Shopify Contact Form Apps: Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form vs SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Work?
  3. How Does SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget Work?
  4. How Much Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Cost?
  5. How much does SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form vs. SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the era of digital business, establishing a robust line of communication with customers can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Contact form apps are pivotal in crafting this connection, serving as the bridge between consumer inquiries and business responses. Today, we're spotlighting two noteworthy Shopify apps: Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form and SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget. With a keen focus on versatility and seamless platform integration, these tools are engineered to optimize customer interactions and broaden the scope of engagement opportunities.

How Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Work?

Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form is a Swiss army knife of form builders, offering a host of customizable contact form options without requiring any coding knowledge. Its drag-and-drop interface empowers businesses of all sizes to craft forms that cater to diverse needs—from simple contact forms to intricate order or quote request forms. The app's standout features include multi-step forms, conditional logic, and an array of templates, all of which are invaluable for startups, SMEs, or large corporations looking to refine their customer engagement strategies. For instance, a startup can utilize the form builder to create a user-friendly contact mechanism that scales as its audience grows—without additional resources.

How Does SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget Work?

Turning to SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, this app draws the power of instant messaging into the e-commerce experience. With its click-to-chat functionality, the WhatsApp Chat Widget enables real-time communication, facilitating quicker resolution of pre-sales queries and promoting sales closures. Its auto-hide feature for offline agents and customizable design options ensure that interactions are as streamlined and professional as possible. Small businesses, in particular, may find these features beneficial as they often require flexible, yet personal customer service strategies that can adapt to varied customer behaviors.

How Much Does Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Cost?

Given the diverse range of requirements businesses have, a cost-effective solution like Pify Form Builder is vital. With tiered offerings that scale with usage, the 'FREE' plan is ideal for fledgling businesses while the 'GOLD' plan is well-suited for larger enterprises requiring more advanced features, such as PayPal payment options on order forms. It's noteworthy that each incremental tier adds substantial value without excessive cost spikes, while clearly delineating who the target audience is. There are no hidden fees, allowing for a clear picture of the investment required.

How much does SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget cost?

Similarly, SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget adopts a straightforward pricing model with a 'Free' version that supports basic needs, and a 'Pro' plan that incorporates advanced features like event tracking and custom working hours for agents. Priced competitively, the Pro plan is within reach of medium-sized businesses that prioritize detailed communication logs and responsive customer support. There are no additional costs, aligning with a transparent pricing ethos.

Cost Analysis: Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form vs. SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget

When juxtaposing the pricing structures, both apps provide cost-effective solutions for their respective functions—but the value proposition differs. Pify Form Builder offers more functionality as you climb its tiered plans, while SeedGrow positions itself as a potent tool for businesses looking to leverage WhatsApp's ubiquity. Discounts and trial periods bolster their value for those on the fence about which app would serve them better, which can vary depending on the business's focus on form customization versus instant messaging agility.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form good?

Averaging 4.8 stars from 439 reviews, Pify Form Builder seems to resonate with its users. This affinity likely stems from the app's extensive customization options and its ability to cater to niche demands. While no specific customer support mentions were provided, it's safe to assume that the positive reception includes support experiences, given the app's high ratings.

Is SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget good?

Boasting a 4.9-star rating across 122 reviews, SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget is clearly meeting user expectations, possibly due to its potent simplicity and the ubiquitous nature of WhatsApp. Although fewer reviews suggest a smaller user base, the higher rating may signal a highly satisfied niche market.

User Preference: Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form or SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget?

While Pify's larger number of reviews could indicate a broader appeal, SeedGrow's slightly higher rating suggests exceptional satisfaction in its user base. This dichotomy may be due to Pify's extensive customization capacity, which appeals to a wider audience, compared to SeedGrow's focused approach on leveraging WhatsApp's platform for customer engagement.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form Integrations:

Pify Form Builder integrates with notable tools like Mailchimp and PayPal, complementing a store's marketing and payment efforts with seamless data synchronization and transaction facilitation. The ease of these integrations, coupled with the benefits they bring, underscores Pify's commitment to an efficient and connected e-commerce environment.

SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget Integrations:

On the other hand, SeedGrow's integration with Google Analytics and PageFly, among others, facilitates a detailed analysis of customer interactions and allows for the creation of optimized landing pages respectively. These integrations, while fewer, are impactful, promoting a streamlined customer communication workflow that aligns with analytics and translation services.


Revisiting Pify Form Builder and SeedGrow WhatsApp Chat Widget, it's evident that both apps offer distinct advantages within the contact form sphere. User reviews laud their respective strengths, from Pify's customizable forms to SeedGrow's instantaneous WhatsApp connectivity. Integration capabilities also reflect these strengths, with Pify's multi-tool alignment and SeedGrow's focus on analytics and language versatility. The apps' standout strengths lie in their core offerings: Pify for its vast customization options and SeedGrow for its simplicity and convenience. Notably, areas such as direct integration with payment gateways could be a marker for future enhancement for SeedGrow, while Pify might focus on implementing a more direct communication channel similar to WhatsApp. Considering the customization needs and desired communication methods, businesses might opt for Pify if they value extensive form-building capabilities. Meanwhile, SeedGrow might be the preference for those who prioritize fast, direct messaging through a globally recognized platform. Both apps have carved out a niche within the Shopify ecosystem, offering compelling tools that cater to the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses.

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