Shopify Blogs Apps: Related Blog Posts Pro vs Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Related Blog Posts Pro Work?
  3. How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?
  4. How Much Does Related Blog Posts Pro Cost?
  5. How Much Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Related Blog Posts Pro vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Imagine you have a goldmine of content, but it lies hidden, buried under the digital noise. This is the challenge many online merchants face. Blogs not only harness the power of storytelling to connect with customers but also enhance search engine optimization (SEO), ultimately driving traffic and sales. In the vast Shopify ecosystem, blog apps play a pivotal role in bringing content to the forefront, thereby enriching the user experience and bolstering brand narratives. Two notable champions in this arena are Related Blog Posts Pro and Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder, which offer seamless integration with Shopify and promise to amplify your blogging impact. We will delve deep into their capabilities to see how they can optimize your blogging efforts and bolster your online presence.

How Does Related Blog Posts Pro Work?

Related Blog Posts Pro is a straightforward tool designed to heighten reader engagement and enhance SEO on your Shopify blog. Its central feature is the recommendation of relevant articles to readers once they finish a blog post, similar to what you would find on leading content platforms. This keeps readers engaged and on-site for longer periods—crucial for both SEO and customer retention. Its simplicity is its strength, with customizable settings allowing you to fine-tune relevance with tags, omit certain blogs from suggestions, and display images. The app comes with themes that integrate with your Shopify store's designs, ensuring a cohesive user experience. Moreover, by providing quality internal links, the app promotes better SEO, a vital advantage for all business scales—from burgeoning startups to established enterprises. Picture a scenario where a customer reads an article about the latest fashion trends and is instantly recommended posts about accessory matching—this leads to a richer customer experience and higher chances of conversion.

How Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Work?

In contrast to the simplicity of Related Blog Posts Pro, Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder is a robust, feature-laden app aimed at creating bespoke blog experiences. At its core is a drag-and-drop editor, empowering users to build customized blogs that mirror their brand's aesthetic. With tools for migrating old posts or importing new ones from Google Docs, Bloggle enhances both user experience (UX) and SEO, giving stores the edge over competitors. Adding products to blog articles is just a two-click process—a boon for driving organic revenue. Furthermore, each article comes with automatic SEO suggestions, a feature that is as beneficial for novices as it is for seasoned marketers. Bloggle also assures speed optimization and round-the-clock support. Visualize a store where the blog is not only content-rich but also visually aligned with the brand's theme, providing targeted SEO tips that propel the store's visibility on search engines. That's the kind of effectiveness Bloggle brings to the table for businesses of any scale.

How Much Does Related Blog Posts Pro Cost?

In today’s competitive blogosphere, the cost of enhancing your digital presence is just as important as the quality of your output. Related Blog Posts Pro recognizes this by offering its services free of charge, as indicated by the absence of any pricing tiers for the app. This offers a considerable advantage for businesses of all sizes who are looking to improve customer engagement and SEO without incurring additional expenses.

How Much Does Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Cost?

Bloggle, on the other hand, offers a tiered pricing model. The STANDARD plan is priced at $25 per month, offering unlimited blogs, a drag-and-drop editor, an SEO scoring tool, limited custom templates and saved sections, as well as a 24/7 support team. This plan is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their blog presence with customized templates. The PREMIUM plan, at $49 per month, enriches that offering with additional features including Shopify Plus compatibility, Klaviyo integration, an expansion on templates and sections, as well as priority support. Businesses that are scaling up or are already established will find this plan particularly supportive of their expansive needs, and the plan's multilingual support, which is on the horizon, promises to widen the reach even further.

Cost Analysis: Related Blog Posts Pro vs. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

When comparing the cost of these two apps, Related Blog Posts Pro stands out as the cost-efficient choice, being entirely free to use. It offers tangible value for businesses looking to retain users and sharpen their SEO with minimal financial investment. Bloggle, though more expensive, provides a comprehensive suite of blogging tools that justify its cost. The app equips merchants with advanced customization and integration capabilities, which can greatly benefit medium to large businesses striving for a tailored blogging experience. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your business’s specific needs and how much you’re willing to invest for enhanced functionality and support.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Related Blog Posts Pro Good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars from 235 reviews, Related Blog Posts Pro seems to hit the mark with users. One might infer that customer appreciation likely revolves around its user-friendly nature and the seamless integration into their Shopify blogging strategy. The stars speak of satisfied customers who've witnessed improved engagement on their blog pages. While it doesn't explicitly focus on customer support in its description, the app's high rating suggests a positive user experience that could extend to the support received.

Is Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Good?

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder boasts a strong rating of 4.8 stars from 187 reviews. This high score is indicative of users valuing its expansive feature set and the ability to craft personalized blogs that resonate with their brand's identity. The provision of 24/7 support is a reassuring touch for users who may need assistance in the diverse functionalities the app offers. The specialized SEO advice for each article is likely a major contributor to its positive reception, given the importance of SEO in generating organic traffic.

User Preference: Related Blog Posts Pro or Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder?

Considering the ratings and reviews, both apps seem to be well-received in the Shopify ecosystem, with Bloggle edging slightly ahead in ratings but Related Blog Posts Pro boasting more reviews. One could postulate that Related Blog Posts Pro's appeal stems from its cost-free nature and specialized focus on engagement and SEO, while Bloggle's slightly higher rating could be attributed to its comprehensive feature set and the benefits of customization it brings to the table.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Related Blog Posts Pro Integrations:

Related Blog Posts Pro offers a straightforward set of functionalities that seamlessly blend with your Shopify blogs without additional integrations. The plug-and-play nature of the app means that users can expect a fuss-free setup and immediate compatibility with the Shopify platform.

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder Integrations:

As for Bloggle, it integrates with several external tools such as Klaviyo, Weglot, Translate & Adapt, and Langify. These integrations not only offer extended functionalities but also facilitate a more global reach through multilingual support. For merchants seeking to fortify their blog with marketing and translation features, Bloggle's integration capabilities will be particularly attractive.


To sum up, both Related Blog Posts Pro and Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder provide distinctive features tailored to enhance the Shopify blogging experience. Related Blog Posts Pro is your straightforward, cost-free option that aims directly at boosting readership and SEO through internal linkages. Bloggle, with its elaborate editor and feature-rich plans, caters to those seeking detailed customization and integration options, albeit at a cost. The general sentiment from user reviews tilts positively for both apps, each serving particular niches effectively. In terms of strengths, Related Blog Posts Pro is a great tool for those looking for simplicity and cost-saving, while Bloggle shines with its expansive customization capabilities and in-depth SEO features. If there were areas to improve, it would be helpful to have broader language support for Related Blog Posts Pro, and perhaps a more accessible entry-price point for Bloggle. Choosing between the two would depend on the scale and specific needs of your Shopify store. If you're focused on enhancing user engagement without financial outlay, Related Blog Posts Pro is your go-to solution. Conversely, if you aim for a well-rounded, customized blog capable of multilingual reach and in-depth SEO analysis, and you have the budget for it, Bloggle is certainly worth the investment. Both apps stand as testaments to Shopify's versatile ecosystem, each enhancing the blogging landscape in its own unique way.

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