Shopify Buy one Apps: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Work?
  3. How Does Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks Work?
  4. How Much Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Cost?
  5. How much does Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Did you know that promotions like "Buy One Get One" (BOGO) can significantly uplift retail sales? In the world of online shopping, these types of deals are powerful tools to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and drive customer loyalty. Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, hosts a plethora of apps designed to enhance the shopping experience and boost business outcomes through clever promotional strategies. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of two notable 'Buy One' apps within Shopify's ecosystem – 'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' by Secomapp and 'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' by Mat De Sousa. Both apps have established themselves as key players in enriching shopping experiences by providing a range of enticing options to customers, seamlessly integrating with other platforms, and thereby influencing the overall success of a Shopify store.

How Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Work?

'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' extends a customizable gifting solution to shoppers. The app caters to a wide spectrum of promotional strategies, from straightforward free gifts upon a certain purchase value to more complex 'Buy 1, Get 1' setups. It's designed to streamline customer incentives, ensuring the offers are smoothly integrated into the shop's interface with a variety of options for customization. This app serves businesses of all sizes, enabling them to amplify their offerings without complicating the purchase process. For a startup, the 'Auto add to cart' feature could simplify promotions, whereas larger enterprises might leverage the extensive 'Gift card' options for a sophisticated reward system. What sets BOGOS apart is its adaptability across business tiers—whether it's a one-time pop-up promotion for a holiday sale or a permanent fixture in the store's rewards system. Imagine a scenario where a customer is on the fence about making a purchase. BOGOS's 'Gift with purchase' feature might just tip the scales, converting hesitation into a sale.

How Does Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks Work?

On the flip side, 'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' focuses on volume discounts and product bundling. Rather than individually listed variants, Wide Bundles integrates a widget that allows customers to easily navigate through different bundles, helping them see savings directly. Think of it as a streamlined path to savings: fewer clicks, clearer value, happier customers. For fledgling shops, adding a 'Quantity button' could seamlessly nudge customers to buy more. More established businesses can dig into 'Swatch colors' and 'Badges' to make their discounts pop. Its standout feature is the removal of the variant selector which simplifies the buying process, potentially boosting conversion metrics. How does this translate in practice? Visualize a customer deliberating over a singular purchase. The app not only highlights the savings with larger quantities but also adds a visual appeal that harmonizes with the store's branding.

How Much Does BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Cost?

Evaluated within the context of cost-effectiveness, 'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' offers four plans, with price points ranging from $29.99 to $99.99 per month. Each offers its own set of features and capabilities designed to suit various business needs—from those just starting out to enterprise-level operations. There are no extra charges or hidden fees, ensuring transparency.

How much does Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks cost?

'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' provides a simpler structure with only two plans. The Basic Plan stands at $18 per month, while the Advanced Plan is set at $36 per month. The latter includes additional customization features like swatches and badges. Importantly, these straightforward options present a clear picture of what businesses can expect regarding finances as they select the tier that best aligns with their needs.

Cost Analysis: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y vs. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks

A direct comparison shows that 'Wide Bundles' comes in at a more budget-friendly entry point compared to 'BOGOS'. While 'BOGOS' scales up with more feature-rich plans, 'Wide Bundles' offers substantial functionality even at its Basic Plan level. Neither app presently mentions promotional offers or trial periods, but both present clear value propositions at each pricing tier for altering the dynamics of purchase incentives.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y good?

With an impressive 4.8-star average rating from over 1,500 reviews, it’s clear that 'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' is well-regarded by its users. The high rating likely reflects user satisfaction with the app's broad range of promotional options and its contribution to conversion rates. The mention of a live chat support team suggests that user experience is underpinned by accessible customer service.

Is Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks good?

'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' edges ahead slightly with a 4.9-star rating from 757 reviews, indicating that its users also appreciate the effectiveness and ease of use of the app. Users might be responding favorably to the app’s aesthetic customization options and its compatibility with page builders and upsell apps.

User Preference: BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y or Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks?

While both apps enjoy high ratings, 'BOGOS' has double the number of reviews, suggesting a broader user base. This could be attributed to its longer presence in the market or its wider array of features. Nevertheless, 'Wide Bundles' higher rating, albeit from fewer users, indicates that it excels in its specific offering.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y Integrations:

'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' supports integrations with checkout systems, subscription models, Facebook Pixels, and more. This level of compatibility underscores its flexibility and relevance for a wide range of e-commerce stores, potentially enhancing marketing and sales strategies through additional data insights and customer retention tactics.

Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks Integrations:

Conversely, 'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' integrates with page-building apps like GemPages and PageFly, in addition to upsell tools. The focus here is on seamless design integration and upsell synergy, offering a streamlined shopping experience that can potentially lead to increased conversions and AOV.


'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' and 'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' each bring a unique set of strengths to the Shopify platform. The former offers an expansive range of promotional strategies, while the latter capitalizes on simplifying the customer's decision-making process. While user reviews lean in favor of 'BOGOS' regarding volume, 'Wide Bundles' holds its own with a slightly higher average rating. Each app's integration capacity taps into different yet vital parts of the e-commerce space, with 'BOGOS' emphasizing broad marketing integrations and 'Wide Bundles' focusing on design congruence and upsell optimization. Ultimately, the choice between 'BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y' and 'Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks' may come down to specific business goals. If the target is to offer a rich array of custom promotional options, 'BOGOS' might be the go-to solution. For those prioritizing a simplified, visually integrated bundle approach, 'Wide Bundles' might be the clear favorite.

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