Shopify Buy One Get One (BOGO) Apps: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Work?
  3. How Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?
  4. How Much Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Cost?
  5. How Much Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs. GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine boosting your sales effortlessly by tapping into the psychology of shopping deals. Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, a timeless staple in the world of promotions, have proven to increase customer satisfaction and sales volumes. In the competitive e-commerce arena, BOGO apps are invaluable tools for store owners looking to attract customers with appealing offers. Shopify users have a range of apps to choose from, but today, we hone in on two notable contenders: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO. These apps provide diverse BOGO options and offer seamless integration, thus enhancing the shopping experience and potentially lifting sales metrics.

How Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Work?

BOGOS navigates the complex world of promotions with a seemingly simple yet profoundly versatile set of features. From automatic free gifts upon hitting a purchase threshold to the buy one get one classic, BOGOS caters to a variety of promotional needs. For instance, businesses can set up promotions such as buying Product A to receive Gift B or utilize gift cards as part of the purchase incentive. When analyzing its utility across businesses of varying scales, it's apparent that BOGOS's array of features can serve the entrepreneurial solo venture just as effectively as it can serve a burgeoning enterprise, encouraging purchases in a scalable fashion. Unique functionalities, like auto-adding a free gift to the cart, enhance customer satisfaction by simplifying the shopping process. Envision a scenario where a first-time visitor is swayed into becoming a repeat customer, thanks to the smooth operation of a well-implemented BOGO strategy powered by BOGOS.

How Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO operates on similar principles to encourage customer spending. Creating an allure with additional products as gifts is the app's specialty, endorsing the simple idea that everyone loves a free gift. The app allows for a range of customizable offers to suit the dynamics of any store. Its recent launch indicates that GA may have a more modern approach to customer engagement compared to more established alternatives. The app's streamlined experience in including additional products to the cart without disrupting the customer journey is ideal for those emphasizing non-intrusive marketing. This hands-off approach could be especially attractive to budding businesses focusing on customer experience or larger enterprises looking to simplify complex promotional campaigns.

How Much Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Cost?

For those considering a practical and sustainable investment in their promotional strategies, BOGOS reveals a four-tiered pricing structure aimed at different-sized ventures: - Basic at $29.99/month, ideal for new Shopify shops - Professional at $49.99/month, suitable for more established businesses - Unlimited at $69.99/month, crafted for advanced shops - Plus at $99.99/month, the flagship tier for Shopify Plus merchants There are no hidden fees, resulting in a straightforward, predictable cost. This transparent pricing caters to enterprises at various stages of growth, each looking to maximize their return on investment through effective promotions.

How Much Does GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Cost?

At the time of examination, GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO does not offer published pricing tiers, presenting a possible advantage or disadvantage depending on undisclosed factors. This poses a challenge in assessing its total cost of ownership compared to BOGOS.

Cost Analysis: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs. GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

A cost comparison naturally favors BOGOS due to the lack of accessible pricing data for GA. BOGOS, with its multitude of plans, offers scalability that can align with a company’s growth trajectory. While GA’s cost remains a mystery, potential users might infer that the lack of published pricing could mean customizable plans that adapt to specific needs.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Good?

The stellar average rating of 4.8 stars from over 1500 reviews underscores the app's reliability and user satisfaction. This high rating suggests that users may appreciate the diversity in promotional mechanisms and the app’s ability to integrate with other Shopify apps, as well as the assistance provided by the live chat support team.

Is GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Good?

GA matches BOGOS in its 4.8-star rating, although it rests on a smaller review foundation, with 126 total reviews. This could indicate a similarly high level of user satisfaction, possibly attributed to its effective promotion strategies and streamlined gift inclusion process.

User Preference: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y or GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO?

Though both apps boast nearly identical ratings, the significantly higher number of reviews for BOGOS could suggest a greater level of trust and a longer history of satisfied users. However, newer users may lean towards GA if they value smaller, more recent feedback loops and potentially more innovative features.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Integrations:

BOGOS takes pride in its diverse compatibility with Shopify technologies and tools such as Checkout, Subscriptions, Facebook Pixels, and more, potentially enhancing user experience and furthermore augmenting a store’s promotional aims.

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO Integrations:

GA’s integration capabilities are not disclosed which may affect the app's versatility in certain environments.


In sum, both BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO demonstrate strengths in amplifying promotional potential within Shopify stores. BOGOS's time-tested presence and proven user satisfaction make it a reliable choice, while GA's newer platform indicates potential for fresh, innovative approaches to the classic BOGO. Whilst both apps cater to the essential goal of enhancing sales through promotions, the choice between them will depend on the requirements of individual business models—those seeking established rapport and a breadth of integration compatibility might opt for BOGOS, while those preferring a possibly more tailored approach might lean towards GA. As always, the final decision should be as thoughtful and customer-focused as the promotions these apps are designed to support.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to enhancing your Shopify store's offering with Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, it's vital to have the tools that allow for seamless product customization and options. While BOGO apps focus on promotions, the SC Product Options app by Shop Circle goes a step further, providing in-depth product customization that can be an excellent complement to any promotion you run.

Key Features

SC Product Options (formerly known as Bold) offers an arsenal of tools to enrich your product pages:

  • Limitless customization: Introduce infinite variants and options.
  • Advanced conditional logic: Exhibit smart and related product choices.
  • Color swatches and variant images: Make it visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Text boxes and file uploads: Cater to personalized customer requests.
  • Reduce returns: Offer exact customization to minimize unnecessary returns.

Why We Recommend SC Product Options

Selecting the right app to complement your BOGO deals and overall business strategy is crucial. Here’s why we stand behind SC Product Options:

  1. Enhance Product Value: By offering tailored options, you add intrinsic value to your products, which can work hand-in-hand with BOGO deals to provide customers more reasons to purchase.
  2. Upsell Opportunity: This tool can be the engine behind increased Average Order Values (AOV) by promoting complementary customized products alongside BOGO offers.
  3. High Compatibility: The app's compatibility with other Shopify services ensures a smooth operational flow within your store.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Customization can lead to higher satisfaction as customers receive products tailored to their specific needs.

Pricing Structure

Whatever your store's size, there's a plan that fits:

  • Basic: For $14.99/month, unlock unlimited options and round-the-clock support.
  • Premium: At $39.99/month, you get everything from Basic plus upsell features and more advanced customization capabilities.
  • Developer: Experiment with the app for free on your dev store, and only start paying once you go live.

Merchant Feedback

A strong average rating of 4.7 stars garners trust, and feedback from merchants highlights the value SC Product Options adds — both to the store management process and the bottom line.


A BOGO deal attracts, but the ability to thoroughly personalize a product is what endears customers to your brand. Hence, integrating SC Product Options into your Shopify store could be the differentiator you need.

Ready to elevate your customers' shopping experience? Explore SC Product Options today and see how a simple integration can lead to meaningful outcomes for your store.