Shopify Contact form Apps: Improved Contact Form vs AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Improved Contact Form Work?
  3. How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?
  4. How Much Does Improved Contact Form Cost?
  5. How much does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Improved Contact Form vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the evolving landscape of digital retail, contact forms serve as the bridge between business owners and their customers, with 74% of businesses using forms for lead generation and over half saying they're the tool with the highest conversion rate. As the backbone of customer interaction, contact form apps not only facilitate vital communication but also enable opportunities for sales and support. Shopify, recognizing this, hosts a plethora of apps to serve this need. Two such apps—Improved Contact Form and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms—stand out for their robust feature sets and integration capabilities. Both apps offer Shopify users a way to enhance customer engagement, but they take distinct approaches in their offerings. They each cater to merchants looking to seamlessly integrate forms into their ecosystems, streamlining customer interactions without compromising the user experience.

How Does Improved Contact Form Work?

Improved Contact Form offers a comprehensive approach to Shopify store engagement tools. Primarily designed to create a point of contact, it facilitates instant communication via a floating button and contact page. Beyond this, its widgets contribute to conversion optimization: lead capture forms, promotional banners, coupon popups, and social media buttons—all manageable with a few clicks. This versatility supports businesses of all sizes. Startups benefit from the fundamental features without investment, small to medium businesses can enhance customer targeting with advanced triggers and branding removal on mid-tier plans, while large enterprises will find the unlimited widgets capability of the Advanced Plan conducive to scaling up operations. A unique feature of Improved Contact Form is targeted widgets based on various user criteria, allowing businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience. Imagine a scenario where a new online store quickly gains popularity. The store could use the free Basic plan to manage initial customer interactions efficiently. As the traffic grows, the store might upgrade to Premium to employ targeted widgets, say a welcome discount only for first-time visitors, bolstering conversions. In later stages, when their catalogue expands, unlimited widgets from the Advanced plan could strategically guide customers through the sales funnel, from product discovery to checkout.

How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms boasts a user-friendly drag & drop interface, enabling the creation of custom forms that can serve a variety of purposes: feedback, donations, registrations, and more. It shines in its ability to integrate payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe directly into forms for a streamlined payment or donation process. Its flexibility is extended with conditional logic features, adding depth to how forms behave based on user input. The no-coding-required design aspect caters particularly well to startups and SMEs looking to capture more customers without hefty development resources. However, the capability to handle online payments and integrate with a notable range of third-party services, such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo, make it a strong candidate for larger businesses aiming to unify their customer data streams. Consider an organization hosting a charity event. They could utilize AAA Form Builder to quickly design a donation form, complete with online payment collection. This ease and functionality can significantly lower the barrier to entry for supporters to contribute, potentially increasing the overall donations received.

How Much Does Improved Contact Form Cost?

In today's market, cost efficiency cannot be overemphasized. Improved Contact Form caters to a range of budgets with a thoughtfully tiered pricing structure. The Basic plan is complimentary, supports three contact forms, and is sufficient for small businesses or startups just establishing their online presence. Premium is ideal for growing businesses, offering ten widgets at $12/month. Advanced businesses can leverage unlimited widgets and all Premium benefits for $29/month. The pricing reflects a business's maturing process: no upfront cost for startups, a nominal fee for growing businesses, and a upper-tier option for established players. No hidden fees are mentioned, making for a transparent user experience.

How much does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms cost?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms approaches pricing with a simpler, single-tier system. At $9/month, the Starter plan serves a wide range of needs, from creating custom forms with file uploads to design of specialized forms like registrations and donations. This uniform approach makes it clear and approachable, primarily for businesses that favor a straightforward solution without the need for scaling through additional plans.

Cost Analysis: Improved Contact Form vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

When cost is a focal point, Improved Contact Form lowers the entry barrier with its free tier, making it an appealing choice for new entrants, whereas AAA Form Builder starts with a paid plan. However, for just $9/month, AAA Form Builder includes functionalities that are only available in Improved Contact Form's Premium tier. The decision between the two may hinge on specific business needs and scalability, with Improved Contact Form's graduated pricing structure potentially offering greater flexibility for growing businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Improved Contact Form good?

Flaunting a solid 4.5-star rating from 234 reviews, Improved Contact Form appears to excel at satisfying customers. Users likely commend its ease of installation, the range of widget options, and responsiveness. The high rating suggests that the app meets the diverse needs of Shopify merchants. Although customer support specifics are not provided, the positive reviews imply that support is adequate, which is a critical factor in maintaining high user satisfaction.

Is AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms good?

Likewise, with a 4.5-star rating across 105 reviews, AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms commands a reputable standing. The volume of reviews, though lower, indicates a robust tool appreciated for its versatility and the capability to create and deploy forms swiftly. Customer support isn't outlined, but the consistent rating suggests that users are content with the support they're receiving alongside the app's functional design.

User Preference: Improved Contact Form or AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms?

Although both apps sport the same average rating, Improved Contact Form has garnered more reviews, which could point to a larger user base or a longer presence in the market. This might indicate a preference among users, possibly due to Improved Contact Form's free plan option and the scalability it offers.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Improved Contact Form Integrations:

Improved Contact Form nimbly integrates with mainstays like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, facilitating streamlined email marketing campaigns. These integrations are a boon for merchants focused on customer retention and maximizing their CRM efforts.

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Integrations:

AAA Form Builder advances with a more extensive suite of integrations. Apart from Mailchimp and Klaviyo, it aligns with PayPal and Stripe for payment processing and harnesses platforms like AiTrillion for wider marketing automation. This diversity suggests a potential edge in providing an all-in-one solution for dynamic form needs.


In the quest to find the ideal contact form solution on Shopify, Improved Contact Form and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms each bring unique strengths to the table. The former excels with a free entry point and services that scale with the business, while the latter offers simplicity and a comprehensive, feature-rich experience at a modest price point. User reviews herald both apps as capable contenders in their field. Integration capabilities reflect each app's intended scope of use; Improved Contact Form centers on essential CRM integration, whereas AAA Form Builder weaves a more intricate integration web suitable for diverse operational needs. Improved Contact Form may be the go-to for startups scaling to enterprise levels, thanks to its tiered offerings, while AAA Form Builder suits those seeking upfront value with a straightforward, affordable plan. In the end, the decision will hinge on a business's specific needs, growth trajectory, and integration requisites within the Shopify ecosystem.

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