Shopify Direct Marketing - Other Apps: WhatsApp Button by EAZE vs Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does WhatsApp Button by EAZE Work?
  3. How Does Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Work?
  4. How Much Does WhatsApp Button by EAZE Cost?
  5. How Much Does Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: WhatsApp Button by EAZE vs. Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine a world where 80% of your customer interaction happens through a seamless, convenient communication channel. That's not just a scenario; it's the reality for businesses leveraging direct marketing apps effectively. In the realm of online retail, equipping your e-commerce store with the right tools can transform the shopping experience. Direct marketing apps serve as digital conduits that connect customers with businesses in a personal and immediate way. In this spotlight, we delve into two notable Shopify apps — WhatsApp Button by EAZE and Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API. Each app integrates with WhatsApp, a platform with over 2 billion monthly active users, to drive engagement and boost business outcomes.

How Does WhatsApp Button by EAZE Work?

WhatsApp Button by EAZE carves a niche for itself by embedding direct communication via WhatsApp into your Shopify store. With the click of a button, customers can initiate conversations, bridging the gap between browsing and engagement. Key features include a customizable chat button, which can be tailored to your unique brand aesthetics, and integration with Google Analytics for insightful tracking of button clicks. Startups to large enterprises can benefit from this app as it facilitates easier, more personalized customer service and fosters a connection that can translate into increased sales and loyalty. Imagine a new brand eager to make an impression, or an established enterprise aiming to scale customer service efficiency; both scenarios are perfectly suited to WhatsApp Button by EAZE's capabilities.

How Does Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Work?

Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API is a powerhouse for customer interaction and marketing. This app goes beyond enabling simple chat buttons to facilitating complete customer relationship management through WhatsApp. The array of features includes automated order notifications, chatbot functionality, and cart recovery, turning WhatsApp into a sales-boosting tool. Businesses with an extensive catalog would find Zoko’s ability to sync with WhatsApp particularly useful. This app also helps to convert cash on delivery to prepaid orders, maximizing revenue and streamlining payment processes. Retailers, big or small, can exercise creative marketing campaigns through broadcast messages and segmented customer reach, making Zoko an asset in their marketing arsenal.

How Much Does WhatsApp Button by EAZE Cost?

In the pursuit of maximizing customer outreach without breaking the bank, cost-effective solutions like WhatsApp Button by EAZE shine. The app keeps it simple with two main tiers. The 'Free' plan offers the prefilled WhatsApp message, various appearance options, and positioning adjustments for your button at no cost — ideal for startups testing the direct marketing waters. Stepping up to the 'Pro' tier, at a minimal $0.89/month, adds notification badges, greeting messages, and customization through styling, color, and size. This tier also introduces dynamic variables and Google Analytics Integration, offering additional sophistication for growing enterprises. There are no hidden charges, making this app a clear-cut choice for budget-conscious businesses.

How Much Does Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Cost?

Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API is for the Shopify merchant who requires a comprehensive suite of WhatsApp-based marketing and customer support tools. At $4.99/month for its 'Premium' plan, it presents a robust option for businesses prepared to invest in advanced functionalities. This plan harnesses the full potential of the app, including cart recovery and order notifications, that essential for any burgeoning business. Integration with the paid ZOKO account is a prerequisite, which might be a consideration for smaller outfits or those watching their overheads.

Cost Analysis: WhatsApp Button by EAZE vs. Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API

Comparing the pricing between WhatsApp Button by EAZE and Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API reveals a strategic choice for businesses. WhatsApp Button by EAZE is undeniably the more cost-attractive option for those focusing solely on customer communication. In contrast, Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API, with its slightly higher price point, affords a broader marketing and sales toolset, potentially providing greater value for businesses looking to extensively leverage WhatsApp's capabilities.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is WhatsApp Button by EAZE Good?

WhatsApp Button by EAZE boasts an impressive 4.9-star rating across 214 reviews, suggesting user satisfaction is high. Customers likely cherish the app's simplicity and the seamless integration that enhances user experience. The near-perfect rating suggests an effective, reliable tool, with customer support potentially playing a pivotal role in maintaining user satisfaction.

Is Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Good?

With a 4.8-star rating from 156 reviews, Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API also stands as a reputable choice. The slightly lower rating compared to WhatsApp Button by EAZE could be attributed to its more complex feature set, which might present a steeper learning curve. Nonetheless, the positive reviews suggest that its multifaceted capabilities in customer support and marketing resonate well with its users.

User Preference: WhatsApp Button by EAZE or Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API?

While both apps have high approval ratings, WhatsApp Button by EAZE edges slightly ahead in user preference based on its higher rating and review count. The preference could stem from its ease of use and straightforward functionality, which suits a wide range of businesses. However, Zoko's rich feature set can’t be overlooked, as it could be the deciding factor for businesses with more extensive direct marketing and sales needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

WhatsApp Button by EAZE Integrations:

WhatsApp Button by EAZE provides seamless integration with WhatsApp, offering a straightforward solution for Shopify stores to start conversations with customers. Its capability lies in the effortless addition of a chat button that can match your store’s design and responsiveness across devices. The Google Analytics integration enhances this by allowing for actionable insights derived from customer interactions.

Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API Integrations:

Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API champions integrations with WhatsApp API, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, harnessing cross-platform strengths. These integrations allow for a unified approach to customer communication and marketing, offering a competitive advantage to businesses aiming for cohesive multi-channel strategies.


In direct marketing, WhatsApp Button by EAZE and Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API offer customizable, diverse options to enhance customer experience. User reviews reflect confidence in both apps, though each serves slightly different needs. WhatsApp Button by EAZE stands out for its user-friendly communication focus, while Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API offers an all-encompassing sales and marketing solution. Strengths & Weaknesses: WhatsApp Button by EAZE is praised for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, with room to grow in its analytics offerings. Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API excels in comprehensive features but faces challenges in balancing complexity with user-friendliness. Recommendations: Businesses looking for a direct communication line with customers that's both simple and cost-effective might prefer WhatsApp Button by EAZE. Those seeking an all-in-one solution for WhatsApp-centric sales and marketing could find greater value in Zoko ‑ WhatsApp Catalog & API. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific direct marketing objectives within your shop's ecosystem.

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