Shopify Contact form Apps: qikify Contact Form Builder vs AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?
  4. How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How much does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that a contact form is not just a way to reduce spam but is also considered a strategic touchpoint between businesses and their customers? In the realm of e-commerce, contact forms serve as crucial conduits, enhancing customer experience and aiding in lead generation. Enter Shopify apps like qikify Contact Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms, which are designed to elevate this experience by offering a multitude of customization options and seamless integrations. Both apps promise to deliver scalable solutions that cater to diverse business needs, thereby optimizing the overall user experience.

How Does qikify Contact Form Builder Work?

qikify Contact Form Builder offers a user-friendly interface enabling merchants to craft custom forms tailored to various business needs—be it contact inquiries, wholesale applications, or customer feedback. One standout feature is the conditional logic, which allows the form to react based on user input, yielding a more personalized interaction. For burgeoning startups or expansive enterprises, such functionality means delivering precise experiences to their customer base. Imagine a wholesale vendor able to divert queries based on product interest directly to the concerned department—qikify makes this possible without the need for coding expertise. Moreover, the app's robust in-app submission management streamlines the contact process, fostering efficiency and client engagement.

How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?

In a similar vein, AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms places the power of custom form creation into the hands of merchants with a focus on brand-centered design. The drag-and-drop interface makes complex form building an uncomplicated task. Tailored fields such as file uploads and online payment collection through PayPal and Stripe make this app a versatile choice for varied commercial activities. Especially for organizations that require a straightforward yet powerful platform to handle registrations, donations, and customer data captures, AAA Form Builder emerges as a competitive choice.

How Much Does qikify Contact Form Builder Cost?

In today's market, scalability that doesn't break the bank is of the essence. qikify Contact Form Builder's Free Forever Plan is suited for new businesses that need the basics. At no cost, one gets to design a form with up to 10 fields, use various display styles, and employ condition logic to elevate form interactivity. Medium-sized companies might lean towards the $5.99/month Basic Plan, which allows for increased forms and submission capabilities. The Premium Plan, at $7.99/month, caters to large enterprises seeking advanced features like increased file uploads and extensive integration options—sans hidden fees.

How much does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms cost?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms offers its Starter plan at $9/month, a good fit for small to medium businesses looking to dive into dynamic custom form building. This plan includes options such as file uploads and the creation of personalized registration and donation forms. This simple, single-tier pricing makes decision-making straightforward for businesses prioritizing comprehensive form-building tools and customer capture methods over tier-skipping complexities.

Cost Analysis: qikify Contact Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

At first glance, qikify Contact Form Builder might seem more cost-efficient with its free offering. When considering the feature set provided at each price level, qikify demonstrates an incremental scaling of services that cater to diverse business sizes and needs. AAA Form Builder, with its singular pricing plan, offers simplicity but might be less accessible for micro-entities just starting out. Each app's cost must be weighed against your specific objectives and the desired depth of form customization and integration facilities.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is qikify Contact Form Builder good?

Boasting 4.8 stars from over 500 reviews, qikify Contact Form Builder seems to resonate well with users. This feedback signals a high level of satisfaction with the app's functionality, indicating that it likely meets a variety of needs while remaining user-friendly. While explicit customer support mentions are sparse, one can infer that the app's intuitive design possibly minimizes the need for support, which could contribute to its high rating.

Is AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms good?

With a solid 4.5 stars from a lower number of reviews, AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms maintains a commendable standing among its users. The fewer reviews may suggest a narrower user base or a younger product lifecycle relative to qikify. Nevertheless, with its streamlined pricing and functionality, user satisfaction seems robust, hinting at effective solutions without overcomplicating the users' experience.

User Preference: qikify Contact Form Builder or AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms?

Comparative data highlights a preference for qikify Contact Form Builder, observed through its higher rating and more extensive user reviews. This may stem from the app's broader array of pricing options, catering to a more diverse audience. Additionally, the unique features provided at different tiers could appeal to users seeking scalability and robust integrations.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

qikify Contact Form Builder Integrations:

qikify Contact Form Builder integrates seamlessly with popular marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend, presenting additional avenues for automated emails and targeted outreach, propelling marketing efforts without necessitating separate software.

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Integrations:

AAA Form Builder extends its versatility with integrations beyond email marketing, including payment processing via PayPal and Stripe. This broadens its utility, especially where transactional functions converge with form submissions, serving as a robust solution for fundraising or sales-driven entities.


Both qikify Contact Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms offer distinct advantages in streamlining the creation and management of contact forms within Shopify. Users have shown appreciation for qikify's wide array of features and scalability, whereas AAA's focused offering garners respect for its simplicity and effectiveness. The integration contrasts further delineate their use cases; qikify may be superior for those prioritizing marketing integrations, while AAA could be the go-to for those seeking transaction-capable forms. While each app has demonstrated strengths, qikify stands out in overall appeal, reflected in user ratings and reviews. Nonetheless, AAA Form Builder's dedicated following and tailored approach reflect the competitive edge of its singular focus. Depending on individual needs—be it a robust, scalable form builder or a simplified, payment-integrated solution—both apps present viable choices in enhancing Shopify's contact form functionalities.

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