Shopify Contact Form Apps: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Work?
  4. How Much Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Effective communication is the linchpin of successful customer relationships. With 70% of business-related websites leveraging a contact form, it's clear that providing a seamless avenue for inquiries is integral for growth and customer satisfaction. In the lineup of formidable tools that amplify user interactivity, contact form apps stand as invaluable assets. They're not just touchpoints; they capture leads, facilitate customer support, and serve as a bridge between visitors and the services they're exploring. Shopify's app marketplace offers a plethora of options, and today we're focusing on two front-runners: Zotabox Contact Form Builder and Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form. Both apps promise to provide diverse, customizable options for effective contact forms, integrating smoothly with an array of business platforms.

How Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Work?

Zotabox Contact Form Builder is a robust tool that allows businesses to create and embed multiple contact forms within their website. These aren't just rudimentary forms; they're feature-packed interfaces that can include custom fields, department selectors, file attachments, and auto-responses. Such versatility ensures that whether a sole proprietor or a sprawling enterprise, there's functionality that resonates with your business scale and customer engagement needs. Imagine a scenario where a customer wants to attach a design file to a contact form inquiry. Zotabox makes it possible, streamlining the process by allowing file attachments directly within the form. This convenience can lead to a higher quality of customer interaction and potentially increased sales conversions.

How Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Work?

On the flip side, Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form positions itself as a no-code solution to create advanced custom forms. Its allure lies in its versatility and customization options from simple feedback forms to complex, multi-step forms with conditional logic and even payment integration with PayPal. It’s an ideal fit for businesses looking for depth in form customization without the need for a developer. Consider a scenario where a business wants to create a seamless checkout experience within a contact form. Pify accommodates this through its GOLD plan, allowing the integration of order forms with PayPal, simplifying the customer journey from inquiry to purchase.

How Much Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Cost?

Cost efficiency in contact form solutions is critical, as businesses must align their expenses with tools that yield a high return on investment. Zotabox offers a tiered pricing approach, starting with the Starter Plan at $12.99 per month, including basic features suitable for small businesses or startups just beginning to scale their online presence. The Express Plan at $29.99 per month broadens its offerings, accommodating businesses experiencing increased traffic and requiring more forms. Finally, for the heavy-hitters, the Platinum Plan at $79.99 per month supports a high volume of visitors and integration across multiple websites, tailoring to the needs of large enterprises. While there are no additional costs explicitly stated, users should always be mindful of the potential for extra fees, especially when scaling operations.

How Much Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Cost?

Pify Form Builder offers a compelling start with its free tier, a boon for tight budgets while still delivering powerful form creation capabilities. Scaling up, the BASE plan at $5.99 and the ADV at $7.99 per month respectively enhance functionality with unlimited forms, fields, and increased file upload sizes catering to growing businesses. The GOLD plan, at a discounted $11.99 per month, is the cream of the crop for those needing advanced functionalities like order forms that accept PayPal payments.

Cost Analysis: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

When comparing cost structures, Pify stands out with its free offering, a perfect match for businesses testing the waters. Zotabox's deliberate absence of a free tier suggests it's confident in the value provided, enough to warrant an immediate investment. Both services offer trial periods or discounts, underlining the opportunity to assess the tools before making a financial commitment. For instance, individual entrepreneurs or small startups might find the free and BASE tiers of Pify Form Builder appealing due to the low investment. In contrast, businesses experiencing immense traffic might resonate with the expansive features offered in Zotabox's higher-tier plans.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Zotabox Contact Form Builder Good?

An impressive 4.7-star rating from 846 reviews suggests that users are largely satisfied with Zotabox Contact Form Builder. Likely, they're celebrating the diverse customization options and seamless Mailchimp integration. General feedback leans toward its effectiveness in providing a personalized contact form experience. While customer support specifics are not detailed in the provided data, the rating implies that users are receiving adequate assistance.

Is Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Good?

Pify Form Builder garners a remarkable 4.8-star rating from 439 reviews, indicating a slightly higher user preference. Customers may be lauding the flexibility of the free tier or the depth of customization across the board. Like Zotabox, the high rating tentatively suggests sufficient customer support.

User Preference: Zotabox Contact Form Builder or Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form?

While both apps boast high ratings, Pify's slightly higher score with fewer reviews could indicate that its users find exceptional value in its offerings, especially the comprehensive free tier. Zotabox's broad user base and long-standing presence since 2014 reflect its reliability and effectiveness.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Zotabox Contact Form Builder Integrations:

Zotabox ensures a well-rounded service by complementing its functionality with integrations like Mailchimp and Hubspot, facilitating smooth marketing automation workflows. Users appreciate the straightforward integration process that doesn't require extensive technical know-how.

Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Integrations:

Pify differentiates itself with an array of integrations including PayPal, enabling payment processing within forms, and Zapier, which opens the door to countless workflow automations. These powerful integrations are lauded by users for their ease of use and the added dynamicity they contribute to the tool.


Between Zotabox Contact Form Builder's robust functionality tailored for diverse needs and Pify Form Builder’s comprehensive free tier and extensive customization, Shopify store owners are equipped to elevate their customer interaction. User reviews tilt in favor of Pify, potentially due to its no-cost entry point and advanced features. However, the established trust and widespread use of Zotabox's contact forms reveal its efficacy in the e-commerce habitat. Both apps prove to be competent, yet their distinctive strengths highlight their suitability for different business models. Zotabox may cater to those with higher traffic needs and multi-site integrations, while Pify could appeal more to budget-conscious businesses prioritizing customization and scalability. Ultimately, the verdict rests on your specific business needs and how these tools align with your vision for customer engagement.

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