Contact Form Builder good?

With an impressive 4.8-star rating over 514 reviews, qikify Contact Form Builder is highly regarded. Users likely value its simplicity in form customization and the diverse options it provides for feedback collection. Good customer support can significantly influence such positive ratings, and with qikify's user-friendly interface, businesses may find it easy to generate forms that resonate with customers.

Is Grapevine Post Purchase Survey good?

Reflected in its flawless 5-star rating from 152 reviews, Grapevine Post Purchase Survey users seem to appreciate its robust capabilities in collecting detailed customer feedback. Its ease of use and efficient support team likely contribute to the satisfaction levels. It could be particularly popular among businesses looking to dive deeper into customer insights to optimize their marketing strategies.

User Preference: qikify Contact Form Builder or Grapevine Post Purchase Survey?

While qikify Contact Form Builder has a greater number of reviews, which suggests a wider user base, Grapevine's perfect rating points to exceptional user satisfaction. These metrics support that while both apps are effective, users might prefer Grapevine for its dedicated post-purchase focus and qikify for its versatile form-building capabilities.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

qikify Contact Form Builder Integrations:

qikify integrates with popular mail apps like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend, enhancing communication flows. Its ease of integration and reCaptcha support offers added security and efficiency, making it an attractive option for businesses who require streamlined operations with their existing email marketing tools.

Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Integrations:

Grapevine boasts robust integrations with Shopify POS and Checkout, alongside analytical tools like Google Analytics. These integrations are seamless, equipping businesses with the ability to link survey data with customer purchase habits and behavior, a vital aspect of strategic decision-making in ecommerce.


After an in-depth look at qikify Contact Form Builder and Grapevine Post Purchase Survey, it's clear both apps bring distinct strengths to feedback collection. Users applaud both for their utility and integrations. However, while qikify shines in custom form creation across various contexts, Grapevine specializes in post-purchase insights. Strengths & Weaknesses: - qikify is lauded for its range of free features and customizability, but may not cater as comprehensively to the needs of larger enterprises looking for extensive survey data integration. - Grapevine excels in providing post-purchase insights and unlimited responses, yet might be a hefty first investment for a new business. Recommendations: Businesses in need of versatile, customizable feedback options might lean towards qikify Contact Form Builder. Those prioritizing in-depth customer insights and marketing effectiveness assessments will find Grapevine Post Purchase Survey to be an exemplary tool. The suitability ultimately hinges on your specific needs within the spectrum of feedback and surveys.

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