Shopify Contact Form Apps: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Improved Contact Form Work?
  4. How Much Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How much does Improved Contact Form cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that 74% of companies use forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating they're the highest converting lead generation tool they have? Contact forms serve as a critical bridge between visitors and business owners, funneling customer inquiries, feedback, and even potential sales directly to the appropriate channels. In the bustling online marketplaces facilitated by platforms like Shopify, contact form apps not only streamline communication but can also enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and contribute to better conversion rates. Two notable players in the Shopify ecosystem are Zotabox Contact Form Builder and Improved Contact Form. Both come equipped with a suite of features tailored to support a wide range of contact form needs, offering seamless integration with relevant platforms and impacting the overall user experience significantly.

How Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Work?

Zotabox Contact Form Builder is a robust solution that empowers businesses to create flexible and multi-functional contact forms. What stands out about Zotabox is its capability to provide a highly customizable experience. You can include multiple fields, radio buttons, and dropdowns, and even add departments to ensure inquiries reach the right hands quickly. An additional layer of sophistication is the ability to attach files and send auto-responses, ensuring customers know their message has been received and is valued. For startups, the ease of creating a professional contact form that aligns with their brand can instigate a level of trust and reliability with their audience. Medium-sized businesses will appreciate the ability to manage higher traffic — up to 150,000 website visits with the Platinum plan — while large enterprises can install the contact forms on multiple websites. The unique functionalities, such as fields auto-response and Mailchimp integration, make the tool versatile for various contact scenarios like support, sales inquiries, or customer feedback. Consider a small business launching a new product line; with Zotabox, they can quickly implement custom forms to handle the influx of inquiries and filter them directly to the right team, greatly improving their responsiveness.

How Does Improved Contact Form Work?

Conversely, Improved Contact Form stands as a straightforward solution for businesses aiming to establish seamless communication through a non-invasive, easily accessible 'contact us' button and contact page. Its floating button remains a constant companion on every page, inviting visitors to reach out without searching for contact details. Improved Contact Form offers a gamut of tools like lead capture forms and promotional banners that businesses can leverage to elevate user engagement and potentially increase conversions. Its cost-effectiveness is inherent in its free Basic plan, making it an ideal choice for startups or small businesses. Larger businesses may find value in the Advanced plan that allows unlimited widgets, targeting specific customers by page visits or device, and the removal of all branding for a more bespoke look. Imagine an online store using Improved Contact Form to engage first-time visitors with a coupon popup triggered by their browsing patterns, leading to an increase in on-the-spot sign-ups and purchases.

How Much Does Zotabox Contact Form Builder Cost?

Considering that business investments need lucrative returns, contact form apps must be cost-effective. Zotabox offers its Starter plan at $12.99 monthly, scaling up to the Platinum plan at $79.99 monthly. Each tier includes progressively more advanced features and increases the limit on website visits and the number of websites and contact forms you can install. The Starter plan hits the sweet spot for new businesses, while the Platinum plan caters to larger businesses with a higher traffic volume and need for multiple forms across various websites. No additional costs are disclosed, offering businesses transparent pricing.

How much does Improved Contact Form cost?

Improved Contact Form's pricing begins with a compelling pitch of a free Basic plan. It's particularly suitable for businesses in their infancy or for those operating on a shoestring budget. The Premium and Advanced tiers, priced at $12 and $29 per month respectively, unfold more sophisticated features, such as advanced triggers and third-party integrations, without branding. The lack of extra fees and the provision of a powerful set of tools make Improved Contact Form a competitive choice.

Cost Analysis: Zotabox Contact Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form

In comparing the pricing structures, both apps offer a starting plan around $12, with Zotabox providing a 14-day free trial and Improved Contact Form offering a perpetually free Basic option. For mid-level plans, the prices are the same at $29.99, but the features vary, with Zotabox focusing on increased volume and versatility, while Improved Contact Form emphasizes customization and engagement tools. Promotions or trial periods can significantly sway decision-making; Zotabox's free trial could entice users who want to test before investing, whereas Improved Contact Form's perpetually free plan eliminates the entry barrier altogether. The variation in offers effectively caters to different business needs in terms of scale and scope within the contact form arena.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Zotabox Contact Form Builder good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars garnered from 846 reviews, users seem to validate the effectiveness and utility of Zotabox Contact Form Builder. The high rating likely translates to user satisfaction with the app's customizable options and integration capabilities. Considering its diverse feature set, it aligns with user needs across different business scales, influencing positive ratings. The high level of customization could point to favorable customer support experiences, although specific mentions are not detailed.

Is Improved Contact Form good?

Improved Contact Form also enjoys positive feedback with a 4.5-star rating from 234 reviews. This indicates that the app meets the fundamental needs of creating an accessible contact point for customers with the added appeal of boosting engagement through widgets. While the number of reviews is less than Zotabox, the ratings suggest Improved Contact Form also delivers a dependable solution with a free entry point that likely contributes to customer satisfaction.

User Preference: Zotabox Contact Form Builder or Improved Contact Form?

While both apps are well-received, Zotabox Contact Form Builder appears to have a larger user base with higher ratings, suggesting a preference perhaps due to its broader feature set and scalability options. Improved Contact Form could be more favored by those looking for simple, yet effective contact solutions without initial investment.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Zotabox Contact Form Builder Integrations:

Zotabox Contact Form Builder lists integrations with several major marketing tools including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, GetResponse, and Aweber. These integrations allow for streamlined marketing efforts, automated workflows, and enhanced data management, and are likely easy to set up based on the app's overall user-friendly approach.

Improved Contact Form Integrations:

Improved Contact Form integrates with Mailchimp and Constant Contact, which, while fewer than Zotabox, cover essential functionalities for email marketing and communication needs for many businesses. The focus here remains on ease of use and simplicity.


Zotabox Contact Form Builder and Improved Contact Form each offer distinctive advantages in the realm of Shopify contact form apps. Zuckerbox excels with a feature-rich environment suitable for businesses seeking extensive customization and scaling options. Improved Contact Form, with its accessibility and engagement widgets, stands out for businesses prioritizing ease of use and quick integration. Reviews indicate satisfied users for both apps, with Zotabox leading slightly in terms of volume and ratings. Their integration capabilities are robust, with Zotabox offering a wider array of tools to sync with, augmenting the functionality of its contact forms. Strengths of Zotabox include its array of customizable options and scalability, which are contrasted by the need for a more simplified approach found in Improved Contact Form, making it better suited for startups and small businesses focused on user experience and conversion. Ultimately, for businesses that value a comprehensive suite of features and have the traffic to justify the investment, Zotabox Contact Form Builder likely represents the superior choice. Meanwhile, Improved Contact Form is a strong contender for those who favor simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of integration.

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