Shopify Blogs Apps: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs Related Blog Posts Pro

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Work?
  3. How Does Related Blog Posts Pro Work?
  4. How Much Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Cost?
  5. How Much Does Related Blog Posts Pro Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs Related Blog Posts Pro
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the vast sea of e-commerce, blogs serve as lighthouses, guiding customers to shores brimming with valuable content and insights. The strategic use of blogging can enhance customer experiences and boost brand visibility, making blog management tools an asset for Shopify store owners. BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer and Related Blog Posts Pro stand out in the digital toolbox, providing comprehensive solutions for blog integration and reader engagement, respectively. These apps offer seamless incorporation with popular platforms and promise to enrich the content journey for site visitors.

How Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Work?

BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer offers a hassle-free approach to maintaining a consistent and up-to-date blog within a Shopify store. It allows users to import blog content from various platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Medium. This integration ensures that businesses, be it fledgling startups or flourishing enterprises, can centralize their content, thus saving time and resources. The app's autosync feature guarantees that the latest posts are always at the forefront, enhancing engagement and improving store SEO by keeping content under one domain. Picture a scenario where an artisanal brand expands their reach by seamlessly uniting their WordPress articles with their Shopify storefront, thus captivating a broader audience with their unique narrative.

How Does Related Blog Posts Pro Work?

Similar in design to BlogFeeder, Related Blog Posts Pro focuses on maximizing reader's engagement post-article consumption by suggesting additional relevant content. This app takes advantage of internal linking and relevance with customizable settings, including tag-based filtering and theming options that blend with a store's existing aesthetic. By recommending articles tailored to the reader's interests, this app can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes looking to increase time-on-site and enhance the reader's journey. Imagine a beauty blog leveraging this tool to suggest related skincare routines after a reader has indulged in an article about the importance of hydration, thus crafting a tailored, informative experience.

How Much Does BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Cost?

Balancing functionality with cost is key for businesses investing in blogging apps. BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer presents a straightforward pricing model: a monthly plan at $9.99. This singular plan includes features such as one-click imports, automated sync, and SEO benefits that cater well to businesses of all calibers seeking to amplify their content strategy without the burden of complex pricing structures or hidden fees.

How Much Does Related Blog Posts Pro Cost?

At the time of writing, Related Blog Posts Pro does not list specific pricing tiers. Entrepreneurs and store owners must contact the app developer, Digital Darts, for pricing details. This could be seen as an opportunity to negotiate bespoke solutions based on individual store needs or as a potential obstacle for those who prefer transparent, upfront pricing.

Cost Analysis: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer vs Related Blog Posts Pro

BlogFeeder's transparent pricing model allows for easy budgeting, making it suitable for businesses looking for a clear-cut solution. While Related Blog Posts Pro's costs are currently undisclosed, this could suggest a more tailored approach. Without specific pricing, it's challenging to directly compare cost efficiency; however, potential users may weigh BlogFeeder's established price against the adaptability that Related Blog Posts Pro might offer.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Good?

With a 4.6-star rating garnered from 422 reviews, user feedback suggests that BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer is a well-received tool. This positive reception likely reflects the app's efficiency, ease of use, and notable impact on SEO and content management. While the data doesn't detail customer support explicit feedback, the high rating hints at adequate support complementing the app's functionality.

Is Related Blog Posts Pro Good?

Related Blog Posts Pro's slight edge in the rating department with 4.7 stars from 235 reviews demonstrates a solid user endorsement. This acclaim may be attributable to its ability to retain readers on-site and bolster the SEO of Shopify stores. With fewer reviews than BlogFeeder, this app still presents a strong case for its effectiveness in engaging readers, though insights into customer support are not explicitly provided.

User Preference: BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer or Related Blog Posts Pro?

BlogFeeder proudly sports a larger number of reviews, suggesting a wider user base, while Related Blog Posts Pro boasts a slightly higher rating, indicating perhaps more satisfaction per user. These metrics suggest varied user preferences with each app meeting different needs—BlogFeeder for content centralization and Related Blog Posts Pro for engagement and retention.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer Integrations:

BlogFeeder connects with prominent blogging platforms, promising a smoother workflow. With straightforward integration processes, users can expand their content's reach and maintain a unified blog ecosystem. These capabilities underscore BlogFeeder’s strength in multi-platform content syndication.

Related Blog Posts Pro Integrations:

Currently, Related Blog Posts Pro does not list specific integrations but instead emphasizes customization and theme compatibility within the Shopify ecosystem. While it may lack external integrations, the focus on internal blog optimization showcases the app's commitment to enhancing the on-site user experience.


BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer shines in its ability to sync content from various platforms, providing a convenient content management system. Related Blog Posts Pro excels in encouraging extended reader interaction by suggesting relevant articles. User reviews reveal a high level of satisfaction for both apps, emphasizing their utility within Shopify blogs. When it comes to strengths, BlogFeeder's seamless integrations and straightforward pricing are commendable, while Related Blog Posts Pro’s ability to improve reader engagement makes it an attractive tool. In terms of weaknesses, the lack of pricing transparency for Related Blog Posts Pro could be a drawback for some users. Conversely, the valuation on BlogFeeder’s adaptability for distinct blog sources could be an area for growth. For businesses prioritizing content distribution across various platforms, BlogFeeder ‑ Blog Importer stands out as the go-to tool. However, if the goal is to deepen reader engagement directly on the Shopify blog, Related Blog Posts Pro could be the better match. Ultimately, the choice depends on specific blogging strategies and targeted outcomes within the Shopify framework.

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