Shopify Contact Form Apps: Hulk Form Builder vs AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?
  4. How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In a digital marketplace where every interaction can be pivotal, the importance of a seamless contact form cannot be overstated. These digital gateways facilitate not just conversations but can be the linchpin in converting a visitor into a loyal customer. Simplifying the contact process enhances customer experience and serves as a barometer for customer service efficiency. Enter Hulk Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms—two prominent players in the Shopify ecosystem offering robust form solutions to e-commerce storefronts. Designed with integration in mind, both apps promise to bolster customer engagement through their wide range of features.

How Does Hulk Form Builder Work?

Hulk Form Builder by extends beyond basic forms, enabling merchants to craft multifaceted contact points tailored to their business needs. It shines with its unlimited storage for file uploads and conditional logic for field customization. The Pro+ Plan's integrations—like Google Sheets, Slack, and Zapier—streamline workflows across platforms while elevating the forms' functionality. The four-tiered plan structure allows businesses of any size, from startups to large enterprises, to find a fit that's right for them. Imagine a small business benefitting from the Basic Plan's respondent notifications, or a large retailer harnessing UTM tracking from the Pro Plan for marketing insights—Hulk Form Builder caters to a spectrum of needs.

How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms by AAAeCommerce Inc takes a user-friendly approach, with a focus on crafting custom forms rapidly without delving into code. Its Starter Plan includes file uploads and custom registration capabilities, ensuring businesses can capture more clients efficiently. Small operations and individual entrepreneurs will appreciate the simplicity of building forms such as donation or feedback forms, while larger organizations can leverage the integration with payment services such as PayPal and Stripe for transactions.

How Much Does Hulk Form Builder Cost?

For e-commerce ventures, aligning cost with functionality is crucial. Hulk Form Builder begins with a generous Basic Plan at no cost, perfect for businesses testing the waters with form building. Graduating to the Pro Plan at $9.90/month unlocks advanced features like UTM tracking—a boon for analytically minded operations. At $19.90/month, the Pro+ Plan gives access to even more robust integrations useful for larger businesses with complex systems. Importantly, the absence of setup fees or hidden charges underscores the app’s value centricity.

How Much Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Cost?

On the flip side, AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms’ singular Starter Plan, priced at $9/month, offers a straightforward option. The lack of tiered pricing suggests a one-size-fits-all philosophy, potentially suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking for uncomplicated form creation with payment solutions.

Cost Analysis: Hulk Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

In comparing the two, Hulk Form Builder's free entry-tier may entice cost-conscious businesses, while its diverse plans cater to growing businesses seeking scalability. AAA Form Builder's competitive flat rate will appeal to those prioritizing simplicity without the need for scaling options. Promotions and trial periods are absent in both offerings, emphasizing the importance of feature evaluation over short-term incentives.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Hulk Form Builder Good?

With an impressive 4.9 stars gathered from 1057 reviews, Hulk Form Builder's users seem to be benefiting from its extensive features and reliable functionality. This rating could reflect satisfaction with its customizable forms that resonate with customer-centric businesses. Furthermore, quality customer support might be deduced as instrumental in this high rating, although specific feedback is not available.

Is AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Good?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms, though lesser-known with 105 reviews, still maintains a respectable 4.5-star rating. This indicates a solid performance, especially around its payment integration capabilities which likely fortifies its standing among e-commerce businesses looking for payment-enabled forms.

User Preference: Hulk Form Builder or AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms?

Considering user ratings and reviews, Hulk Form Builder appears to be the crowd favorite, likely due to its scalability and range of functionalities. AAA Form Builder, while more limited in scope, serves those seeking a straightforward solution. This dichotomy hints at a market that values both depth and simplicity in contact form solutions.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Hulk Form Builder Integrations:

Hulk Form Builder boasts an impressive lineup of integrations including Shopify Flow, and marketing tools like Klaviyo, making it a formidable ally for merchants seeking an interconnected ecosystem.

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Integrations:

AAA Form Builder, while providing integrations with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, positions itself for those prioritizing customer communications and payment functionalities.


After dissecting the features, benefits, and integration capabilities of Hulk Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms, it's clear that both serve the Contact form market with distinction. Hulk Form Builder stands out for its scalability and advanced integrations, while AAA Form Builder wins on simplicity and ease of use. The strength of Hulk Form Builder lies in its extensive feature set and adaptable plans. Conversely, its heavy arsenal might overwhelm smaller outfits looking for simplicity. AAA Form Builder, although robust, could expand its linguistic access and multi-tiered options. Businesses embarking on e-commerce ventures requiring intricate form design and data capture might lean towards Hulk Form Builder. In contrast, those seeking an uncomplicated yet effective solution may find AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms more aligned with their needs. When it comes to overall value, features, and user satisfaction, it seems Hulk Form Builder has a slight edge in the Contact form arena. However, the final choice should hinge on individual business needs and the weight given to scale, complexity, and integration potential.

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Why We Recommend Hulk Form Builder:

We understand the importance of having a reliable, powerful, and user-friendly form solution for your Shopify store. That's why we recommend Hulk Form Builder—it's designed with precision to enhance customer engagement and gather valuable data effortlessly. Its conditional logic and dynamic field features allow your forms to be as simple or sophisticated as your business requires. Plus, it offers an incredible free plan to get you started!

Pricing Structure:

Hulk Form Builder believes in clear and upfront pricing. Enjoy a 5-day free trial to explore the full capabilities of the app, and then choose from multiple tiered pricing options designed to fit your business's scale and needs. Whether you're just starting out or running an established enterprise, there's a plan that suits your budget.

Merchant Feedback:

With a stellar rating of 4.9 and over 1057 reviews, merchants are vocal about their satisfaction with Hulk Form Builder. Users celebrate the app for its intuitive interface and comprehensive customization options. It's clear that the exemplary customer support and effective integrations contribute to the app's high acclaim in the Shopify community.

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