Shopify Feedback and Surveys Apps: Powerful Contact Form Builder vs EVM Customer Testimonials

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Powerful Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does EVM Customer Testimonials Work?
  4. How Much Does Powerful Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does EVM Customer Testimonials Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Powerful Contact Form Builder vs. EVM Customer Testimonials
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


When it comes to online shopping, customer feedback is a cornerstone of success. Today, feedback and survey tools not only guide improvements but also boost customer trust and engagement. Two noteworthy Shopify apps that come to the forefront are the Powerful Contact Form Builder and EVM Customer Testimonials. Tailored for efficiency and seamless integration, these apps offer unique functionalities that enhance the user experience and cultivate meaningful interactions.

How Does Powerful Contact Form Builder Work?

The Powerful Contact Form Builder is a user-friendly app designed for a multitude of business sizes. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create professional and customizable contact forms. The tool allows for file uploads, a handy feature for customers who need to share images or documents when they reach out. For businesses leaning towards data-driven insights, it offers integration with tools like Google Sheets, facilitating immediate data collection and analysis. Medium to larger enterprises may find the Zapier integration invaluable as it streamlines workflows by connecting the app to other business systems. Interestingly, the app also accommodates the creation of forms with conditional logic— a feature that can significantly tailor the customer experience based on earlier responses within the form.

How Does EVM Customer Testimonials Work?

EVM Customer Testimonials streamlines the collection and display of customer endorsements, offering a range of display options, including grid and slideshow formats. The app accommodates up to 5 testimonials in its free version, making it accessible for startups. Its ability to import and export testimonials provides a seamless way to manage feedback, while photo review capability adds authenticity to customer experiences. This feature is particularly beneficial for small to medium businesses aiming to establish credibility and trust through visual proof of customer satisfaction.

How Much Does Powerful Contact Form Builder Cost?

Affordability without compromise is key in selecting an app. The Powerful Contact Form Builder offers a free plan restricted to basic features suitable for new businesses. The paid plans, starting at $9.99/month, offer expanded submission limits and storage capacity — essential for growing businesses. On the high end, the PRO plan stands out with advanced integrations and a significant upgrade in file storage, aligning with the needs of well-established enterprises. No additional costs or hidden fees are listed, upholding transparency.

How Much Does EVM Customer Testimonials Cost?

For EVM Customer Testimonials, the free plan serves as a starting point with basic functionality. The progression from there includes the Basic plan at $7.99/month, which is a logical step for growing businesses seeking enhanced presentation without external branding. The Standard plan at $14.99/month includes dedicated support—a value-added perk for enterprises aiming to deliver an impeccably curated testimonials section.

Cost Analysis: Powerful Contact Form Builder vs. EVM Customer Testimonials

Comparing the two, EVM Customer Testimonials is more accessible price-wise, but with specific functionality around showcasing customer endorsements. Conversely, Powerful Contact Form Builder's tiers cater to a broader range of form-building features, suitable for dynamic, form-heavy websites. For businesses in the middle-tier budgets seeking a balance between functionality and cost, Powerful Contact Form Builder's premium plans offer compelling value.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Powerful Contact Form Builder good?

With an average rating of 4.8 stars, it's evident that users highly regard Powerful Contact Form Builder. This satisfaction likely stems from its ease of use and robust feature set. While specifics on customer support are not detailed in the data, the positive user testimonials could imply a satisfactory support experience.

Is EVM Customer Testimonials good?

Matching in its 4.8-star rating but with fewer reviews, EVM Customer Testimonials also boasts a high level of user satisfaction. Feedback emphasizes ease of customization and responsive support, key in ensuring users can effectively leverage the app's testimonial management capabilities.

User Preference: Powerful Contact Form Builder or EVM Customer Testimonials?

Both apps share high user satisfaction, although the Powerful Contact Form Builder has a higher volume of reviews, suggesting a larger user base and potentially wider acceptance.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Powerful Contact Form Builder Integrations:

This app boasts compatibility with a range of third-party services, from email marketing giants like Mailchimp to CRM platforms like Hubspot. The integrations are designed to be straightforward, maximizing efficiency and automation for the user.

EVM Customer Testimonials Integrations:

For EVM Customer Testimonials, though it lists fewer integrations, the key integration with flits points to a streamlined approach, ensuring that testimonials seamlessly fold into the broader customer experience.


Both Powerful Contact Form Builder and EVM Customer Testimonials add significant value to any Shopify site. Powerful Contact Form Builder shines for its extensive form customization and integration capabilities, serving a wide range of business needs. In contrast, EVM Customer Testimonials focus on a niche—helping brands showcase verified customer experiences through a variety of visually engaging formats. Weighing the strengths and potential improvements, businesses should consider the extent of customization and automation they require in their feedback and survey processes when choosing between these apps. For those seeking a holistic solution for an interactive customer form experience, Powerful Contact Form Builder is unparalleled, while EVM Customer Testimonials is ideal for those prioritizing the collection and display of customer feedback with a visual impact.

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