Shopify Contact form Apps: Hulk Form Builder vs Hulk Contact Us Form

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does Hulk Contact Us Form Work?
  4. How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does Hulk Contact Us Form Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Hulk Contact Us Form
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine a bridge that connects your business to the bustling marketplace of ideas, feedback, and user engagement - this is the role of a contact form. In the digital landscape where customer interactions can make or break a business, integrating a powerful contact form is indispensable in fostering these essential connections. Hulk Form Builder and Hulk Contact Us Form emerge as significant players, offering an array of contact form solutions designed to enhance user interactions and streamline the communication process. These apps not only simplify integration with leading platforms but also amplify the user experience by offering customizable form options that cater to diverse business needs.

How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?

At its core, the Hulk Form Builder app is a versatile tool that aids businesses in creating various forms. With its intuitive design, the app facilitates the construction of anything from simple contact forms to complex, dynamic forms. What sets Hulk Form Builder apart is its exhaustive feature set, which allows businesses of all sizes to tailor their forms meticulously to match their brand. Advanced features like unlimited storage for file uploads, conditional logic, and integration with email notifications make the app suitable for SMEs and larger enterprises aiming to optimize their workflow. For example, a company could leverage the UTM Tracking feature to gain insights into form submission metrics in marketing campaigns, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

How Does Hulk Contact Us Form Work?

Parallel to its sibling's functionalities, Hulk Contact Us Form prides itself on user-friendliness and customizability. Starting with a foundational set of features that include Google ReCaptcha and a variety of field types, the app scales up to offer popup forms, email reporting, and autoresponders. It's particularly beneficial for businesses seeking a sleek yet robust contact solution that won't overwhelm users. An auto boutique could use the Pro Plan to send personalized follow-up emails after each service inquiry, crafting a more personalized customer journey.

How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?

In a world where cost considerations are king, Hulk Form Builder presents a three-tiered pricing structure that caters to various business needs without imposing financial strain. Starting with a Basic Plan at no cost, suitable for startups, it extends to Pro ($9.90/month) and Pro+ ($19.90/month) options for more established businesses requiring additional features like Google Sheets or Slack integration. There are no hidden fees, ensuring transparency and ease of budgeting.

How Much Does Hulk Contact Us Form Cost?

Hulk Contact Us Form proposes a two-pronged pricing model with its Starter Plan at $10/month and Pro Plan at $16/month, alongside a Development Plan available for free. This array allows businesses from those in nascent stages to those looking to polish their customer engagement strategies to choose an appropriate level of service. Small businesses can start with the Starter Plan, scaling up to the Pro Plan to exploit advanced features like email auto-responders as they expand.

Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. Hulk Contact Us Form

When comparing the two, Hulk Form Builder stands out for its free basic entry-point and tiered plans topping out at a lower monthly cost than the highest tier of Hulk Contact Us Form. This might suggest a better value for companies that require extensive form customization without significant monetary investment. Both apps lack any pronounced promotional deals, steering the decision more towards feature demands rather than price promotions.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Hulk Form Builder good?

The stellar average rating of 4.9 stars, courtesy of 1057 users, implies a thriving user base satisfied with Hulk Form Builder's capabilities. This high approval likely stems from its robust features, such as seamless Shopify Flow and Klaviyo integration, which streamline marketing and communication efforts.

Is Hulk Contact Us Form good?

With a commendable average rating of 4.7 stars from 296 reviews, Hulk Contact Us Form stands as a strong contender in user satisfaction. Customers likely resonate with its straightforward setup and customizable templates. While the reviews are fewer in number, the satisfaction level remains high, pointing to a consistently good performance and user experience.

User Preference: Hulk Form Builder or Hulk Contact Us Form?

Given the higher number of reviews and slightly better rating, Hulk Form Builder appears to have a slight edge in user preference. This could be attributed to its broader range of functionalities and the allure of a free plan, making it accessible for a wider user group.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Hulk Form Builder Integrations:

Hulk Form Builder scores high marks for its integration capabilities, allowing businesses to automate and streamline their operations by working in harmony with platforms like Google Sheets, Zapier, and Stripe. These integrations are not just about connectivity; they extend the app's functionality significantly.

Hulk Contact Us Form Integrations:

Hulk Contact Us Form may feature fewer integrations but includes powerhouses like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. These are crucial for businesses focused on tracking and optimizing user interactions and conversion rates.


The tapestry of features weaved by Hulk Form Builder and Hulk Contact Us Form paints a vivid picture of two robust apps that enhance user engagement. Both have garnered positive sentiment from users, with Hulk Form Builder perhaps edging forward with a more diverse range of options and higher rating. However, the specific needs of a business—be it simplicity and elegance over extensive customization—will ultimately guide the choice between these two strong contenders. For sheer versatility and depth of features, Hulk Form Builder might be the go-to, while for those seeking a more focused building of contact forms, Hulk Contact Us Form may present the ideal solution. In either case, Shopify store owners are well-equipped to create a bridge to their users that is both sturdy and reflective of their brand's ethos.

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Choosing the perfect form app for your Shopify store can feel overwhelming. With so many options, how do you find the one that truly aligns with your needs? Look no further. Hulk Form Builder by HulkApps is not just another app in the Contact Form category—it's the partner your store has been waiting for.

Key Features:

Hulk Form Builder stands out with its robust features that cater to businesses of all sizes. Here's what makes it special:

  • Diverse Range of Forms: Whether you need simple contact forms or complex surveys, Hulk Form Builder has got you covered.
  • Smooth Workflow Compatibility: Easily integrates with Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Stripe, and more for a seamless experience.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor every element to match your store's branding with flexible design options.
  • Advanced Security: Google reCaptcha helps prevent spam and ensure that only genuine users can make submissions.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Your forms will look great and function perfectly on any device.

Why We Recommend Hulk Form Builder:

We understand the importance of having a reliable, powerful, and user-friendly form solution for your Shopify store. That's why we recommend Hulk Form Builder—it's designed with precision to enhance customer engagement and gather valuable data effortlessly. Its conditional logic and dynamic field features allow your forms to be as simple or sophisticated as your business requires. Plus, it offers an incredible free plan to get you started!

Pricing Structure:

Hulk Form Builder believes in clear and upfront pricing. Enjoy a 5-day free trial to explore the full capabilities of the app, and then choose from multiple tiered pricing options designed to fit your business's scale and needs. Whether you're just starting out or running an established enterprise, there's a plan that suits your budget.

Merchant Feedback:

With a stellar rating of 4.9 and over 1057 reviews, merchants are vocal about their satisfaction with Hulk Form Builder. Users celebrate the app for its intuitive interface and comprehensive customization options. It's clear that the exemplary customer support and effective integrations contribute to the app's high acclaim in the Shopify community.

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