Shopify Feedback and Surveys Apps: Hulk Form Builder vs Grapevine Post Purchase Survey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Work?
  4. How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?
  5. How much does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Grapevine Post Purchase Survey
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the digital marketplace, customer feedback and surveys are the linchpins of business evolution. They not only empower companies to tailor their services but also allow them to pivot their strategies in real-time to enhance customer satisfaction. Feedback and survey apps can enrich the user experience, offering valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. In this exploration, we delve into the capabilities of two robust Shopify apps: Hulk Form Builder and Grapevine Post Purchase Survey. Both are forged to weave seamless feedback mechanisms into digital storefronts, each with distinct advantages and features.

How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?

Hulk Form Builder is a comprehensive solution for crafting an array of forms, from the basic to the intricate, that mesh perfectly with the aesthetic of a Shopify store. Its design flexibility enables users to create tailored forms that resonate with their brand, aided by conditional logic and dynamic field logic for heightened personalization. Its utility spans businesses of all sizes, offering startups the ability to escalate their data collection without upfront costs, while providing established enterprises robust integrations and unlimited storage for expansive file uploads. Imagine deploying a customer satisfaction survey that adapts in real-time to user responses, enhancing engagement and delivering more nuanced insights – this is the caliber of Hulk Form Builder's capabilities.

How Does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Work?

Transitioning to Grapevine Post Purchase Survey, this tool sharpens the focus on obtaining post-transaction insights, which are instrumental in pinpointing effective marketing channels and boosting retention rates. Functioning as a sieve for zero-party customer data, it enables businesses to collect honest feedback directly from their customers through a variety of survey types — each customizable and devoid of any Grapevine branding. This functionality offers immense value to storefronts of every dimension, facilitating a nuanced understanding of customer satisfaction at every journey stage.

How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?

The significance of cost-effective solutions in feedback and survey management cannot be overstated. Hulk Form Builder's pricing structure caters to a wide array of budgets and needs. The Basic Plan, available for free, offers core functionalities such as unrestricted form creation and submission exports – a boon for startups. For businesses craving more sophisticated features like UTM tracking and customer accounts, the Pro Plan at $9.90 per month presents an affordable step up. Larger enterprises with advanced needs may find the Pro+ Plan at $19.90 per month, which includes integrations with Google Sheets and Slack, to be right up their alley. These plans are clear of hidden fees, ensuring transparency in cost.

How much does Grapevine Post Purchase Survey cost?

For Grapevine Post Purchase Survey, simplicity is key — a single Complete plan is offered at $25 per month. This one-size-fits-all approach grants unlimited surveys and responses across online and email channels, brimming with insightful reports. Especially fitting for busy ventures that require a straightforward, powerful survey mechanism without juggling multiple tiers of service, Grapevine ensures that users have access to all its features without worrying about scaling costs.

Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Grapevine Post Purchase Survey

Cost-efficiency is a pivotal factor in deciding on a feedback and survey tool. Hulk Form Builder shines with its scalable pricing strategy that accommodates businesses growing from infancy into maturity without stretching their financial seams. On the flip side, Grapevine stands firmly with a single price point designed for comprehensive access, possibly more apt for businesses with predictable budget allowances and a desire to unlock all features out of the gate.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Hulk Form Builder good?

Touting a stellar 4.9-star rating from over a thousand reviews, Hulk Form Builder has evidently earned its users' appreciation. This could be a reflection of its user-friendly design, flexible customization options, or possibly its robust integrations. Businesses often value effective and responsive customer support, and while specific mentions are scarce, the high rating suggests that Hulk's customer service may be matching its product's proficiency.

Is Grapevine Post Purchase Survey good?

With a perfect score of 5 stars — albeit from a smaller review pool — Grapevine Post Purchase Survey has resonated with its user base. The high rating indicates a likely satisfaction with the app's straightforward design, ease of use, and robust data collection features. Stellar customer support can be a catalyst for such positive feedback, and Grapevine's hands-on approach may play a role.

User Preference: Hulk Form Builder or Grapevine Post Purchase Survey?

The preference weighs heavily on the features and scale of deployment. Hulk's diversely priced plans and lower entry cost seem to be more popular among a larger audience, while Grapevine's consistent deliverable at a fixed cost appeals to a more targeted, yet highly satisfied user base.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Hulk Form Builder Integrations:

Hulk Form Builder aligns with a plethora of tools including Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, and Google Sheets, suggesting that users value a tool that slots easily into their existing workflows. Its adaptability to various systems enhances its appeal as a versatile feedback solution.

Grapevine Post Purchase Survey Integrations:

The Grapevine Post Purchase Survey recommends itself with valuable integrations, such as Shopify POS and Google Analytics. The roster of compatibilities suggests that easy implementation and the potential for rich data insights are central to its user experience.


Feedback and survey tools like Hulk Form Builder and Grapevine Post Purchase Survey are central to customer-centric business strategies. Both provide valuable capabilities tailored to specific business needs, though Hulk offers greater flexibility in pricing and customization, while Grapevine champions simplicity with a comprehensive package at a singular price. Each service exhibits strengths, such as Hulk's range and Grapevine's focused scope of service, while also leaving room for iterative improvements based on customer feedback. Users may gravitate towards Hulk for a more customizable approach and lean on Grapevine for its streamlined simplicity. Whichever app you choose, the value each adds to the feedback management arsenal is indubitable, underpinning their roles as pivotal assets in the Shopify ecosystem.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

Discovering the perfect Shopify app for gathering customer feedback can be quite the ordeal. But have you tried the Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey yet? Developed by, this app is designed to engage your customers post-purchase, providing you with invaluable insights directly from the source.

Key Features of Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey

The Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey stands out with its ability to seamlessly integrate into your Shopify store, offering a plethora of tailored survey options such as checkout surveys, product surveys, and exit surveys. These key features help you gauge your net promoter score and delve into your customers' experiences. Some standout attributes include:

  • One-Click Installation: Get up and running without any complex setup processes.
  • Customizable Surveys: Tailor surveys that resonate with your brand and customer base.
  • Conditional Logic: Create dynamic paths within your surveys, enhancing relevance and engagement.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Quickly analyze the feedback data and action improvements.
  • Embedding Ease: Place your surveys neatly into the Thank You page, boosting the likelihood of customer responses.

With such capabilities at your fingertips, the Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey app gives you a complete toolbox for understanding and elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why We Recommend Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey

We believe in empowering merchants like you with tools that make a difference. What better way to improve your services than by listening to those who matter most – your customers. By choosing Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey, you're investing in a relationship with your clientele that's based on transparency and growth. Moreover, the ease of use and the depth of insights provided by this app can truly transform how you perceive customer feedback.

Pricing Structure

Hulk NPS Post Purchase Survey comes with a free plan, making it accessible for stores of any size to get started. After the initial 7-day free trial, you can choose from the offered pricing plans—one to fit every stage of your business growth.

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