Shopify BOGO Apps: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Work?
  3. How Does GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?
  4. How Much Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Cost?
  5. How much does GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs. GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The promise of getting something extra for free never fails to attract customers. Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions are a powerful strategy employed to increase sales, often resulting in improved average order values. Shopify, the ecommerce giant, is home to several apps designed to facilitate BOGO deals, making these incentives not just enticing for customers but also easily manageable for store owners. Two notable contenders in the arena of BOGO apps are BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO. Both aim at simplifying the creation and management of BOGO offers while providing unique value propositions tailored to augment user experience and potentially boost revenue.

How Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Work?

BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell by WizzCommerce stands out with its multifaceted approach to offering a variety of promotions. It assists merchants in maximizing their sales through enticing strategies such as buy 1 get 1, free gifts with purchase, and volume discounts. This versatility means that whether you’re a startup or an established multinational, you have a suite of tools at your disposal to incentivize customers. Businesses can create a custom-tailored user journey with features like free gifts auto-add based on cart amount, volume discounts with quantity breaks, and advanced configurations including customer tags. The impact on engagement can be significant, as customers are often motivated by deals that appear as they shop, encouraging them to increase their cart size to meet the requirements of the promotion. Imagine a small business during the holiday season using the countdown timer to create urgency, or a larger enterprise utilizing customer tags to offer personalized deals—BOGO+ offers solutions that enhance customer experiences and, by extension, businesses' bottom lines.

How Does GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO Work?

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO by GoodApps focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. It enables stores to effortlessly design custom BOGO offers that allure shoppers to spend more. With features to track revenue and AOV (Average Order Value), the app offers insights that can guide future marketing strategies. It’s straightforward for businesses to set up conditions for promotions, enticing customers to add more items to their carts for that sought-after free gift. This simplicity can be particularly appealing to newer or smaller operations that desire a no-fuss solution to drive sales without the need for extensive customization.

How Much Does BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Cost?

Cost plays a crucial role when selecting a BOGO app. BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell offers tiered pricing, catering to different business sizes. The BASIC plan at $9.85/month meets the needs of smaller stores with essential features. The PROFESSIONAL and ADVANCED plans, priced at $19.85 and $34.85 per month respectively, are tailored for more substantial businesses needing broader capabilities. Additionally, there is a free plan for development stores, ensuring that new entrants can experiment with BOGO deals.

How much does GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO cost?

Pricing details for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO were not provided, suggesting that interested users might need to contact the developer directly for this information. This can be seen as a limitation for businesses that need immediate clarity on costs.

Cost Analysis: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell vs. GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO

A direct cost comparison is challenging without the pricing details for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO. However, BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell’s transparent pricing structure aids potential users in making an informed decision based on their budget constraints and feature requirements.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell good?

With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 161 reviews, BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell appears to deliver on its promises. Users likely value the tangible impact on sales and the extensive support, including live chat assistance. The dedication to continuous improvement based on user feedback also suggests a responsive customer service ethos.

Is GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO good?

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO receives a strong 4.8-star rating from 126 reviews, indicating satisfaction with its functionality and ease of use. Given the importance users place on a seamless shopping experience, the app’s streamlined approach to managing promotions is probably a contributing factor.

User Preference: BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell or GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO?

While both apps are highly rated, BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell edges out slightly in user preference. This could be due to the app’s broader language support and possibly its pricing transparency.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell Integrations:

BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell supports multiple languages, which could be an advantage for stores with an international customer base. However, specific platform integrations weren't listed.

GA: Free Gift,Buy X Get Y+BOGO Integrations:

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO also did not list any specific platform integrations.


When considering a BOGO app, both BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell and GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO offer compelling features. BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell stands out with its varied and customizable plans, while GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO offers a streamlined simplicity that could be perfect for some businesses. The user ratings for each app are an indicator of solid performance and each has its strengths like the language support and live chat for BOGO+ and the focus on a seamless shopping experience for GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO. When selecting a BOGO app, consider your particular business size, your need for customization, and the level of support you’re likely to require. While BOGO+ might be suited for those looking for extensive features and support, GA: Free Gift may cater to those seeking basic functionality with peace of mind.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

When it comes to enhancing your Shopify store's offering with Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, it's vital to have the tools that allow for seamless product customization and options. While BOGO apps focus on promotions, the SC Product Options app by Shop Circle goes a step further, providing in-depth product customization that can be an excellent complement to any promotion you run.

Key Features

SC Product Options (formerly known as Bold) offers an arsenal of tools to enrich your product pages:

  • Limitless customization: Introduce infinite variants and options.
  • Advanced conditional logic: Exhibit smart and related product choices.
  • Color swatches and variant images: Make it visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Text boxes and file uploads: Cater to personalized customer requests.
  • Reduce returns: Offer exact customization to minimize unnecessary returns.

Why We Recommend SC Product Options

Selecting the right app to complement your BOGO deals and overall business strategy is crucial. Here’s why we stand behind SC Product Options:

  1. Enhance Product Value: By offering tailored options, you add intrinsic value to your products, which can work hand-in-hand with BOGO deals to provide customers more reasons to purchase.
  2. Upsell Opportunity: This tool can be the engine behind increased Average Order Values (AOV) by promoting complementary customized products alongside BOGO offers.
  3. High Compatibility: The app's compatibility with other Shopify services ensures a smooth operational flow within your store.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Customization can lead to higher satisfaction as customers receive products tailored to their specific needs.

Pricing Structure

Whatever your store's size, there's a plan that fits:

  • Basic: For $14.99/month, unlock unlimited options and round-the-clock support.
  • Premium: At $39.99/month, you get everything from Basic plus upsell features and more advanced customization capabilities.
  • Developer: Experiment with the app for free on your dev store, and only start paying once you go live.

Merchant Feedback

A strong average rating of 4.7 stars garners trust, and feedback from merchants highlights the value SC Product Options adds — both to the store management process and the bottom line.


A BOGO deal attracts, but the ability to thoroughly personalize a product is what endears customers to your brand. Hence, integrating SC Product Options into your Shopify store could be the differentiator you need.

Ready to elevate your customers' shopping experience? Explore SC Product Options today and see how a simple integration can lead to meaningful outcomes for your store.