Shopify FAQ Apps: Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page vs SMPS Product Question & Answer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Work?
  3. How Does SMPS Product Question & Answer Work?
  4. How Much Does Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Cost?
  5. How much does SMPS Product Question & Answer cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page vs. SMPS Product Question & Answer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that a clear and concise FAQ section can decrease customer support tickets by roughly 30%? This significance lies in the fact that customers seeking immediate answers often turn to a well-organized FAQ page before reaching out to customer service. FAQ apps have become cornerstone elements for many e-commerce platforms, providing rapid information to enhance customer experience and boost sales. In this light, let's delve into two notable contenders in this arena: Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page and SMPS Product Question & Answer. Both apps stand out for their robust features tailored to Shopify stores, offering seamless integration and rich capabilities that empower merchants to craft superior customer experiences.

How Does Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Work?

Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page takes a comprehensive approach to customer service and experience. Its standout feature is the smart FAQ popup, which is easily accessible and available 24/7 thanks to automation and the popular WhatsApp platform. This direct line of communication through WhatsApp is not only preferred by many modern shoppers but also instils a sense of trust and reduces the time taken to resolve support queries. For businesses of all sizes, this translates to improved UX, increased conversions, and a reduction in cart abandonment. The ability to personalize contact options and instantly track orders brings an added layer of customer satisfaction, particularly for urgent issues. Imagine a customer eager to purchase but hesitant due to shipping concerns. Avada's instant order tracking and dedicated WhatsApp support could be the tipping point in finalizing their decision to buy.

How Does SMPS Product Question & Answer Work?

Shifting focus to SMPS Product Question & Answer, this app specializes in managing Q&As directly on product pages. This app prides itself on fostering customer engagement through intuitive and customizable 'Ask a Question' widgets. Allowing for questions to be answered publicly or privately fosters transparency and trust. From a business standpoint, the app facilitates an organized dashboard for managing inquiries—a feature particularly useful for medium to larger-scale operations that field numerous customer questions daily. Furthermore, integrating askers' emails with Mailchimp and Klaviyo can turn a simple Q&A interaction into a powerful marketing opportunity. Consider the business benefit of improved organic SEO performance thanks to user-generated content, which is an inherent advantage of this platform.

How Much Does Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Cost?

In the quest for cost-effective solutions, it's important to note that Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page currently does not list any pricing tiers. This could indicate a free app or bespoke pricing—either way, it presents a potentially attractive option for budget-conscious startups or businesses looking for an all-inclusive support tool without added expenses.

How much does SMPS Product Question & Answer cost?

In contrast, SMPS Product Question & Answer offers a clear pricing structure. The Standard plan, which is free, might appeal to new businesses or those with limited customer inquiries, offering basic features such as 15 answers per month. The Unlimited plan, at $1.99/month, and the Professional plan at $4.99/month, cater to growing and larger businesses that require comprehensive support tools like unlimited Q&A posting and advanced response templates. These competitive price points balance functionality with affordability.

Cost Analysis: Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page vs. SMPS Product Question & Answer

When comparing both apps, SMPS Product Question & Answer offers transparent and scalable pricing, which can be appealing for businesses planning their budgets. Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page's cost remains unspecified, which could necessitate direct inquiry but might also offer a cost-efficient solution. It's worth noting any trial periods or discounts that could further influence the decision-making process.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page good?

With an impeccable 5-star rating from 1127 reviews, Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page evidently meets, if not exceeds, user expectations. Its integrations with WhatsApp and ChatGPT likely play a pivotal role, considering the current demand for instant and intelligent support. Customer support plays an integral part in such high ratings, and Avada's personalized approach through WhatsApp is likely a contributing factor.

Is SMPS Product Question & Answer good?

SMPS Product Question & Answer also shines with a 4.9-star rating across 257 reviews. This high rating suggests a widely positive reception, likely due to its effective Q&A management and its customizable widget options. The app's ability to integrate customer emails for marketing purposes could be particularly valued among users, reflecting the strong customer support ethos.

User Preference: Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page or SMPS Product Question & Answer?

Comparing the two, Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page seems to edge out slightly in user favorability with a perfect rating and a higher number of reviews, which might suggest a broader market acceptance. However, consider factors like the depth and detail of the reviews, the specific features praised, and the impact on varied shop sizes to understand why users might lean towards one app over another.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Integrations:

Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page's integration with WhatsApp and ChatGPT provides valuable assets for customer support. These tools enable online stores to offer instant communication and leverage AI to streamline support, thereby enhancing the user experience considerably.

SMPS Product Question & Answer Integrations:

SMPS Product Question & Answer provides seamless integrations with mailchimp and klaviyo, allowing for advanced email marketing strategies to be built around customer queries. This dual benefit not only solves the immediate need for information but also builds a long-term relationship with the customer.


Both apps boast strong features that cater to creating a dynamic FAQ experience. User reviews suggest high satisfaction for each, with particular praise for the apps' impact on customer engagement and business efficiency. Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page stands strong with its integration with WhatsApp and ChatGPT, while SMPS Product Question & Answer's ability to tie in email marketing tools presents a different, yet equally valuable, advantage. Strengths & Weaknesses: Avada excels with instant support capabilities and direct customer engagement through WhatsApp. However, the lack of disclosed pricing can be seen as a potential drawback for those seeking transparent budgeting. SMPS, on the other hand, offers a clear cost structure and strong email integration, though it may not cater to the same instant communication demand as Avada. Recommendations: For businesses prioritizing immediate customer communication and international reach, Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page may be the preferred choice. Those focusing on integrating Q&A with marketing efforts and seeking a transparent pricing model might find SMPS Product Question & Answer more suitable. Each app serves distinct needs while sharing the common goal of enriching the customer experience through effective FAQ management.

Still searching for the right fit?

Discovering the perfect app to enhance your Shopify store’s functionality can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for reliable solutions to streamline your FAQ interactions. While you sift through the countless options, one app stands out—not as a direct FAQ answer tool—but as a powerful ally in communicating with your customer base: the Hulk Form Builder by HulkApps.

Key Features of Hulk Form Builder

Hulk Form Builder is a versatile tool that puts form creation at your fingertips. Here’s what it brings to the table:

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Why We Recommend Hulk Form Builder

Though not categorized under ‘FAQ’, the applications of Hulk Form Builder extend to addressing customer queries effectively through custom forms. The app’s ability to collect, organize, and manage customer input makes it a formidable tool in addressing FAQs in a personalized and efficient manner. By deploying the app, you’re setting up a responsive channel to understand and meet your customer's needs, which, in itself, can act as an active FAQ solution.

Pricing Structure

Hulk Form Builder offers a variety of pricing tiers to suit different business needs:

  • Free Plan: Test the waters with a 5-day free trial and continue with a robust set of features if it fits your business model.
  • Premium Plans: Although specifics aren’t included here, additional tiers provide greater flexibility and expanded features for growing businesses.

Merchant Feedback

With a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5, merchants rave about the Hulk Form Builder app’s performance. It is constantly praised for its intuitive design, customization capabilities, and its ability to handle complex form requirements with ease. Merchants also appreciate the responsive customer support and seamless third-party integrations that streamline their workflow.

Finding Your Perfect Match

If you’re in pursuit of an app that helps bridge the communication gap with your customers, look no further. Hulk Form Builder might just be the companion your Shopify store needs, allowing you to gather crucial customer insights while maintaining a polished and professional online presence.

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