Shopify Contact Form Apps: Hulk Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Improved Contact Form Work?
  4. How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Improved Contact Form Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Over 50% of consumers consider a brand's contact form as a pivotal touchpoint for establishing trust and reliability, putting a spotlight on the often-underestimated contact form. In the realm of e-commerce, where digital conversations dictate consumer loyalty, Contact Form apps serve as the bridge between shoppers' queries and merchants' responses. These tools are not just utilities; they are virtual sales associates responsible for customer engagement and support. In this comprehensive analysis, we pit two noteworthy contenders against each other: Hulk Form Builder and Improved Contact Form. These platforms bolster Shopify user experiences with a suite of options for form building, seamless integration with vital e-commerce tools, and a direct impact on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?

Hulk Form Builder is a powerhouse in form creation, enabling merchants to construct anything from simple contact forms to complex surveys. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, facilitating the design of forms that blend perfectly with a store's aesthetic. Its file upload capability comes with unlimited storage, and it includes advanced features such as conditional logic, which tailors the form flow based on user input, and UTM tracking for insightful analytics on the form's reach and engagement. Businesses of all sizes find value in Hulk Form Builder. Startups can leverage the basic plan's generous offerings to collect customer feedback without investment, whereas larger enterprises can utilize the advanced integrations and analytics tools to refine their marketing strategies. For a store running a special campaign, the dynamic value feature enables real-time personalization, greatly enhancing consumer interactions and standing out in memory.

How Does Improved Contact Form Work?

Improved Contact Form offers a simplified approach, focusing on accessibility and customer reach. Its standout feature is the omnipresent "contact us" button, creating an unobtrusive yet accessible avenue for communication on every page. The app caters to a degree of customization, allowing targeting by page, location, and device and comes with advanced triggers that engage users based on their behavior. The diverse widget functionality makes it a handy tool for small businesses looking to increase conversion without significant alteration to their current website layout. For medium to large enterprises, the Advanced plan provides unlimited widget publishing and the removal of branding, enveloping the customer in the store's fully-branded experience.

How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?

Cost-effectiveness in Contact Form solutions allows for greater investment in other business growth areas. Hulk Form Builder's tiers are thoughtfully structured to cater to differing business needs. The Basic Plan is free, targeting newly established stores that need essential form functionalities without the overhead. The Pro Plan, at $9.90/month, introduces marketing tools and custom domain connections, suitable for growing businesses scaling their operations. Lastly, the Pro+ Plan at $19.90/month, with its third-party integrations and enhanced submission restrictions, meets the needs of large-scale enterprises looking for robust form solutions. There are no hidden fees across the plans, ensuring transparency and helping businesses budget effectively.

How Much Does Improved Contact Form Cost?

Improved Contact Form provides accessible pricing. Its Basic plan is a no-cost option featuring essential widgets and branding. Scaling up, the Premium, at $12/month, adds sophisticated targeting and trigger mechanisms sans branding – perfect for evolving stores prioritizing brand consistency. Finally, the Advanced plan at $29/month offers unlimited widget publishing, appealing to established enterprises with diverse needs across numerous web pages. This app, too, is upfront with pricing. This candor is crucial for businesses as unexpected costs can deter use and dampen trust in a service.

Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Improved Contact Form

Hulk Form Builder emerges as the more budget-friendly option with its intermediate tier being slightly cheaper than Improved Contact Form's starting paid tier. However, price alone doesn't paint the full picture. Improved Contact Form caters to stores focusing on straightforward, targeted engagement tools, potentially providing a more direct value for certain businesses. Neither app currently advertises direct promotions, but their free tiers function as an extended trial allowing merchants to understand each tool's value proposition before financial commitment.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Hulk Form Builder Good?

With an impressive 4.9 stars rating from 1057 reviews, Hulk Form Builder evidently hits the mark with the user base. Shoppers likely appreciate the app's extensive features and the tailor-made forms that reflect the careful consideration each store gives to their customers' journey. Quality customer support is often a catalyst for high ratings, and Hulk Form Builder's ratings suggest that users are satisfied with the level of support received.

Is Improved Contact Form Good?

A 4.5-star rating from 234 reviews points to a healthy level of satisfaction amongst Improved Contact Form users. This rating performance can be attributed to the app's ease of integration, simplicity in design, and the straightforward value it offers through its engagement widgets. High ratings also hint at proficient customer service, which, in turn, boosts user confidence in the tool.

User Preference: Hulk Form Builder or Improved Contact Form?

Considering the higher rating and larger user review pool, Hulk Form Builder appears to have a stronger foothold in user satisfaction. This might be due to its broader feature set and generous free tier. Still, preferences are shaped by specific needs—some users may prioritize simplicity over breadth, which could influence the favor towards Improved Contact Form for certain audiences.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Hulk Form Builder Integrations:

Hulk Form Builder boasts a roster of heavyweight integrations like Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, and Zapier, suggesting a high level of compatibility and ease of integration.

Improved Contact Form Integrations:

Improved Contact Form's integrations focus on email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. This more niche suite implies ease of use but may not provide the extensive connectivity larger stores require.


Both Hulk Form Builder and Improved Contact Form offer different edges in the contact form arena. Hulk Form Builder stands out with an extensive array of features and customization options, while Improved Contact Form excels at providing a straightforward, accessible contact solution. User reviews are predominantly positive for both, but Hulk Form Builder's higher ratings and larger sample size indicate a wider user acceptance. In terms of integrations, each caters to its strengths—extensive for Hulk Form Builder, concise for Improved Contact Form. In closing, Hulk Form Builder could be the go-to for businesses seeking deep customization, while Improved Contact Form offers simplicity and ease-of-use for businesses that value straightforward customer engagement tools. Your choice depends on what you value most: depth and breadth of functionalities or focused ease of interaction.

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Pricing Structure:

Hulk Form Builder believes in clear and upfront pricing. Enjoy a 5-day free trial to explore the full capabilities of the app, and then choose from multiple tiered pricing options designed to fit your business's scale and needs. Whether you're just starting out or running an established enterprise, there's a plan that suits your budget.

Merchant Feedback:

With a stellar rating of 4.9 and over 1057 reviews, merchants are vocal about their satisfaction with Hulk Form Builder. Users celebrate the app for its intuitive interface and comprehensive customization options. It's clear that the exemplary customer support and effective integrations contribute to the app's high acclaim in the Shopify community.

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